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How to Recover Data From Bricked Android Phone [2024]?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

The mobile phone has become a very critical part of our life. When using a mobile phone there are chances of many hardware and software issues that our phone may undergo. Any problem with our phone creates a lot of tension in all of us since it may contain important data about our lives. One such issue faced is the bricking of our android phone.

In this article, we are going to discuss the bricking of an Android phone, its causes, and ways to recover data from a bricked Android phone.

Part 1: Bricked Android Phone: What does this term actually mean?

A bricked condition of a phone is a phone that fails to boot properly. In simple words, if a phone doesn't turn on, it is considered to be bricked. Technically, a phone gets bricked when the main software of the phone, which tells the hardware to do things, gets corrupted. A phone is said to be a useless "brick" when this happens and thus the process is named bricking.

Bricking is of two types:

  1. Soft brick
  2. Hard brick

Soft brick: This is a bricking condition where the power of your phone turns on but doesn't enable it to perform any other functionalities.

A soft-bricked phone may:

Hard brick: This is the bricking condition where your phone completely turns into a brick. That is, it will not turn on in any way. There are no actual ways to fix or recover data from a hard-bricked Android phone. Hard bricking occurs very rarely and most of the time when your Android phone bricks, it’s going to be soft bricking.

Part 2: What Causes An Android Phone To Get Bricked?

There are many reasons why your android phone can get bricked. In almost all cases, this happened when the user tried to do something that involves the phone’s bootloader. The main reasons for Android phone bricking are:

1) Installation of a custom ROM:

Here you might have installed an incompatible ROM for your android phone, without completely deleting data from your original ROM. As a result of the improper boot, your phone may power off or your phone may restart endlessly.

2) Rooting your Android device:

Rooting is a method of unlocking the device so that you access more of the phone that is often left for developers. Rooting also enables the user to bypass the security systems set in place for the phone manufacturer. Improper rooting methods can cause your android device to get bricked.

3) Updating Android firmware:

If your phone gets interrupted when updating the Android firmware then the phone gets bricked quite easily. This is because of the fact the firmware, unlike software, cannot be changed easily. Firmware is closely integrated with the hardware and helps the phone to perform simple boot operations. When firmware gets corrupted, the phone fails to even boot.

4) Downloading malicious software:

Any virus attack or accidentally installing any malicious software can also brick your phone. Such threats should be always avoided and you must only use apps from trusted vendors.

5) Hardware or physical damage:

If your phone suffers physical damage in a way that affects the motherboard or bios chip, the phone will no longer boot. Water damage or falling from a substantial height can cause such problems.

Part 3: Measures To Avoid Bricking Your Android Phone

This is so easy to recover data from a bricked android phone right. But even then we can take some precautions to avoid bricking of a phone.


In today's world of technology, losing data is one of the greatest fear since most of our important data are stored on our phones. Dr.Fone data recovery software is your best bet in phone data recovery.

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