How To Recover Cache Files From Android

How To Recover Cache Files From Android: Recovering Deleted Cache Guide

Did you accidentally clear all the cache files on your Android device? Click the link to know how you can recover deleted cache files from your device with just a few clicks!

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Cache files are the files are that are stored temporarily on a local storage drive to make the retrieval of a previously opened content (graphic, webpage, etc.) easier. It speeds up the retrieval process of data from any remote source or the internet.

Cache files are important as it makes data fetching faster thus making the system perform more efficiently. It increases the speed of the whole system.

Part 1: What Are Cache Files? Why Does My Phone Have Them?

Most of the phones have a low capacity which can easily fill up, compared to computers. All the applications you use on your phone regularly generate files to store information. These temporary files are called as cache files and occupy a fair space of your phone storage.

All the websites, games, and apps in your mobile utilize the cache files to offer a better user experience. These cache files work in the background when you open an app or a new browser window. Each program/ application has its own cache files. Cache files of a particular program can be used only by that program and no other applications, i.e. cache files of a game is of no use to an app like WhatsApp.

Part 2: Why Is There A Need To Recover Cache Files On An Android?

Cache files are often deleted by the users on an android to clear space. Also, most of the file cleaning apps tend to clear these files automatically. Nowadays, apps themselves delete unused cache files for better storage management.

These days people are very much dependent on mobile phones be it for any area of life. So a person's mobile will contain loads of important data like documents, emails, photos, videos, etc., related to work, home, bank, and many more. So, when clearing the cache files there is a great chance for useful data to get corrupted or deleted. Important documents, photos, videos, etc. can get deleted along with the cache files. So it is important to know how to recover deleted cache files on Android if you find yourself in that spot.

Part 3: How To Recover Deleted Cache Files From An Android SD Card

Sometimes the cache files are stored on the mobile memory and sometimes on the SD card. The deletion of cached files can lead to the loss of important files. So it is important to recover these deleted or corrupt files using a reliable and trusted application like Recoverit Data Recovery. Be it any Android device you are using like the LG Q7, HTC one m8 or a Samsung Galaxy, you can trust Recoverit to do the work

Recoverit Data Recovery is a software that has been in use since 2003 and is trusted by more than 5 million users all over the world. Recoverit helps you to recover deleted files, emails, documents, photos, audios, videos, and many more from any PC, Mac, USB, SD card, hard drive, etc.

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • Advanced Video Recovery
  • Repair Corrupted Videos
  • Recovery from emptied Recycle bin
  • Data recovery from a Crashed computer ( Windows or Mac)

We have listed a how-to guide in the coming section for your reference. You can follow this guide to know how you can recover your deleted cache files.

Recovering Deleted Files using Recoverit

Install the Recoverit Data Recovery software on your PC. Follow the given steps to perform the recovery of deleted files of Android on Windows computer. Recoverit also provides the option to recover files using a Mac which can be downloaded similarly.

Step 1: Install Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer

Recoverit Data recovery works by scanning the storage spaces of your mobile device. For this to work, you need to install the Recoverit Data Recovery software on our computer. Then you must connect your android device to the computer using a USB connection.

Step 2: Choose the drive that you want to scan

From the Window, choose your Storage Device. Make sure of the proper connection of your Android SD card to your PC for the software to work properly. Tap on Start at the bottom of the window after selecting your Android storage device.

external partition recovery

Step 3: Start the recovery process

Once you press Start, the scanning process of the storage drive you selected will be initiated. The Recoverit Files Recovery software will start a whole drive scan and search for the files that disappeared from your Android SD card. There is also an option of "All-Round Recovery" which will carry out the scanning process in-depth and recover bulk files from your device.

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Step 4: Preview and recover the files

After the scanning is complete, the list of the recovered files will be displayed. You will be able to preview any of these files (photos, videos, etc.) and select which ones to recover.

After previewing, select the needed files and tap on the Recover button on the bottom right of the window.

preview recovered file

Step 5: Keep your files safe

After the recovery save the recovered files to a safer device to prevent data loss again

There are a variety of mobile applications available in the store for the recovery of data and cached files, but we recommend Recoverit Data Recovery over them as it is very simple to use and has a higher rate of successful recovery. Recoverit Data Recovery can be used to recover any selected files or all the files as a bulk.


Cache files are important for the better performance of our Android devices. The deletion of these files may lead to slow performances or in fact loss of important data. In such cases the recovery of these lost files is necessary and one should go for the most reliable and trusted apps in the market like the Recoverit Data recovery software which is widely used in the market.

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