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Are you looking to upgrade your Android device this New Year? Getting quality wallpapers is just one of the ways you can customize your device to make it more appealing. The following are just some of the top wallpapers for Android in 2016.

Stourhead England Wallpaper

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/289848925996911331/

Size: 480 x 800

This is a great nature wallpaper that shows a tree in the middle of a lake. If you like nature-related images this one should make a great addition to your wallpaper collection.

android wallpaper 01

2016 Dodge Viper ACR Mobile Wallpaper

Credit: https://www.bestwallpapers-hd.com/wallpaper/2016-dodge-viper/1080x1920

Size: 480 x 800

Here's a great wallpaper if you're into cars. The dark background just emphasizes the car even further adding to the wallpaper's appeal.

android wallpaper 02

Beautiful Swan Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaperswide.com/beautiful_swan_2-wallpapers.html

Size: 480 x 800

The swan reflected in water below is a great wallpaper image for any device. It is also not too colorful if you would rather not have too much clutter on your Home screen.

android wallpaper 03

Super Team Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaperswide.com/super_team-wallpapers.html

Size: 480 x 800

Can't choose between the minions and SpongeBob? Here's a wallpaper that lets you look at both of them on your Home screen.

android wallpaper 04

Flowering Season 2 Wallpaper

Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/flowers-australia-winter-perth-27692/

Size: 480 x 800

This is a great image of a flower that is close-up without having to be overwhelming. It is a great addition to your nature collection.

android wallpaper 05

Lovely Cat Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/lovely/

Size: 480 x 800

Cats have long been a good wallpaper for most people. If you are a cat lover, this cute little one should make a great addition to your collection.

android wallpaper 06

Chicago City Illinois Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.tianxinqi.com/news/Almond-Cherry-Cupcakes20iqtaqavx

Size: 480 x 800

A cityscape always looks good and this night-time view of Chicago makes for an amazing image. It is more so special if Chicago happens to be your home town.

android wallpaper 07

Almond Cherry Cupcakes Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/almond-cherry-cupcakes/

Size: 480 x 800

This color-filled delicious image makes for great wallpaper especially if you like cakes. Most people will however love the contrast of colors that it has going on.

android wallpaper 08

Geometrical Hexagons Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/geometrical-hexagons/

Size: 480 x 800

This is a great piece of abstract art that will look good on just about any Android device. The color is intense so it may not be ideal for you if you don't like too much color on your screen.

android wallpaper 09

Alien Zen Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/alien-zen/

Size: 480 x 800

This is an abstract wallpaper that hides a deeper meaning. It may make a great conversation starter. The colors are also quite neutral.

android wallpaper 10

Planets 2 Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/planets-2/

Size: 480 x 800

Here's a great representation of space and planets. The colors are almost magical and add to the mysticism of the whole image.

android wallpaper 11

Space 6 Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/space-6/

Keeping with the space theme, this one depicts the other side of Space; a depiction of some of the lesser-known objects in space. It is also a very beautiful image.

android wallpaper 12

Donald Wallpaper

Credit: http://heyprints.com/products/donald

Size: 480 x 800

This one is a great animation for good laughs. It also doesn't hurt that it is so well made it is almost real. The colors are also very well balanced.

android wallpaper 13

Heart 3 Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/heart-3/

Size: 480 x 800

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Heart shaped wallpapers are going to be a dime a dozen. If you want one that will show how you feel without being overwhelming, here's one.

android wallpaper 14

Fragility Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/fragility/

Size: 480 x 800

This simple white image depicts the beauty of the flower as well as the fragility of the glass used to make the flower. It is definitely beautiful as well as thought-provoking.

android wallpaper 15

Violin 2 Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/violin-2/

Size: 480 x 800

This is a great image of the instrument. Even if you don't happen to be a musician or music lover it still makes for a cool wallpaper.

android wallpaper 16

Tribute to Michael Jackson Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/tribute-to-michael-jackson/

Size: 480 x 800

The King of Pop may be gone but we still remember him through his music wallpapers such as this one. The color and detail on this one makes it ideal for any device.

android wallpaper 17

Gitara Voda Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/gitara-voda-prozrachnost/

Size: 400 x 800

While we are still on Music-themed wallpapers this one is a great transparent image of a guitar. It makes a great image because the color is not too overwhelming.

android wallpaper 18

Castle Estate Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpapersonthe.net/30078-scotland-castle-dunnottar-castle-world-dunnottar/

Size: 800 x 1280

Here's a great landscape wallpaper. The colors are also not too much with the visible water-body in the background further enhancing the beauty of the image.

android wallpaper 19


Credit: http://www.hdwallpapers.in/gulls_seabirds-wallpapers.html

Size: 800 x 1280

If you are into animals, this is a great image of two-seagulls in flight. The blue sky in the background will make a great addition of color to your home screen.

android wallpaper 20

The Martian Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/the-martian/

Size: 800 x 1280

This is an iconic image from the movie, The Martian. If you are a fan of this film, this is a must-have wallpaper for you.

android wallpaper 21

Star Wars Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/star-wars-battlefront/

Size: 800 x 1280

We cannot talk about movies this year without Star Wars being the main topic. Here's a great wallpaper to depict an epic scene in the movie.

android wallpaper 22

Eiffel Tower Paris Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/eiffel-tower-paris/

Size: 800 x 1280

Ever wanted to visit the real Eiffel tower? Here's a great image of this iconic structure to remind you of this particular ambition.

android wallpaper 23

Monochrome Lions Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/monochrome-lions/

Here's a really good image if you are into animals. The lion looks so realistic; like it's stalking you and the color is not too much.

android wallpaper 24

Dragons Ocean Sea Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.mobileswall.com/wallpaper/dragons-ocean-sea-2/

Finally, if you want to tap into the fantasy world, this image of a scary dragon will work its magic for you. It looks really good on just about any device.

android wallpaper 25

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