How to Fix Dell Inspiron Error Code 0141- No Drive Detected?

How to Fix Dell Inspiron Error Code 0141- No Drive Detected?

Using a dell inspiron and your device shows up an error i.e. dell inspiron hard drive not detected. This is probably the dell error code 0141 that encodes for no drive detected. This article is your ultimate solution guide.

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IN my Dell Inspiron 1520, whenever I start my laptop I get the message "Internal hard disk drive not found. To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive. No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 to set up utility. Press F5 to run on board diagnostics." I ran on board diagnostics which showed following:
Error code = 0141
msg error code = error code 2000- 0141
msg: no drive detected
I also opened the Hard Drive by removing hard drive screws to reseat the drive and put it back again as it was there initially. But when i started my Dell Inspiron 1520, I get the same message -- "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found TO Resolve This Issue, Try TO Reseat The Drive" came. Please help me in this.

When your dell inspiron pops up with a dell error code 0141, it means there is something wrong with the internal hard drive due to which it has become inaccessible. When your Pc stop detecting the internal hard drive, it is the time when your device stops working anymore. No drive means no operating system. In this article you are going to get solutions for fixing the dell error code 0141.

Restricted to the dell inspiron series, the dell error code 0141 speaks for no drive available or in other words you can say that dell no boot sector on internal hard drive. This refers to dell laptop hard disk problem which in turn causes dell inspiron hard drive not detected. When you cannot detect the internal hard drive, it means you cannot access the operating system of your device. Ultimately your dell inspiron device is no more functional. But no need to worry. This article is all about the actual reasons of the dell error code 0141 and it’s appropriate as well as quick fixes to resolve the issue. Following are some of the topics that will be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Common Causes of Dell Inspiron Error Code 0141

Before revealing the solutions to fix the error 0141, let’s see what are the potential reasons causing the error? Here are some of reason enlisted.

  1. It can be due to bad hard drive firmware update or firmware corruption
  2. The error code 0141 represents the failing hard drive, which cannot process anymore
  3. File system corruption can also lead to error 0141
  4. In case, if there are any damaged or corrupt BIOS
  5. Mechanical failure of hard drive can also lead to error
  6. Physical damage to drive can make it inaccessible
  7. Loose SATA/IDE cable will make a discontinuous connection with power supply and motherboard hence making the hard drive inaccessible or in other words undetectable.

Once you get to know about the actual reason of the error, next step is to find out an appropriate solution to fix the dell error code.

Part 2: How to Fix Dell Inspiron Error Code 0141 With Recoverit?

When your device is showing up the dell error code 0141, and your hard drive gets inaccessible, corrupted or undetectable, it means you cannot access the data or you have lost it. It’s time to think about a solution to recover the data. In this regard, a third party recovery application software is going to help you in restoring your data. Recoverit Data Recovery software is here at your service.

Here are some of the striking features of the software that helps to recover the data from the Maxtor external hard drive.

Here are the steps regarding the efficient working of software. To start the process of data recovery, download and then install the software on your dell laptop.

Step 1: Once the software is ready to use, open the interface and select the option of Deleted File Recovery from the main menu.

recoverit interface

Step 2: Once done with selecting the location, click Start to continue the scanning process by the software. Opt for All Round Recovery to run a deep scan.

scanning lost data

Step 3: As soon as the scan is completed, the recovered data files will appear on the screen. Select the files that needs to be recovered. Click Recover to finish the procedure.

preview recovered photos

Part 3: Free Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve Dell Inspiron Error code 0141

Apart from the third party software solution, there exist sound built-in troubleshooting mechanisms to resolve the dell inspiron error code 0141. Following is the list of the free trouble shooting fixes.

1- Run Dell Diagnostic Tool

If you are using dell inspiron, you definitely would have an idea about the ePSA diagnostic tool on the device. This tool is meant for detecting and scanning the faults related to hard drive. It checks the display, storage, processor, fan speed, and several other crucial components that can affect the working of hard drive and make it undetectable or inaccessible. In case, you have a faulty hard drive, the diagnostic tool will show up with an error i.e. dell error code 0141. For launching the diagnostic tool, press and hold Fn key and simultaneously press power button. It will initiate the scanning mode of diagnostic tool. Once the scan is completed, the error 0141 might have gone. Otherwise you need to go for another trouble shooting mechanism.

2- Check If the Drive is Properly Seated and Well Connected

One of the basic reason behind hard drive cannot be detected is the improper connection with motherboard and power supply. The SATA cables are the point connectors which makes a connection between hard drive, power supply and motherboard to carry out normal functioning of hard drive. In order to check whether the drive is properly seated and well connected, you need to dismantle the laptop that needs technicality. You need all the tools to carry out the process. Once you dismantle the laptop, all you can do is to check the connections and adjustment of hard drive or remove the dirt from the connecting cables.

3- Reset CMOS

CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, a small memory on the PC motherboard. This memory tends to store the BIOS information. This information can be anything related to changes in BIOS settings or configurations of the hardware. The appropriate BIOs settings are the key factor that manages to control the hardware at low levels. So in case, if the culprit is BIOS settings behind dell error code, then you cannot figure out which of the settings is causing the problem. All you can do is to clear the CMOS memory just by removing the battery of dell inspiron. Reconnect the battery with a gap of few seconds and reset the BIOS settings.

4- Use a Linux Live USB or Connect the Drive to Another PC or Laptop

If none of the above mentioned solutions worked for you, then try this one. Use a Linux live USB. This is going to help you figure out the actual problem. Whether it is the hardware, the driver or firmware of the system. You can also connect your dell inspiron with another laptop or desktop. In this reference, you need to create a bootable Linux USB drive. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start the process with creating a live USB. As an example, you can use the UNetbootin or Rufus app along with a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or Puppy Linux to form a Linux Live USB.

Step 2: Now connect this live USB with your dell inspiron and from here you can boot it to enter the Linux OS in live mode.

Step 3: Once the bootable USB is connected to your device, now open the file manager of your laptop and try to access the hard drive.

linux live usb 1

Another way to fix the dell error code 0141 is to connect your dell inspiron with another laptop or computer. Al you have to do is to connect the drive directly with another device via SATA cables. If you can access the drive in this way, at first recover all your data and immediately save it in a removable storage drive. This will also reveal the reason of error. The problem now is not with the drive rather it about the bad sector or file systems. For this you can run a CHKDSK scan or you can format the hard drive and reinstall the Windows operating system.


This article explained all the possible reasons causing the dell error code 0141 i.e. no drive detected. Now next time, when you face any problem, all you have to do is to find the actual reason causing the error and use a solution mentioned in this article and you will easily access your dell hard drive without compromising on the data. In case, you lose any data, you can use Recoverit free data recovery software to retrieve and the restore all the lost or deleted data from the corrupted hard drive.

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