How to Recover Files from Blank SD Card

Almost all android powered smartphones and tablets offer the utility of inserting an SD card to expand the existing storage capacity of the device. Moreover, the SD card also pretty vulnerable to data loss and corruption. Even a very slight mismanagement of these cards may cause them dead or corrupted in some way. In case your SD card becomes damaged or corrupted due to some reasons and you insert it into your smartphone or tablet, it will come across an error message saying ‘Blank SD Card’ or ‘SD card is blank or has unsupported file system’. Have a look at the screenshot provided below to understand it better. In this case, your data on your SD card will be lost and here we will tell you how to recover files from blank SD card easily.

blank SD card

While this problem can be very frustrating, you will be asked to fix blank SD card before you access it again. A few details that might prove to be very helpful whenever you are dealing with blank SD card recovery are given below to make things a little easier for you.

Part 1: How to Recover File from Blank SD Card

When you are dealing with a 'Blank SD card' error, the logical course of action is to recover all the data present on the SD card so that you may not have to suffer from any unrecoverable losses. you need to get a good SD card data recovery software to help you retrieve data back. Recoverit is an effective and safe SD card recovery, it supports to recover data loss cases such ad deleted file recovery, formatted data recovery, partition recovery, damaged and corrupted SD card recovery. Follow the next simple guide to recover files from blank SD card.

file recovery

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  1. Download Recoverit SD Card Data Recovery on your computer, and connect your SD card to PC. You can start the SD card repair now.
  2. Launch SD card data recovery, select the recovery scenario you need. You should select "External Devices Recovery" to start.
  3. recover files from blank sd card-select recovery scenario

  4. Select your SD card on the section "External removable device" to process.
  5. blank sd card recovery-select sd card location

  6. The program will start a quick scan,if you can not find your files after quick scan go to "All Around Recovery", but it will take a longer time.
  7. all around recovery to recover files from Blank SD Card

  8. After All Around Recovery, you can preview the recovered files and select it save to a safe storage device.
  9. sd card data recovery

After retrieving all data from blank SD card, you can try to format the SD card and fix blank SD card error. Follow the next solution to fix blank SD card or unsupported file system error.

Part 2: How to Fix blank SD card or unsupported file system error

If you are constantly coming across a ‘Blank SD card’ or ‘Unsupported file system’ error, you need to do something about it to make sure you never get this kind of message again and stop data loss cause of the error. Check out the solutions provided in the below sections:

Solution 1: Reboot your phone

Sometimes, rebooting the phone resets the disturbed routines running in the background of your device and this proves to be helpful in freeing your phone of the blank SD card error. In order to give it a try, carry out a simple reboot of your phone and see if it works.

Solution 2: Insert/remove the SD card repeatedly

Try removing and inserting your SD card repeatedly as this might also serve as a useful solution in this regard.

Solution 3: Run Check disk for fixing errors

Sometimes running the check disk utility offered by Windows also comes in handy to get rid of the blank SD card error. In order to do so, run command prompt in administrator mode and type in the following command followed by the enter key:
Chkdsk n: /driveLetter

Solution 4: Check your SD card for hidden files

Sometimes the phone becomes unable to find any content on the SD card as it is hidden. In order to confirm the scenario, you need to connect your SD card to a computer using a card reader, go to the Folder Options and check on ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’. Now open up the SD card and delete any existing specialty files present on it. Reinsert the card into the phone and see if it works.

In order to summarize, it may be said that with the extensive use of SD cards in our devices, we now have to come across with different kinds of error messages more frequently. There are different possible ways to get it resolved but none of them is guaranteed to work. Therefore the best course of action is to recover its contents by making use of Recoverit Data Recovery.

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