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How To Recover Data From SmartBuy SD Card

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Aug 07, 23, updated Jun 14, 24

SmartBuy is a Taiwan tech company specializing in storage solutions, including DVDRs and internal optical drives. They also offer a decent selection of SDHC and SDXC memory cards. While their devices have standard safety features, it doesn't guarantee protection against data loss in different scenarios.

This guide will explore the most effective SmartBuy SD card recovery method.

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Can You Recover Lost Data From SmartBuy SD Card?

Whether or not you can recover data from a SmartBuy memory card depends on the cause of the data loss. Listed below are the common scenarios of data loss and the chances of data recovery in each situation:

Causes Chances of Data Recovery
🗑 File Deletion If you have removed files from a SmartBuy SD card that haven't been overwritten, you can use a data recovery software to retrieve them. Otherwise, it's best to try to restore the lost files from a backup.
💾 Formatting There are two types of formatting for SmartBuy SD cards - Quick format and Full format. A Quick Format erases all the data on the card but keeps the wiped files until they are overwritten. In this case, you can potentially recover data using data recovery software. However, a Full Format completely removes the data, making it irretrievable.
⛔ File System Corruption If your files are corrupted, using a file repair tool might help, but restoring from a backup is more reliable. In case of a corrupted memory card, your computer may prompt you to format it. Various tools can repair corrupted storage devices and recover files from corrupted SD cards, with some even allowing recovery without formatting.
❌ Memory Card Became RAW When your SmartBuy memory card shows the RAW format, it indicates a problem with the file system. In such cases, the operating system may suggest formatting the device, leading to data loss. Fortunately, competent data recovery programs can recover data from RAW SD cards.
🤦 File Transfer Errors If you encounter a file transfer error, it can cause damage to the integrity of the files being transferred. In such situations, you may be able to recover data from a SmartBuy SD card using a reliable data recovery software. Alternatively, you can try to retrieve the files from a backup or a previous version.
🔨 Physical Damage Sending the device to a SD card data recovery service near you is advisable to retrieve files from a physically damaged SmartBuy SD card. Attempting to recover files on your own could worsen the damage to the device.

Precautions Before Attempting SmartBuy SD Card Recovery

Before you attempt to retrieve the deleted or lost data from a SmartBuy SD card, there are some precautions you should take:

  1. Stop using the SD card immediately if you suspect data loss. Continuing to use it can overwrite deleted data, making a recovery more difficult.
  2. Safely eject the SmartBuy SD card from your device to minimize the risk of corruption.
  3. Check the SD card for physical damage. Before you start the recovery process, inspect the card for any signs of physical damage like cracks, scratches, or other visible issues. It's best to seek professional data recovery service assistance if you find physical damage.

How To Recover Data From SmartBuy SD Card Using the Best Recovery Software

As explained above, the most effective method to recover data from SmartBuy SD cards is reliable memory card data recovery software. Chosen as a leader in data recovery by G2 users, Wondershare Recoverit stands out as the best SmartBuy SD card recovery program among the available options. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Recoverit provides a seamless data recovery experience for SmartBuy SD card users.

Wondershare Recoverit - Leader in Data Recovery

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  • Handles 500+ data loss scenarios, such as deletion, formatting, CF card damage, virus attacks, etc.
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Free Download
Free Download

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform SmartBuy SD card recovery using Wondershare Recoverit:

  1. First, download and install Wondershare Recoverit on your computer.
  2. Connect your SmartBuy SD card to your computer using a card reader.
  3. Open Wondershare Recoverit, and in the main interface, choose the Hard Drives and Locations feature.
    smartbuy sd card
  4. Your SmartBuy SD card will be detected and displayed in the list of devices. Click on the SD card to initiate the scan.
  5. The software will conduct a quick and deep scan of your SmartBuy SD card simultaneously.
    scan lost files on smartbuy sd card
  6. After the scan, you will see a preview window with the discovered files. To filter the results, use the file type option or search bar for specific files.
    choose recoverable files
  7. When you locate the files you want to retrieve, select them and click Recover to save them to a new location on your computer.
    smartbuy sd card recovery
Free Download
Free Download

Once the recovery process is completed, safely remove your SmartBuy SD card and store the recovered files in a safe location.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future SmartBuy SD Card Data Loss

After getting back your valuable data, it is important to follow these preventive measures to prevent data loss on SmartBuy SD cards.

  • Make it a habit to regularly back up your important data from the SD card to a secure storage location. This way, even if data loss occurs, you will have a copy of your files.
  • Always use the proper procedure to safely eject the SmartBuy SD card from your device. Abrupt removal can result in data corruption or loss.
  • Additionally, ensure a stable power supply when using the SD card and avoid abrupt power failures or interruptions during data transfers, as they can lead to data corruption.
  • Also, avoid removing the SD card while data is accessed or transferred.
  • Finally, handle the SD card carefully and protect it from physical damage by avoiding extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct impact.

By implementing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of data loss and keep your files safe on SmartBuy SD cards.


Recovering data from a SmartBuy SD card is possible with the right approach. Users can retrieve lost or deleted files using effective data recovery methods and tools like Wondershare Recoverit. Follow proper precautions for the best chance of data recovery. With these measures, users can regain access to their data stored on SmartBuy SD cards.

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Jun 14, 24
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