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Deal with Error Result Code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057)

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

A virtual machine is a free software for running multiple operating systems on the computer. It allows for running multiple OS on a single disk. You can setup and operate a variety of virtual machines on your hardware including Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris etc.VirtualBox can be installed in all of the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS and Solaris.

You can run many operating systems on a virtual machine for free. However, after you start a virtual machine, you may come across an error message Result Code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057).

If you are currently dealing with this issue and seek a solution, then this article is for you.

What is result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057) error?

When attempting to run a virtual machine in VirtualBox on the Windows operating system you are presented with an error message that says failed to import appliance, result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057). The problem is most likely caused by your inability to access the storage drive and execute the VM you installed. There can be other reasons for this as well.

When you come across this error on your Virtual Machine, you can't access and import it on VirtualBox. To avoid the message failed to import appliance result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057)in the first step, make sure you allocate sufficient storage and your storage disk is in good shape. Doing so can help you avoid this issue to a great extent.

What causes result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057)?

A common complaint among VirtualBox 6.1 users for Windows 10 is the error code: 0x80070057. Running virtual machine on VirtualBox in Windows often cause this error. The problem is caused when there is no adequate RAM and storage allocation for the VM. When your VirtualBox can't import a VM that you are trying to run.

In case you have Hyper-V enabled and Windows Hypervisor Platform set disabled, this error message appears. In order for your computer to run the VirtualBox application, it must have supported hardware virtualization. If your computer doesn't support hardware virtualization, then it's highly likely to come across this error. In order to fix the failed import appliance error, you need to remove virtual machine files and reinstall.

Things to check before you try fixes for e_invalidarg (0x80070057)

Fix for this error is not effective unless you have followed certain steps beforehand. Many Windows users get the result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057) error when working with VirtualBox. Follow the process outlined below to avoid receiving Error Code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057).




bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

After following the above method, if you are still receiving the same error, then you should follow our method. It's one of the most effective methods to deal with this issue.

How to fix result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057) error

If your error still exists then there is a simple method for solving your issue. I will guide you through the stepwise process to solve the e_invalidarg (0x80070057) error. Please follow the steps given below.






With a Virtual Machine, you can run multiple OS on a single host. It allows you to do tasks that can’t be done on a specific Operating System only. To create and run virtual machines, you need to use VirtualBox. If you come across an error like result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057) while running your VirtualBox, it makes your experience poor.

By following the above methods, you can fix this error.


When using VirtualBox and trying to run your Virtual Machine, it’s common to come across error Result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057). The article explained a few ways to deal with this issue and get rid of it.

You can use one or more of the above methods to get rid of this error. In case you don’t find the solution working for you, then you may have a complex underlying problem. In this case, you need to get professional help or seek deeper knowledge of VirtualBox or Virtual Machine to deal with the issue.


1. What does result code E_Invalidarg 0x80070057 mean?

When you’re running VirtualBox on a Windows system, it’s common to come across failed to import appliance result code: e_invalidarg (0x80070057). The typical reason behind this error is that Windows is unable to access the system’s SSD or HDD.

2. How do I fix failed import appliances?

You need to deal with the reasons resulting in failing to import appliances. The reason might be corrupted image file, limited administrative privileges for vboxmanage.exe.,corrupted VirtualBox installation, and so on.

3. What is a OVA file?

It’s a file that contains the compressed version of a virtual machine. You need to extract the files from an OVA file.

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