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How to Recover Photos from Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Can I Recover Deleted Photos from Canon EOS 7D?

Hi all, I accidentally removed about 400 pictures from the memory card on my digital camera. Those pictures were taken during my wedding. Now I need someone to tell me how I can get my deleted pictures back. I'm using a Canon EOS 7D. Please do help me! Thanks.

The deleted photos are not removed from your camera. They will disappear permanently only when new data overwrite them. This means that you can recover deleted photos from the camera with a photo recovery application. When facing this issue, the first thing you need to do is to stop taking your Canon EOS 7D or its memory card for any use. And then, a camera photo recovery program can help you recover photos from the camera quickly and effortlessly.

Recoverit - The Best Photo Recovery Software

You have many choices if you search carefully on the Internet. Recoverit data recovery is a powerful photo recovery tool that enables you to recover photos lost for all kinds of scenarios, such as deletion, camera formatting, or even corruption. Besides, you'll always be able to retrieve videos and audio files from your Canon EOS 7D camera with this program too. It's so powerful and easy-to-use that photos lost from your Canon EOS 7D will be restored without pain.

Part 1. How to Recover Photos from Canon EOS 7D for Windows

Follow the next tutorial of Recoverit Photo Recovery for Windows to get your photos back. If you would like to perform camera picture recovery on Mac, please refer to this guide: how to recover photos from Canon EOS 7D camera on Mac computer.

Step 1. Select Canon EOS 7D hard drive

Before you start the recovery process, please confirm that your Canon EOS 7D camera has been connected to the computer and can be detected. Select a location to scan data. Make sure your Canon memory card connects to the computer, select it, and click the "Start" button to process.

select canon eos 7d

Step 2. Scan Canon EOS 7D camera for lost photos

Recoverit photo recovery will start to scan lost photos. If the quick scan can't help you find your deleted photos, you can go to scan again with the "All-around Recovery" mode, which will search more files but take a longer time.

scan canon eos 7d

Step 3. Preview and recover photos

When the scan finishes, you'll be able to preview found images by selecting the "Photo" column in the left of the window. Then you can mark photos you're going to recover from your Canon EOS 7D camera and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

preview and recover photos

Note: The recovered photos can't be kept to your Canon EOS 7D camera or its memory card during the recovery; otherwise, they might be overwritten, and the recovery could fail.

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Part 2. How to Recover Photos from Canon EOS 7D Camera on Mac

Free get the Recoverit Mac data recovery version immediately and follow the following stepwise guide to recover photos from Canon digital camera on Mac computer.

Step 1. Select Canon EOS 7D camera

The same is that you should check if your Canon EOS 7D digital camera has been connected and recognized. Then select the camera hard drive or its memory card and click "Start" to continue.

select canon eos 7d camera

Step 2. Start scanning the digital camera

Recoverit Mac Photo recovery will start an all-around scan on your Canon EOS 7D camera to search for lost photos located initially on it. Some time will be required to finish the scan process.

scan canon eos 7d camera

Step 3. Preview and recover lost photos

After the all-around scan, all found images will be displayed as below. You can preview the photos, select the ones you want to get back and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac computer.

preview and recover photos from canon eos 7d

Note: It is suggested that you save the recovered photos on your Mac hard drive instead of the Canon camera or its memory card to avoid them being overwritten.

Part 3. How to Avoid Photos Lost from Canon EOS 7D Camera

Although it is quite convenient to recover deleted photos using Recoverit camera recovery, picture loss will always be torture for us. Therefore, how to avoid it gradually becomes an essential issue for everyone using Canon digital cameras or any other electronic device.

  1. Photos backup is to have your important pictures copied and saved beyond your Canon EOS 7D camera so that your photos won't be permanently removed for good. Backing up photos regularly is one of the best ways to avoid photos lost from the camera permanently.
  2. You cannot be too cautious when deleting redundant or duplicated photos from the Canon EOS 7D camera. Canon digital camera contains many buttons and settings, including "Delete All" and "Restore Factory Setting". Please be cautious and verify what you will delete or click before the deletion of photos.
  3. A camera memory card stores all the pictures related to our good memories or business, so a reliable memory card is worth investing in. A durable memory card can help us keep data more securely and avoid accidents as possible as we could, while a low-quality one is prone to make our painstaking effort become nothing at all.
  4. Eject your digital camera or the memory card securely. In the case of memory card corruption, causing photo loss, choose the safe ejection option when removing them from your computer. Besides, do not unplug them when transferring or editing your photos on the camera or connected devices.
  5. A memory card can't work with every computer or camera system. Randomly plugging it to different devices may lead to memory card damage. So it is better to keep using your memory card on the same camera or computer.


Photos lost from Canon EOS 7D can be averted if the loss or deletion results from an improper operation such as mistaken deletion, memory card format error, ejecting memory card randomly, etc. Also, some methods listed above can help you minimize the risk. However, it can't be avoided entirely since accidents like to come abruptly, like virus infection, physical camera damage, and system crash. So it becomes vital and indispensable to know and have a reliable camera recovery program.

Here, Recoverit Data Recovery is our first recommendation for you as it can recover 500+ formats of files, including photos and videos. It can also perform data recovery from all kinds of storage devices on every Windows or Mac operation system. More importantly, the steps are not complicated at all, even for a novice on the computer. Now, free download Recoverit and follow the above steps to get your deleted photos back!

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