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3 Methods to Fix Startup Repair Is Checking Your System for Problems

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you ever faced the situation when the PC doesn't boot properly? It happens because of multiple reasons, and we are going to tackle them in this content. We are providing you the probable and effective solutions that work for windows 7, 8, and 10 too. Sometimes, the solution might not work if the system has been affected badly. The issue mainly says, "Startup repair is checking your system for problems". Windows 7 users face this problem a lot, so the solution we are giving can handle the problem smartly. If the solutions do not work, then you can follow our guide to recovering data.

Part 1: Possible reasons for "startup repair is checking your system for problems"?

Before addressing any problem regarding your system, it's vital to know the exact reasons behind it. Many times, the reason remains unknown to us. However, the possible reasons might be the following that you can never imagine.

Part 2: How to solve startup repair is checking your system for problems?

Whenever your system misbehaves or "startup repair is checking your system for problems" is troubling you, all you have to follow these solutions. These solutions can be applied when nothing else works to fix the problem. The steps are simple to execute. Anyone can use these solutions to fix the startup error that occurred.

Solution 1: Run chkdsk on the boot volume

The chkdsk is a window utility and a command for fixing the disk errors automatically. It's a short form of check disk. This command helps in recovering or repairing data on a drive, too, depending on your needs. It is available for Windows 7,8,10, Vista, and XP OS users.

Step 1: Insert an installation disc containing Windows 7 OS into the CD drive. Boot it using the disk.

Step 2: When asked, "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press any key you want.

Step 3: Click on "Repair your computer". The Startup Repair initiates to scan your PC to install windows. Windows. Choose the preferred OS from the list.

run chkdsk 1

Step 4: Select "Command Prompt" from "System Recovery Options".

run chkdsk 2

Step 5: Type the command "chkdsk /f /r c:" when the command prompt window appears. It checks the system for the files that are corrupted, deleted, or installed improperly. After that, it scans the entire driver to find issues and fix them if possible. Also, you can enter the for verifying the integrity of the OS files stored in the system.

run chkdsk 3

Solution 2: Disable Automatic Restart

Automatic restart is one of the possible causes of "startup repair is checking your system for problems windows 7". This by no means will solve the booting problem but it can help in identifying the real issue. Find the "disable automatic restart on system failure" option. It may be present in the advanced boot window.

Step 1: Restart your PC as you do it usually. Wait for the BIOS to show the manufacturer logo or system info.

Step 2: Start to press pressing F8 continuously unless and until the list of boot options is displayed.

Step 3: Choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure". Hit the "Enter" key and wait for the system to boot.

disable automatic restart

Solution 3: Rebuild BCD using Bootrec Commands

One of the possibilities is that the bootloader installation or configuration is containing some errors. Build the BCD again, along with partition bootsectors. Also, master boot record with bootrec command.

Part 3: How to recover data if the methods fail to fix this issue?

Imagine when you are not able to access the files stored on the computer. If "Startup repair is checking your system for problems" occurs, the booting process fails to function. If any other command other than we have mentioned can make the situation worse. The users who do not want to face more problems and loss of some important data, they must download the Recoverit Data Recovery tool. Wondershare rolled out the tool in 2003 and today, it has earned the trust of more than 500,000 users. This tool prevents the loss of any data from your computer and restores them. It also permits the scanning of files. You can preview them before recovering so that only necessary data can be recovered. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Step 1: Create a Bootable Media

Run the software and select the "Recover from Crash Computer" option.

crash computer recovery

Then click the Start button and go forward. You need to insert a USB drive or DVD/CD for creating a bootable drive.

create usb bootable drive

Step 2: Boot the computer with the bootable media

With the process done, plug in the bootable drive to the unbootable computer and power on it. In the meantime, press the BIOS function key like F2, F10, F12, or delete to enter the BOOT menu.

Step 3: Recover data with Recoverit Data Recovery

After booting up the computer successfully, you will see the Recoverit interface. Choose Hard Disk Copy or Data Recovery mode to recover your data by following simple steps.

The Bottom Line

It's tiring to deal with the "Startup repair is checking your system for problems" issue. You can't wait and tolerate this for too long, but you can fix it. We have presented numerous solutions for you. If the solutions are not working, then the last option is to recover all the important data using the Recoverit Data Recovery tool. It's the only hope for getting access to the saved files on your computer. For more such updates and technical solutions, keep reading our blogs.

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