How to Fix A Disk Read Error Occurred in Windows | 8 Solutions

Did you get a disk read error occurred in Windows 7/10? Learn how to fix the disk read error or related hard disk problems as we have come up with 9 different solutions.

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Chances are that while working on your Windows system, you might get a prompt stating – A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl + Del + Alt to restart. The error is mostly associated with a corrupt or malfunctioning hard disk and might lead to the unavailability of data. The good news is that there are numerous solutions to fix the disk read error on Windows. In this guide, we will first explain what causes a disk read error and further discuss 8 working solutions for it.


Part 1: Overview of Computer’s Disk Read Error

“How do I fix disk read error occurred in Windows 10? Every time I try to access my hard disk, I get this error on my system.”

As a friend of mine asked me this, I realized that a lot of other Windows users also encounter this issue. In a nutshell, the error occurs when Windows detects a problem with its hard disk. Alternatively, there could be a problem with reading the disk as well. When a disk read error occurs, we get a prompt like this – asking us to restart the system. Sadly, even after restarting it, users encounter the same “disk read error occurred” prompt.


Although a disk read error occurred is more common in Windows 7 and 10, it can happen in other Windows versions too. You can look for the following symptoms to detect it beforehand.

Furthermore, enable Windows Defender or use any other trusted antivirus tool on your system. Avoid connecting it to a public network or to USB drives that you don’t trust.

This brings us to the conclusion of this in-depth guide on what causes a disk read error and how to fix disk read error like a pro. Since we have listed several solutions for a disk read error, you can easily fix this unwanted issue. Also, keep a data recovery tool like Recoverit Data Recovery handy. It can be used to recover data from your Windows or Mac under every possible scenario. Even if the system is non-responsive, you can create a bootable media and recover your inaccessible data from it without any trouble.

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