How to Recover Files from Iomega Hard Disks

Important data can be lost on an Iomega hard disk, however, it can be recovered in simple steps. With Recoverit, you can access and recover all your data on a damaged or corrupted hard drive.

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Q: how to recover files from Iomega hard disk
"hello there, I mistakenly deleted some files on my Iomega hard disk. They are very important; please how do I recover my files?"

Iomega external hard disks are quite popular among a lot of users these days. The reason is due to its advanced features and high reliability. And they are available in different sizes and models. They are often used for backing up important data and they can store huge amounts of data. They are also highly accessible and portable. Not only can these external hard disks store huge amounts of data, but they can also be used on any computer system regardless of the operating system running on it.

In spite of all of these, users are still susceptible to data loss. Because of such a case, different data recovery tools have been developed to help recover files from Iomega hard disks. However, there are a lot of unreliable tools in the market today.

This article is meant to show a reliable data recovery tool and help through the simple steps to carry in other to get your files back in case you lost them on an Iomega hard disk.

  • Part 1: Reasons for data loss from Iomega hard drive
  • Part 2: Iomega hard drive recovery on Mac
  • Part 3: Iomega hard drive recovery on windows
  • Part 4: how to prevent data loss on Iomega hard drive

Part 1: Reasons for Data Loss from Iomega Hard Drive

Various reasons can lead to data loss from Iomega hard drive. Some of these are:

Part 2: Iomega Hard Drive Recovery on Mac

If your computer system runs on an iOS operating system and you want to recover data on an Iomega hard drive, you have got to thread gently. Nothing to worry about though, there is a lot of data recovery tools out there that can help you. However, not a lot of them are reliable. And when they promise to get your data from your Iomega hard drive, you have to also ask if they will work on your mac operating system powered system.

Thankfully, Recoverit works perfectly on an iOS operating system. In other to get your data recovered on an Iomega hard drive, follow the following steps.

Step 1. Download Recoverit

The very first thing is to have the software on your computer if you don't have it already. In other to download, go to and click on the "Download for Mac" button. The executable file will be downloaded, go to the folder is get downloaded to. Click on the file and follow the instructions followed.

Step 2. Connect the Iomega hard disk

Before you launch the software, ensure that you properly plug the hard drive into your computer. Make sure the computer can detect it.

Step 3. Launch Recoverit

To launch Recoverit, double click on the software icon and you will open a data recovery environment for you.

Step 4. Select Deleted Files Recovery

The menu has different options to pick from. Since we want to get files from an external disk, select the "Deleted Files Recovery" from the list of menus.

Step 5. Select the Iomega hard disk

The next window will show a list of all the drives on the computer system. Select the Iomega hard disk.

Mac external device recovery

Step 6. Scan the hard drive

Once you click the Iomega hard disk, an all-around scan starts. Note that the process can take a few minutes depending on the files on the drive. The beauty of Recoverit, however, is that you get to filter and locate the files you want while it is scanning.

mac scanning lost files

Step 7. Preview files

Once you find the files you are looking for on the Iomega hard drive, Recoverit allows you to preview them before recovering them. Whether they are images, documents, videos, or audio, you can preview any type of file.

Step 8. Recover your files

Having previewed, the next thing is to recover your files. Simply highlight the files you want and click the "Recover" button. It is advisable, however, not to recover the files into the same Iomega hard drive that you got them from.

Mac photo recovery

Part 3: Iomega hard drive recovery on windows

Step 1. Download Recoverit

The step to download the software on windows is quite similar to working on a mac system. Go to On the page click the "Download for Windows" button and the executable file will be downloaded. Once done, click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions therein.

Step 2. Connect the Iomega hard disk

Using a good USB cord, connect the Iomega hard disk to the windows computer system. Before you launch Recoverit, ensure that your computer can recognize the hard drive.

Step 3. Launch Recoverit

Once the Recoverit is downloaded on your computer system, double click on the icon and you will have a window that has a few options you can pick from depending on the task you want to perform with the software.

Step 4. Select Deleted Files Recovery

From the list of menus on the Recoverit software, select the "Deleted Files Recovery" menu. That will open a new window showing all the drives that are connected to the computer.

Step 5. Select the Iomega hard disk

From the list of drives, select the Iomega hard disk that you have trapped data. Once you click the "start" button, scanning starts automatically.

It does not matter if a partition on the hard drive has been deleted, Recoverit will scan the whole Iomega hard disk.

Recoverit interface

Step 6. Scan the Iomega hard drive

During the scanning, you can locate targeted files and even pause or stop the scanning.

Scanning lost files

Step 7. Preview files

Once you have located the files you wanted on the Iomega hard disk, you can preview them to be sure. All kinds of files can be previewed on the Recoverit software.

Step 8. Recover files

Having reviewed the files, you can then go ahead to recover your files. In other to do that, highlight the files you wanted and then click the "Recover" button.

For safety sake, however, select a different drive from the old Iomega hard drive to save the recovered files.

Preview recovered file

Part 4: How to Prevent Data Loss on Iomega Hard Drive

1. Take proper care of the Iomega HDD.

You must have heard the saying that little things matter. This cannot be truer for any other thing as it is for Iomega hard drives. In other prevent data loss on your Iomega hard drive and ultimately extend the lifespan, then you must care for it.

It is advisable to treat the hard drive the same way you will treat your computer. Get a case for it, if you haven't already, keep it away from moisture and condensation. You must know already but you must be reminded that your Iomega external hard drive does not appreciate a low or high temperature. You also ensure no physical damage occur to the drive.

2. Monitor the health of Iomega hard drive

Being aware of the health of your hard drive will go a long way to help you prevent losing important data. One thing that has been discovered is that Iomega hard drives do not suddenly stop working, it must have been giving symptoms.

The issue is you are most likely not to have discovered these symptoms, however, a hard drive monitoring tool will help you know its condition before it goes out of hand.

3. Reduce the load on the drive

Like any other products we use, the Iomega hard drive can also break down from excessive overloading. As much as possible, don't overload the drive. Keep it under its capacity.

Overloading your Iomega hard drive will increase wear and tear and ultimately lead to damage to the hard drive and you most likely lose important data.

4. Always eject the hard drive

It is common practice to not "eject" the drive before removing from a computer system. In other to eject an Iomega hard drive from a computer system, select the "remove device" or "eject" option pulling the drive's USB from the computer.

Closing Words

An Iomega hard disk is a powerful tool. Not only can it help you backup important data, but it can also let you carry around a huge amount of data easily due to its portability. The rather sad thing is this powerful to can cause data loss due to several factors – some of which we have discovered in this article.

While it is important to safeguard the hard drive from harm, sometimes this is inevitable. Then, the reason for this piece. Data can be recovered from damaged or corrupted Iomega hard disks and Recoverit is the solution.


How do I fix my Iomega external hard drive?

Check the power on the Iomega external hard drive if the drive isn’t working correctly. Examine the USB data cord that connects the Iomega drive to the PC. The computer will not read and send saved data to the disc if the USB cable is not fully plugged into both ports. Using the driver installation CD, install the drivers on your computer.

Is Iomega still in business?

The company that EMC purchased is changing its network-attached storage arrays after 33 years of using the Iomega brand name. Iomega announced that the Lenovo Ltd. logo will now appear on its entry-level consumer NAS devices.

How do I connect my Iomega hard drive?

Why won’t an external hard drive be recognized?

The following scenarios can result in a hard drive not identified error or issue: The USB driver has become corrupted, obsolete, or unstable. USB ports can become defective, damaged, or even broken over time—problems with partitioning on your external USB device.

Why can’t Windows 10 see my external drive?

Try to attach the external hard drive to a different USB port and see what happens. By hitting Windows key + R and typing diskmgmt. msc into the start prompt, you may start Disk Manager, which will display a list of all the discs attached to the computer. Check to check if the USB drive is visible.

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