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How to Repair Corrupted HFS+ Solid-State Drive on Mac?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Q: How to repair corrupt Mac HFS+ solid-state drive?
"I'm a permanent Apple user, using multiple devices of macOS. A few daya ago, I encountered the problem of HFS+ solid-state drive corruption. What caused it? How can I
repair my HFS+ drive on Mac as soon as possible?

The HFS+(Hirarchical File System Plus) is one of the file systems developed by Apple Corporation. It took replace of HFS becoming one of the common and popular file system for macintosh computers. Compared with HFS file system, HFS+ is more advanced with following features:

  1. It supports more logical bloacks(logical clusters), which means it can reduce storage waste and increase storage space.
  2. Larger-volume files are allowes. HFS+ supports 64 bytes, while HFS only allows 32 bytes.
  3. Longer file name is accepted. HFS+ supports 255 characters, but HFS allows 31 characters.

From above description, you can learn that HFS+ is more powerful. Though it is, the HFS+ file systems may also get corrupt. In the post, you are able to find out the specific causes of HFS+ disk corruption and the ways to repair your corrupted Mac HFS+ SSD. Let's begin our study trip.

What Are The Causes of HFS+ Disk Corruption?

The causes of HFS+ corruption are various. Certainly, you need to know the reasons before you fix the problem. Below are seven reasons:

Among the above seven causes, unsafe ejection of HFS+ external drive is the most common seen. In daily work, most people tend to plug out the drive directly without a popup opration on Mac. What are your causes? You must have the idea right now, so move on to settle it.

Three Methods | Repair Your Corrupted Mac HFS+ Solid-State Drive Immediately!

I have elaborately prepared three ways to repair your corrupted macbook SSD. Check below for them!

1 Disk utility

This first method is capable of solving the minor corruption in your HFS, HFS+, and APFS solid-state drive. Disk utility is the built-in function that provides you a first aid option. The option can check the partition for file system corruption and other issues, it automatically fixes the detected issues. Follow these steps to perform the intended task;

Step 1: Open the disk utility.

Step 2: now from the sidebar, select the HFS or APFS disk or volume whichever you desire.

Step 3: furthermore, click on the "first aid" option on your screen.

First aid running

Step 4: In some scenarios, if the disk is about to fail, the disk utility will automatically generate a message that the procedure is unable to complete. It will also warn you to make a backup of your data and replace your disk.

Step 5: if you don't see the error mentioned above, just choose the option 'Run'.

2 Terminal

After disk utility comes to the terminal app. The terminal is the built-in astonishing tool in the macOS, which is often used to perform minor tasks and operations on any HFS, HFS+, and APFS containers. If the above method fails to fix your issue, try terminal to repair the logical damages in your Mac drive and get rid of the trouble. Here are some quick steps to do so;

First, you need to recognize if the disk is repairable or not by the following steps

Step 1: you can verify a disk using this command line diskutil "verify volume" in Mac.

Step 2: if you have a drive other than startup drive by default, use the following command line verify volume /volumes/ExternalBackups.

Step 3: meanwhile in the procedure, you will see the following messages;

3 FSCK command

This last method is surely complex but is the most effective of them all. You need to follow this method properly to get relief from the issue of corrupt HFS+ SSD. If disk utility and terminal fail to get you out of the dilemma, follow this method carefully;

Step 1: first of all, use "command+S" when you hear the chime voice, this will enable you to boot the Mac single-user mode.

Step 2: After the completion of the single-user boot sequence, a small command prompt will appear at the bottom.

Step 3: Type the command "fsck -FY)

Step 4: if you see the message "File system was modified" use the above-given command again.

Step 5: This time it will give the message "the volume (name) appears to be OK"

Step 6: Now, type "reboot" and slide out of single-user mode.

Step 7: confirm the performance by running the "verify" tool.

How to Recover Data from HFS+ Solid-State Drive on Mac?

In some cases, after repairing Mac HFS+ partition, users are faced with data loss. In the condition, you are required to rebuild HFS+ file catalog. Seems like a difficult work, right? Don't be desperate! To keep you away from the concern, you are advised to sue Wondershare Recoverit to recover your file catalog instead of rebuilding it.

data recovery tool

Click the following link and download it for a quick data recovery from your HFS+ disk.

Step 1: Launch Recoverit on Mac

Install the Recoverit software on your Mac.

launch recoverit on mac

Step 2: Select the HFS+ Solid-State Drive

Open the application and select the HFS+ SSD under the "Devices" option in front of you.

select hfs+ ssd

Step 3: Scan your HFS+ SSD right now!

Tab "Start" to deeply scan process for your HFS+ SSD. You can even either "Pause" or "Resume" the scanning process.

scan the hfs+ disk

Step 4: Preview and recover files

The scanning process will take some time. During the scanning, you can "Preview" all your corrupted or deleted data on the HFS+ drive. Lastly, just press the "Recover" button to finalise the recovery process.

mac photo recovery

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If your HFS+ SSD becomes corrupted due to above reasons, you must be disturbed. At the same time, it reminds you to clean and maintain your HFS+ SSD regularly to avoid corruption.

If your HFS+ file system did get corrupted, here are three effective methods to repair it. More considerately, your data loss issue can be solved together.

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