Macintosh HD Not Mounted? 6 Ultimate Solutions

On startup of your Mac, if your Macintosh HD not mounted, try fixing it with the solutions mentioned here. While using these options if you lose your data, restore it with Recoverit.

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I recently updated my Mac, but I am unable to see the hard drive of my Mac. Can anyone guide about how to fix my Macintosh HD?

Quick access to your Mac hard drive is helpful. It allows you to view and work on various folders, applications of your system that you require regularly. When your Macintosh HD not mounted, the access to your system becomes complicated. Are you experiencing the same? Nothing to worry! We will take you through the meaning of mounted and unmounted disk, the various ways to fix them and data recovery with the Recoverit recovery software.

Part 1- Overview of Macintosh HD Not Mounted

Macintosh HD or Mac hard drive is the primary storage medium for Mac users. Sometimes the hard drive fails to mount because of various reasons and prevents you from using the system. Before learning further let’s first understand what does it mean by disk mount and disk not mount.

What does it mean to mount a disk on Mac?

When a drive is available for reading and writing operations by the operating system, it is referred to as disc mounting. If the computer is working, the disk is visible in the left pane of the Disk Utility. You can even manually mount the disk if it is not accessible by the computer. It can be done by selecting the disk and clicking on the mount link. All this is possible only if the hard drive is detectable.

What does disk not mounted mean?

If you are unable to view the Macintosh hard drive in disk utility, here the disk is not mounted. As the hard drive becomes inaccessible, except the erase button, all other operations become disabled or are greyed out. It is also possible that your Mac stops working. There is a high possibility that Mac won’t turn on if Macintosh HD not mounted. But why disk does not mount, let’s find out the various reasons for it.

Why Macintosh HD Not Found

When you are unable to view the hard drive on the Mac, it can be due to various reasons:

Closing Words

While booting up your Mac, if Macintosh HD fails to show up, check why it is not showing up. Is hard drive at the problem or the fault is with other parts. As discussed in this article look for the exact cause by following the tips and reasons mentioned here. If you are still not able to see Macintosh HD at startup, then fix it with the solutions listed above.

While fixing the Macintosh HD not mounted, if you lose your data, restore it with Recoverit data recovery software.

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