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How to Use an SD Card? Download, Save and View SD Card Easily

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

If you are not familiar with what an SD card is or how to use an SD card, then here is the article for you.

Computers and Android devices these days come with loads of free space to store high-quality data. But, more is always less. That is why apart from the internal memory; devices give the option to expand the memory so that the maximum data can be stored. Whether it a mobile phone, laptop, or a computer, now every device can be updated and upgraded with storage media.

Part 1. How Does the SD Card Work?

SD is the abbreviation for Secure Digital, and it is a proprietary memory card that is non-volatile and has been developed by the SD Association for usage in various portable devices.

What is an SD Card

A secure digital media store additional documents and is used for mobile devices, cameras, computers, tablets, etc. It is super-convenient to use and can hold a tremendous amount of information like images, videos, audios, text files, and whatnot.

You will get it in two forms, "micro" which can be replaced to improvise the battery and inserted in the slot of a device. And, the second type is a "portable," which can be connected to different devices using a USB port.

Dig deeper into what is SD card.

How Does the Memory Card Work

The storage device is known as the form of a solid-state drive, which means that there are absolutely no moving parts in it. It supports flash memory and is circuitry. Files are stored on it in a series of electronic components, which is also known as NAND chips. None of the chips have moving parts that allow transferring data quickly, thus exceeding the speeds available to hard-drive media or CD. Did you get an idea of how does the SD card work?

You may also want to know about different types of SD cards.

Part 2. How to Use an SD Card on Windows Computer

You can learn how to use the memory stick on the computer using these simple stages. When you insert it into the windows computer, it becomes easier to navigate the device using File Explorer.

Step 1: Place or insert the SD card into the computer device.

Step 2: If nothing immediately pops up, you can also click on the File Explorer option.

Step 3: Now, right-click on PC and select properties.

Step 4: Click on the device manager option.

Step 5: Right-click on the SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller. Now, click on Scan for hardware changes.

Step 6: Immediately after this, you will see the storage media in the file explorer.

Insert SD Card in Windows

Step 1: You will have to examine your computer and find a slot to insert the secure digital drive. As the steps are minimal, therefore most of the time, it gets overlooked. So, if you cannot find the slots, make sure to check the documentation you receive with your computer model.

Step 2: If the computer model you own does not have a slot, then utilize an adapter for the same.

View SD Card on Computer

Step 1: To view the SD card in Windows, you will have to see the slot of the computer or the storage media adapter.

Step 2: After you have connected the secure digital drive to the computer, you will be able to view files with the help of a file explorer, just like an external storage device.

Move Files on or to SD Card

In the instructions mentioned below, you can learn how to save files in the right manner.

Step 1: Begin by inserting your digital storage device into the slot of the computer.

Step 2: Window will recognize the device, and immediately, it will show a dialogue box named AutoPlay Removable Storage.

Step 3: Now, you can open the folder which you want to import. After this, click on "Import using Windows."- the option will be something similar to this. It also depends upon the kind of data that you are exporting and the windows version.

Step 4: Select the file you want to transfer and then click on send files to a removable drive and click ok.

Format the SD Memory Card

When the storage device gets completed loaded with excessive information, you must know how to reset memory stick and empty the space immediately.

Step 1: Go to "My Computer" and select the device you want to reset.

Step 2: Now, right-click on it. You will now see a long list of options, out of which click on "Format." Now, choose the quick format option.

Step 3: On the computer system, click on "start," It will begin scanning and formatting.

Recover SD Card Data

Have you ever wondered what happens when you lose your crucial data? All those years, you created collecting, images, videos, music, and what not. And, all get lost within seconds.

You can recover your vital data using Wondershare Recoverit. It is one of the best software available out there to recover deleted files, audios, and videos. Whether you operate windows or Mac, you can quickly recover data in a matter of time.

What can it recover?

How to recover deleted files?

Download the Recoverit Wondershare application. Choose the drive which is to be recovered. Now, click on the start button.

Now, you can see the preview to check if at all the data recovery option is available. The device scanning depends upon the capacity of the SSD drive. If the SSD is of 1 TB, then it may take approximately about 7 minutes. The software can recover formatted and recovered sources.

Step 1: Select the SSD drive to begin scanning

Select your connected secure digital drive to begin the scanning. After making the selection, click on "start" to allow software begin scan and look for deleted or lost files.

Scanning of storage device

Step 2: Preview recovered files

You can access the recovered files before saving. This ensures that the software has recovered the right and the required documents.

Recovered data

Whether it is Windows or Mac, Recoverit Wondershare can work excellently anywhere.

Part 3. How to Use Memory Card on Mac

Mac has an in-built card reader; you just need to insert the compatible secure digital device correctly into it. Once you are done with this you can access it easily. In this section, we will discuss the detailed steps about how to insert, and view your secure digital device. We will also discuss how you can transfer the stored documents and how to format it.

Insert SD Card on Mac

Step 1: Firstly, locate the slot. You can generally find it on the left side.

Step 2: Now, place the digital storage drive in the slot and make sure that edges face downwards.

Step 3: Push it in very slowly. The memory stick will appear as a "Removable Disk" on the Mac desktop.

View SD Card on Mac

Step 1: Take the memory stick and insert it into the card reader.

Step 2: Mac will immediately recognize it, and a new drive will be assigned to it.

Step 3: Now, click on the icon blue in color and two-faced with launching the finder app.

Step 4: Click on the drive that has been assigned to the card. You will find it easily in the left pane, immediately after you click on it.

Step 5: The entire data of the memory stick can be seen in the right pane.

If the card does not immediately show up, you can even use View Finder to search for the content.

Transfer Data on or to SD Card

You can quickly transfer the data on to storage drive in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Check out the storage drive image that you will find on the desktop or the finder menu.

Step 2: Upon clicking it, a window will open, showing the data in the memory stick.

Step 3: Now, click the files which you want to transfer to the SD window.

Format SD Card on Mac

Before starting the formatting functioning, make sure that you have saved the crucial data.

Step 1: You will have to connect the SD card to the MAC with the help of a card reader

Step 2: Now, open the disk utility app. (Apps>Utility>Disk Utility)

Step 3: Select the erase function and enter the name of the secure digital drive.

Step 4: Choose the memory stick option on MAC. Select the format of the file system. If It exceeds 64 GB then choose an exFAT option and choose FAT32 if the size is 32 GB or smaller.

Step 5: Now Format/delete the SD card.

Part 4. How to Use SD Card on Android

Here, we will provide answers to 2 main questions: how to use SD card as default storage on Android, how to use the external SD card on Android, and other crucial queries revolving around the use of digital storage on Android.

The memory of Android phones can be expanded, but you must know first what the expandable limit of the battery is? Once you find out how to use the storage drive on Android, you can change the default storage.

Step 1: Find the right card.

The memory stick must be compatible with the Android Model you are using. Some models would not accept the large, and some won't accept the micro-SD.

Step 2: Find out the maximum storage capacity of the card.

Some tablets and phones will not support large memory sticks; you will have to check with the manufacturer's website manually. Also, check the size of the slot. This way, you will understand how you can physically fit the card into the slot.

Step 3: Inserting the card

Turn off your mobile phone to enter the card. Open slot to insert it inside. If it is smaller than the slot, you can always use an adapter for the same.

Use SD Card as Default Internal Storage

Learn how to change default storage to manually. Follow the necessary stages that can help you with the entire setup.

Step 1: Insert the storage drive into the tiny slot present inside the body of your android phone. You have to wait until the phone shows a notification that the inserted drive has been discovered on your phone.

Step 2: Head to the settings section.

Step 3: Select the option where you want to store the images.

Step 4: Select the desired SD as the default storage.

Step 5: Now, all the images that you take will be automatically transferred to the memory stick. So, this is how you save a pic on it.

Save Photos to SD Card

If your phone does not save the photos to the memory stick by default, then learn how to store photos.

Step 1: Open the camera on your android phone and select the settings options in the shape of a gear. The icon is present in the top left corner.

Step 2: Scroll downwards and tap on the storage location option.

Step 3: Now, choose the default location options. Switch it from "Internal Storage" to "SD card."

According to your preference, you can later switch the settings from default location to internal storage.

Download and Put Music/Movies

We have aligned the simple way that will explain how to download movies on the storage device.

Step 1: Making Space

You must know that to download movies/music; your device must have enough space to store data. If the device does not have enough space, then delete massive files from it.

Step 2: Selecting the source

You will have to decide the music/movie source- whether you want to download it from the internet directly to your mobile device or through any application.

Step 3: How to put music on the SD card from the computer?

Connect the mobile device to the computer using a data cable, and the files will be transferred immediately with a few seconds. You have to allow the computer to recognize the device. Select the location to save the data.

Step 4: Visit the reliable platform

Now, visit any platform that is trusted and reliable. If not a website, you can even use an application to download music/movies to your mobile device.

Step 5: Click on the download option, and it will begin downloading the music. It is the simplest way to download music onto the secure digital drive.

Reset SD Card

You may have to reset your storage drive due to a lot of reasons. It may get corrupted over time and result in hampering the stored files, which is why you may have to reset it. The other reason could be unuseful, excessive data.

Step 1: Go to Android settings

You will see two options here under the menu files. You will have time to select the SD card option and click on it.

Step 2: Scroll downwards and click on the unmount option. You will come across two options- Erase / Format SD card

Step 3: You can select either of the two options to delete your data. Now, click on the format, and you will get rid of the entire data stored on it.

Closing Words

So, now that you have understood how to use a secure digital drive, it is vital that apart from saving and accessing the data, you get knowledge on how you can recover it if need be. With the complete guide and details, it will be easier for you to understand how to take care of your essential data.

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