How to Recover RAW to NTFS without Losing Data

How to Recover RAW to NTFS without Losing Any Data

When the hard disk become RAW file system, you can get the best RAW disk recovery software to help you recover file from RAW to NTFS with losing data.

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How do I Restore a RAW Partition to NTFS?

Sometimes a volume of your drive may become RAW (get damaged) or you get an error message like "RAW error". You will find that the drive is not accessible and a message will appear on your screen "The disk in drive "*" is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". If you click on "yes", you will lose all the data stored on the drive. But don't panic, on the next guide we will show you how to recover RAW to NTFS without losing data.

Many people will suggest to format the drive and convert it to NTFS, but they forget that this will erase all the data on the drive which you don’t want. The correct procedure to convert RAW to NTFS without losing data is to recover the data from a RAW disk with the help of RAW partition data recovery software and then convert the RAW drive to NTFS.

What Is RAW File System?

A RAW file system is not a regular file system of an operating system. The regular ones are NTFS/NTFS5 or FAT (FAT16, FAT 32). A RAW file system is a system error that signals a problem in the device and makes the files inaccessible. SD Card, external HDD, USB drive, etc. can anytime become RAW. There are several reasons why a drive or device becomes RAW. Some of the most common reasons are format failure, virus, accidentally turning off the system, power outages, etc.

Before repairing/fixing the RAW file system, it is important to first recover the data. If formatted before recovery, all the important files stored in the drive will be permanently lost. In such a situation, only one thought comes to mind and that is, "Is there any raw file system recovery software that can recover all the corrupted data?" There is no need to be depressed because RAW file recovery software - Recoverit Data Recovery can help you get back your data files.

How to Recover RAW to NTFS without Losing Data

The powerful RAW data recovery software, we recommend Recoverit Data Recovery program. This RAW disk recovery software can access the RAW file system and help you recover files from RAW partition.

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Recoverit - The Best RAW Drive Recovery Software

The RAW data recovery program can easily recover deleted files from the RAW hard drives and other storage devices.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Data from RAW Partitions?

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Steps to Recover Files from RAW Partition without Losing Data

Download and install Recoverit RAW Drive Recovery on your computer, launch it, and follow the next simple steps to recover RAW to NTFS without losing data. If you get the external device, please connect it to the PC.

Step 1. With Recoverit Data Recovery software and then select the "Lost Partition Recovery" mode to get started.

Step 2. Select the device which becomes RAW file system, click "Next" to proceed.

Step 3. The RAW partition recovery will start scanning the device to restore your RAW data files.

Step 4. After scanning, you can check all recovered files. Select your files and restore them by clicking "Recover" button.

Get the safe storage device to save all recovered data files, in case the data will become RAW or lost. Download Recoverit Data Recovery as following and get back your data now.

How to convert the RAW file system to NTFS or FAT 32

After you recover data from the RAW drive, you can convert the RAW file system to NTFS or FAT 32 as follow steps.

1. Format RAW file system to NTFS or FAT32

  • On your desktop screen, right-click on My Computer/This PC and select Manage.
  • Now, click on Disk Management and then, right-click on the RAW drive.
  • Select Format.
  • A window will open where you can change the file system (NTFS or FAT32), reset the name. Then click on OK.

In a few moments, the format process will be completed and the device can be used again.

2. Using Command Prompt

  • Open search box, type "cmd" and right-click on command prompt, select Run as Administrator.
  • Type – "diskpart" and press enter.
  • Type – "list disk" and press enter.
  • Type – select disk 0 and press enter (0 should be replaced with your device or RAW disk’s drive number).
  • Type – clean and press enter.
  • Type – create partition primary and press enter.
  • Type – format fs=fat32 or format fs=ntfs and press enter.
  • Type – assign E: (E: should be replaced with any drive letter you wish to give to the RAW device)

So, this is the correct way to recover data from a RAW file system and then convert it into NTFS and that too without losing all your important data. The satisfaction you will get after completing this procedure will be unmatchable.

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