How To Recover Deleted Audio Files From Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

Audio Recovery: How To Recover Deleted Audio Files From Samsung Galaxy Android Phones?

Are you a longterm user of the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone and do not know how to recover deleted audio files from it? Then do not be alarmed as we will guide you through every step of the way to audio file recovery with Recoverit.

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"How To Recover Deleted Audio Files From Samsung Galaxy Android Phone? I have been using Samsung Galaxy S10 for a while now and recently lost some audio files from it. Is there any way I can retrieve my deleted files back? If yes, then what is it?"

Samsung is arguably the most popular and high-grade brand that has carried the Android operating system on its shoulders against the market manipulation of the Apple iPhone. A large number of users prefer the Android-based Samsung Galaxy smartphones over any other product, and it is no surprise that so many people tend to look for ways to recover erased audio files from the Samsung Galaxy phone.

So, if you are tired of looking and haven't found any suitable option to recover audio data from your Android smartphone, then your search is over as here we will look upon the common cases that usually lead to data deletion in the first place and show you how to get it all back with the much-needed assistance of Recoverit Data Recovery Software.

Part 1: Audio Recovery – Common Samsung Audio Files Loss Scenarios:

Despite the wide variety of features and convenience that Samsung offers to its users, there isn't too much data in the world, and anyone could face the common storage issue with the Android phone, which may cause corruption or deletion of data. In this segment of the article, we will discuss some of the common scenarios that could result in the removal of data, specifically audio files:

Virus Attack:

Much like Windows, Android phones are prone to get infected by malware and other viruses, mainly due to their popularity. If you tend to download files on your Samsung Galaxy phone from suspicious websites or use it across variable PCs, then there is a high probability of the phone catching a virus, which could result in audio file deletion or sometimes the corruption of the entire device.

Erroneous Deletion of Audio Files:

Human error is unavoidable, and it is also the typical recurring case in terms of file getting deleted from the Samsung Galaxy phone. If you think that your data is valuable, then it is vital to handle them wire care or keep a backup of them, so that you could use them immediately once sometimes like the inadvertent deletion of data ever occurs.

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy Phone:

A problem common among older versions of Samsung Galaxy Phones is that they do not turn on easily once you switch them off for some reason. And sometimes, the only way around it to perform a hard reset of the phone, which leads to the direct deletion of audio, video, and other files.

Physical Damage:

Much like any other smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy phone is also very vulnerable, and even a smallest outside hit could break its screen, or worse, could get the data deleted, more importantly, the audio files!

Part 2: Audio Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Audio Files from Samsung Galaxy?

Luckily, there are enough ways to recover audio files from a Samsung Galaxy phone, mainly due to its popularity, and secondly, due to the user's awareness of the circumstances as mentioned earlier. Here are the two most practical options to recover deleted audio files from Samsung Galaxy Android phone:

Option 1: Recover Deleted Audios Files from Backup:

If you are aware of all the data deletion scenarios beforehand and if you have created a backup of your audio files on sources such as a cloud storage platform or an external device, to tackle such an occasion, then you can quickly restore the audio data to your Samsung Galaxy Android phone, without wasting a single minute.

Option 2: Recover Deleted Audios Files from Samsung SD Card with Recoverit Data Recovery:

If you weren't able to back up your audio files due to several unavoidable reasons, then there is no need to panic as Recoverit Data Recovery provides the safest and most instant solution in recovering every audio data to the Samsung Galaxy phone. Here are some valuable attributes of the software:

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • Other than having the ability to retrieve 1000+ file formats, Recoverit reads and recovers audio files of every known format and size as well;
  • It allows data recovery in pretty much every external storage source such as a USB, SD card, external hard drive, camcorder, MP3 player, and much more.

You can start listening to music on your Samsung Galaxy phone as soon as you follow and complete the three steps of data recovery with Recoverit, as mentioned below:

Step 1. Select a location:

Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone with the PC and run Recoverit. Or unmount the SD card off the phone and connect it to PC. You will find your Samsung phone or SD card under the "External Devices" sub-section of the interface. Click on it and click on "Start."

recoverit interface

Step 2. Scan the location:

If the size of the deleted audio files is massive, then you would have to wait a few moments for the scan to finish. Otherwise, Recoverit will complete the scan within one or two minutes. You have the full liberty to halt the scanning procedure in between with the help of Recoverit's Stop and Pause buttons.

operations during scanning

Step 3. Preview and recover files:

Under the "File Type" and "File Path" categories, you will be able to access and preview your audio files again. Select the ones that you wish to use again and click on the "Recover" tab to store them wherever you want to open them.

preview recovered audio

Note: Please do not utilize Recoverit data recovery software to recover deleted files from iPhone or phones without SD card.

Tips: How to Prevent Samsung Data Loss:

Precaution is much better than remedy, and the same could be implied to prevent data loss from a Samsung Galaxy Android phone or any smartphone, for that matter. Here are some valuable tips to avoid or prevent data loss from an Android phone:


No matter how famous or secure the brand is, data loss can occur at any time without any adjacent warning, and it is best to arrange for preventive measures beforehand. It is also essential to keep important files on multiple platforms.

Now you know the common causes that could lead to audio or music file deletion and how to prevent data loss. But if all of the precautionary actions fail and your audio files from the Samsung Galaxy phone get deleted, either way, then Recoverit is the answer to such a problem, which is more than capable of retrieving audio data from every scenario.

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