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How to Transfer Files from PC to PC?

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Getting a brand new PC must be full of excitement and joyfulness. A powerful and advanced PC hosts better graphics, exciting features, astounding speed, great storage, and much more. Still and all, you might be panicking about file transfer USB requirements, dealing with old huge megabytes of data, and all that stuff regarding how to transfer files from PC to PC.

Here in the article, this tempered excitement cause with modern has been solved, and easy solutions like files transfer:

How to Transfer Data from PC to PC Using USB Cables?

If you have huge data files ranging from Gigabytes of storage, and you are wondering how to transfer files from PC to PC, here are the best solution steps to deal with this intention. But before proceeding towards the actual solution, all you need is a USB data transfer cable named 'USB Bridge Cable' in electronics accessories. This is a special type of cable which gives you the fastest transfer rate between two systems, it can even be named as the best way to transfer files from pc to pc. Follow these simple steps to encounter file transfer:

usb cable

connect usb

After the successful installation of that specific driver toolkit. Click on the white rectangular box of your taskbar and type that driver-specific name.

Tip: If your manufacturer does not provide you any driver for that specific cable, try using Windows Easy Transfer which is a personalized file transfer software by Microsoft.

copy file

paste files


Tip: You can also copy the files using Ctrl+C and paste them to the destination by pressing Ctrl+V from your keyboard.

The transfer may take up to a few minutes or maybe more depending upon the size of the files which are being transferred. Usually, this cable transfer is very fast depending upon the cable quality and computer speed. Hope this could solve your problem on how to transfer files from pc to pc windows 10, if it doesn't, continue reading, because we also listed other 2 solutions for you.

How to Transfer Data between Two Macs Using USB Cables?

If you are a MacBook user and planning to buy a new MacBook pro for your personal as well as business use. The new MacBook Pro has more than twice external ports (vary from model to model). These external ports are special kinds of ports which we call ‘Thunderbolt Ports’. It is perhaps the fastest way to transfer files from pc to pc.

Thunderbolt cable allows apple MacBook users to transfer data at a faster rate via USB port. However, there is no direct way to connect two MacBook’s via USB cable but still we can connect a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac with a USB portable MacBook. The following steps make it easier for you to transfer data between two Macs:

thunderbolt 2 cable

restart disk

migration assistant

select disk

Now wait for the file transfer completion and after it is done, you should see the files on your new MacBook.

How to Transfer Data Between Two PCs via Network Connection?

The above methods are the best ways to deal with "how to transfer files from pc to pc" issue when you’ve not that large size of data to be retrieved from one PC to another. But when you got to deal with a very huge size data having several Terabytes of files, you may wonder: How to transfer large files from pc to pc? -- The best and fastest method is via network connection using ethernet cable.

To proceed with this easiest way, you just need

The step by step procedure of data transfer via the network connection is explained below:

plug usb port

open network setting

assign ip address

cmd ping address

enter cmd

 type ip address

open folder

Above is exactly how to transfer large files from pc to pc using Ethernet cable.

Above are the best methods to transfer your files from one PC to another, the methods are both wired and wireless for both Windows and MacBook PCs. Depending upon the file size and speed factor, you just need to select the one which is more compatible with your PCs respectively.

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How to Retrieve Files from Broken PCs Using a USB Flash Drive?

If you want to upgrade your PC and retrieve data from the previous one which is by somehow, got crashed. You don’t need to worry about the data retrieval and transfer as this article brings you the easiest steps to recover your old data from the PC and transfer it to a new one by using a USB flash drive.

To proceed with this transfer process, you need the following:

If you have a USB flash drive, then luckily we brought you the steps to download and install Recoverit software using the buttons below:
For Windows PC, download it from here:

After you downloaded this software, let’s begin with the file transfer USB steps:

Step 1: Installing Recoverit

Step 2: Select Recover from Crash Computer’ on the homepage.

recover from crashed computer

Step 3: Click the Start button below to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Now you need to create your USB flash drive as bootable media. If your USB drive is already bootable you may skip the next step.

Step 5: Recoverit will automatically retrieve the USB drive information and after that, you need to select USB to be formatted and created into bootable.

select usb

Step 6: Confirm this step to make your USB drive a bootable media by clicking Format option as below.

format usb

Step 7: The drive format shall start now as follow.

create bootable usb

Tip: If it doesn't start automatically you need to download the Firmware program which is a system program of storage devices required to run them as bootable media.

Step 8: After the bootable process finishes, just eject the USB drive and connect it to the other PC from which you want to transfer files.

Step 9: Start the PC and press the specific function key to enter into the BIOS of that PC. The function key is clearly viewed on the starting screen as the PC starts.

Step 10: From the BIOS options, boot your PC using the USB drive.

boot pc bios

Step 11: Confirm the Setup Confirmation by clicking on Yes.

 setup confirmation

Step 12: Now your PC files are ready to copy after the Boot is finished. To copy the do the following steps:

After the copy finishes, plug that drive to the other PC and paste the files to finish the transfer process.


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