How to Fix Green Screen Videos on Chrome?

In this article, we will teach you 3 simple ways to solve this annoying issue. Read and know more.

Most people watch YouTube to either relax or to have a little fun in their free time. YouTube is a very diverse platform for both learning and also entertainment. The only thing that bothers you the most is when a video green screen error occurs. The error is annoying because it disturbs you and loses all your focus.

People are generally unaware of the factors that cause this problem and also don't know how to tackle the situation. There are various reasons you face green screen videos on Chrome, such as weak internet connectivity, the browser might be problematic, and many others. If you want to learn more about video green screen errors, then keep reading.

Part 1: Brief Overview of Videos Green Screen Error

The green screen is the message of death. The most frustrating thing any person can face is the video green screen error which is related to software or hardware issues. This error type prevents your computer from working properly.

It not only causes a problem in the regular functioning of videos on Chrome, but it also causes great confusion among the viewers. Do you know why? This is because the green death message appears on the screen, whereas the audio of the video is still running in the background. The viewers usually get confused because they have no idea what's going on, and they don't know much about green screen videos on Chrome.

video green screen error

Do you have any knowledge about this error? Well, whenever there is a problem with the processing of GPU, an error message appears. This causes hindrance, and you can't watch videos. The green death message has been seen on both Windows 10 and also Windows 11.

It has been seen that mostly the video green screen error occurs with AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards. Not only this, but outdated drivers and flashcards also aid in resulting in this error. The video green screen error can be avoided only if you have complete knowledge about the factors that cause it. If you are interested in learning more, then let's share a few situations when this error occurs.

· Outdated Graphic Card

A common situation that causes the green death message on Chrome is your graphic card. As we have mentioned earlier, if you have an outdated graphic card, this error surely occurs. It is suggested to keep your graphic cards up to date.

· Browser Not Updated

Do you know that the browser is also updated? Well, yes! Google Chrome is timely updated so that it does not hinder the regular functioning and usage. If your Chrome browser is not up to date, then you are most likely to face the green screen videos on Chrome.

· Video Corrupted

Sometimes, it happens that the video you are watching is corrupted. It has nothing to do with the drivers or the browser. This is because the uploader has uploaded a corrupted video which then results in causing video green screen error.

Part 2: Quick Fixes to This Error

Having complete knowledge about the causing factors of green screen videos on Chrome is not enough. You should also have some know-how of the fixes that could be used to resolve the problem. The following section of this article will share 3 different fixes that will help you to solve the green death message quickly.

Fix 1: Disable Hardware Acceleration

If you can hear the audio but a green screen blocks the video, then the first suggested solution to adopt is disabling the Hardware Acceleration. Given below are the steps that you can follow to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.

Step 1: To start the process, first of all, launch Google Chrome on your respective device. Then, head over to the top right corner and hit the three vertical dots. This will open up the Chrome 'Menu.' A list of the Chrome menu will appear from which you should select the 'Settings' option.

access chrome settings

Step 2: After the Settings screen opens, you should tap on the 'Advanced' option. From the Advanced screen, look for the option of 'System' and then select it.

tap on system

Step 3: As soon as the System screen shows up, you have to navigate the 'Use Hardware Acceleration when available' option and disable it by turning off the toggle switch. After doing this, you should restart the browser followed by reloading the video, and your problem is resolved.

disable the toggle

Fix 2: Update Graphic Driver

Earlier, we mentioned that if your graphic card is outdated, you will face a video green screen error. So, another way to fix the error is by updating the graphic card. Remember to check one thing, the support website of the manufacturer.

This is because you can get help and guidance to download and install the latest driver by following the instructions they have provided. If you have never done this before, then let us help you by sharing the steps for this.

Step 1: For updating the graphic drivers, first of all, go to the 'Start' menu. After that, you have to search for the 'Device Manager' by typing it in the search box and then pressing on the 'Enter' button. After doing this, the 'Device Manager' window will open up.

open device manager

Step 2: You will see a long list of different options. From that list, look for the option of 'Display Adapters' and then expand it. Upon expansion, you will see the name of your Graphics Adapter. You need to right-click on it to open the sub-menu. From the sub-menu, you should select the option of 'Update Driver.'

tap on update driver

Step 3: Once you have done this, then from the Update Driver window, select the option of 'Search automatically for drivers.' At this point, Windows will identify the Graphic Card and its new driver. You simply have to follow the instructions to complete the process and, lastly, restart the system.

search automatically for driver

Fix 3: Update or Reinstall Chrome Browser

If you are having the problem of green screen videos on Chrome, then another way to fix that is either Updating the Chrome browser or else Reinstalling it. Both the processes have different steps; let's firstly talk about Updating Chrome Browser.

Step 1: To Update the Chrome browser, start by launching Google Chrome on your device. After Chrome has launched successfully, now open the Chrome menu. For that, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

click on three dots

Step 2: Once Chrome menu opens in front of you, hover onto the 'Help' option. This will display a sub-menu, from which you have to select the 'About Google Chrome' option.

open google chrome about

Step 3: As soon as you do that, a new window will open, and it will instantly display the latest available Chrome updates on the screen. From there, you can update it.

google chrome updating

If your Chrome browser is up to date and you are still facing trouble with videos, then the next option is to Reinstall Chrome. For doing this, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all, right-click on the Start button. A menu list will appear from which you should select the option of 'Apps & Features.' Once the 'Apps and Features' tab opens up, you will see a list of all the installed applications. Now, you need to scroll down and look for Google Chrome.

tap on apps and feature

Step 2: After you have located Chrome, click on it. Upon clicking, an 'Uninstall' button will appear in front of it. You should click on it and complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

uninstall google chrome

Step 3: Once Google Chrome is uninstalled successfully, you can visit the official Chrome website and Reinstall the Chrome browser.

download google chrome

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Extra Tip: Repair Downloaded YouTube Videos with Green Screen

Now that you have learned a lot about video green screen error let's share an extra yet very useful tip with you. You might be worried because you have lost a very important file of yours. Is there any way you can get it back?

With Wondershare Recoverit, you can not only recover corrupted or deleted files, but you can also get your lost files back. This is a very powerful recovery software available for both Mac and Windows. The best part about Wondershare Recoverit is that it can recover a wide range of file formats. Importantly, Recoverit is very reliable and safe recovery software.

Recoverit has a 'Quick and Advanced Repair' function. With this function, you can repair files of various formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, and others. The Quick Repair function also supports videos from DSLR, SD Card, HDD, Drones, Digital cameras, etc.

The software scans for free, and the interesting thing is that it repairs multiple videos simultaneously with unlimited size. It can also repair a large number of videos simultaneously. If you want to use Wondershare Recoverit, let us share its step-by-step guideline.

Step 1: Import Corrupted Video File

Start by launching Wondershare Recoverit and click on the 'Add Video' button from the home screen. This will allow you to browse your device and look for the corrupted video. Once located, upload it to the software.

add corrupted video

Step 2: Let's Repair Video

After you have uploaded the corrupted video(s), you will see a 'Repair' button in the bottom right corner. You need to hit that button so that Recoverit would start fixing the videos. An on-screen indicator will show you the progress of the repair process.

start repair process

Step 3: Preview and Save Video

After the corrupted videos have been repaired, the software lets you preview them. If you are satisfied with the preview, then you can simply 'Save' the file on your device at your desired location.

click on save button

Final Thoughts

While watching videos, it is frustrating if you get a video green screen error. Most people will know how to handle the green death message after learning from the article above. We discussed great details about green screen videos on Chrome, their causes, and also ways to fix them.

Moreover, we also introduced software that can repair all your corrupted videos at once, within minutes. We are talking about Wondershare Recoverit.