How to Recover APFS Partitions on Mac OS X

Lost data due to lost or deleted APFS partition? We have provided an informative approach to recover APFS partition on macOS without any trouble.

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How to rescue my lost APFS partitions on Mac?

After the release of macOS High Sierra, lots of users have upgraded their systems. Though, while performing the upgrade or even while using the new file system, users have lost their important data files. Since it is a whole new file system, chances are that even you might face a hard time using it. If you have also lost your data using the APFS system, take it easy! You can recover APFS partition on macOS X using a dedicated third-party Mac data recovery tool. In this post, we will help you recover APFS partition in a stepwise manner.

Part 1. When to Recover APFS Partition on Mac

There could be plenty of reasons for performing the recovery operation on the APFS partition. Mostly, users need to recover APFS partitions on Mac OS X due to the below situations

  • Unexpected deletion of data
  • Hard drive corrupted
  • Data loss while upgrading
  • Corrupt internal storage
  • Improper use of the system storage
  • Malware attack on the data
  • System crashed out of the blue
  • APFS file system not supported, and more

It doesn’t matter what situation you are facing, you can recover APFS partition on Mac OS X pretty easily. In order to get the desired results from a partition recovery tool, make sure that you don’t use your system after the data loss. Simply take the assistance of a recovery tool as soon as your data is deleted. This will avoid the overwriting of your content.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Data from APFS Volume on Mac

The Best Mac Partition Recovery Software

If you have lost your data files from the APFS system, then the Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac tool will be your one-stop solution. It is compatible with all Mac and Windows computer, including macOS High Sierra. For recovering APFS partition, it is known to provide 100% secure and reliable results without causing any harm to your system.

It doesn’t matter under what circumstances your data is lost, you can retrieve your lost data from the APFS system easily by taking the assistance of the Mac partition recovery software. It is one of the oldest and most widely used data recovery tools for Mac and iOS.

Video Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Partition on Windows/Mac

Wonder how to recover lost or deleted partitions on a computer? Well, this video tutorial shows you the specific steps to do it.

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How to Recover Data from APFS Partition

Now when you are ready and familiar with all the basics, you can learn how to recover APFS volume on Mac. Using Recoverit data recovery tool to recover APFS partition on your macOS is extremely easy. All you need to do is downloading the software and following these instructions.

  1. Select the APFS partition

  2. To recover APFS partition on your Mac, run Recoverit and select the drives and storage units where you need to recover your lost files. Simply select the APFS partition that you wish to scan and click on the "Start" button.

    recover APFS partitions

  3. Scan the APFS partition

  4. Recoverit starts to scan the APFS partitoin on Mac to search for the lost or deleted data. The scan can be all-around and piece bits of data on the partition.

    recover APFS partition on Mac

  5. Preview and recover data

  6. From the interface, you can preview the data files that you wish to retrieve. After making your selection, you can click on the "Recover" button to get the files back.

    recover data from APFS volume

As we can see, the data present on APFS partition can be recovered in 3 steps. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a partition recovery tool for Mac ready. In this case, as soon as your data is lost, you can perform the recovery operation and obtain the desired results. Additionally, try not to recover your data to the same location that has been affected. By following these suggestions, you would be able to recover APFS partition on Mac easily.

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