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call recording recovery

"I was taken by surprise when I couldn't find all those pieces of information that I have been recording. And since they are important, it will be of great value if I get them back. Does anyone know how to recover deleted recorded calls?"

Most people end up deleting files from a mobile phone without realizing its effect. And it crushes the soul to accidentally delete important data like call recordings that have special meaning.

You might be using the Automatic Call Recorder app to help you automate the recording of incoming and outgoing calls. And if you're modest enough, use their cloud backup.

In any case, losing such important information is reason enough to think of call recording recovery. When you have a cloud back, it should be easier. And when you don't, the logical question to ask is:

How to retrieve deleted call recordings from an automatic call recorder?

While that is an urgent problem to address instantly, you must know the most common ways that result in losing call recordings to prevent future similar circumstances.

How Call Recordings Get Deleted?

There are hundreds of ways you can lose your phone recordings. Sometimes it is an intentional deletion, but you later realize that you need the recordings, but mostly it is unintentional.

All in all, there are common ways you can lose call recordings. And knowing them helps you prevent future similar circumstances.

  1. Installing a rogue third-party application that has access to phone recordings causing corruption.
  2. Factory resetting your Android without keeping in mind that the action will wipe your phone recordings too.
  3. Having viruses on your Smartphone.
  4. Interruption of Android version update due to the device's battery dying out.
  5. Mistakenly formatting your Smartphone.
  6. Accidental actual deletion of the phone call recordings.

Is It Possible to Get Back Deleted Call Recording?

If you lose call recordings from Android's internal storage, data recovery is pretty difficult. And here is why:

The precondition for successful data recovery on Android's internal memory using data recovery software is that the device must be rooted. If your Android device is rootable, you can successfully use a call recovery app to retrieve your phone call recordings.

But here is a sad fact: Many Android phones cannot be rooted. This leaves many people with the option to recover only backed-up items from the cloud.

However, if you store your call recordings on a memory card, don't get frustrated about recovering call recordings. The right thing you should be thinking of is a call recording recovery app because your data is retrievable.

When you delete a file from a Smartphone's memory card, it isn't completely gone. In reality, it is de-indexed so that you can't access it and compressed to take up less space.

So with the right tool, it is possible to retrieve call recording.

However, it is important to note that continuing to use your smartphone after deleting your call recordings lowers the chances of successful call recording recovery as it overwrites your data.

Regardless of the call recording recovery software to use, it is nearly impossible to retrieve overwritten data. Therefore, stop adding files on your Smartphone once you realize you've lost your call recordings.

How to Recover Call Recordings from Android Phone

Recover Deleted Call/Voice Recordings from Backup on Android Phone

Your backup serves as the possible means to store data for further usage.

If you have backed up your phone data, it would be easy to recover deleted call recordings. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and find the System option. Click System, then click Backup.
  2. All the files backed up recently will be listed here. You can select the call recording files, and click Restore Backup Data to get files back.

recover call recording from backup

Recover Call/Voice Recordings Using Recoverit

However, the majority of Android users don't back up their files. So, the best method to recover non-backed-up data is by use of data recovery software.

It is important to remember that under only 2 circumstances, you can restore call recordings from an Android device.

  1. The call recording should be on the external memory card supported by the call recorder recovery software.
  2. When the data is in Android's internal storage, it requires you to root the device.

And there are hundreds of recovery tools out there to restore call recordings. But we're going to focus on one of the world's best call recovery solutions - Recoverit Data Recovery.

To consider it as one of the best, the software meets 3 critical requirements:

  1. It is widely used by the data recovery community—over 5 million satisfied users worldwide.
  2. It reliably recovers deleted call recordings in their original file format.
  3. Presents an advanced deeper scan algorithm that goes deeper into data structures to present an extremely high data recovery rate.

Recoverit Data Recovery software combines perfectly knitted utilities to bring a super-in-depth deleted call recording recovery solution.

  • Advanced Deep Scan Algorithm: Recoverit quickly and accurately scrapes deeper into the data structure of your lost call recording to bring together the fragments of your files and recover fully accessible files. It eliminates the recovery of inaccessible files.
  • A No Brainer User Interface: Effortlessly switch between the tool's utility without missing a beat to recover deleted phone calls. No manual required—only a 3-clicks recovery procedure—Select, Scan, and Recover.
  • Recovers Data Lost in Any Scenario: The tool presents a family of utilities that retrieves call recording lost by any means. These include accidental deletion, factory reset losses, virus infection, and much more.

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3 Steps to Recover Deleted Call Recordings on Android Phone

Connect your Smartphone to your computer and ensure that the computer has detected it. Launch the software. The interface of Recoverit is beginner-friendly, requiring only a 3-step recovery procedure.

Step 1. Select the external device

Identify the path of your external memory storage and select your device as the target location. Next, click on the "Start" button.

choose the location that you lost your call recordings

Step 2: Scan your device

After clicking on your external storage, hit the "Scan" button to execute a scan on your memory card for your lost call recordings. This might take some time.

scan process to find your call recordings

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted call recordings

Hit the "Preview" function to confirm the call recordings you want to recover. After your confirmation, hit the "Recover" button to initiate call recording recovery.

recover your call recordings

When you've lost your call recordings on an Android card, you don't need to worry—there is an easy and efficient recovery solution. Recoverit software has all the utilities to bring your data back.

However, if your phone recording was in the internal storage of Android, it gets difficult to retrieve call recordings. You'll need to root your phone first before executing call recording recovery.

If you find videos are lost or deleted, some solutions can help you recover deleted videos.
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