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How to Restore Music Files from Kindle Fire HD?

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions


"Recently, I was listening through some of my favorite tracks in Kindle file HD. Along with this; I was also separating the audiobooks and music files, according to their genres. But by mistake, I clicked the delete tab, and it permanently deleted all my music files. Does anyone know how to restore music files from Kindle Fire HD?"

A music file is a format for storing digital audio data on a device, which can be compressed or uncompressed to reduce the file size, according to the needs. But what if you have accidentally deleted or lost the music folder from Kindle Fire HD?

Firstly, you need not worry as it is easy to restore the deleted music files. But before you recover files, it is important to stop using the affected system or drive immediately to prevent overwriting of permanently deleted files. Regardless of how you have lost your music files, this article will guide you on how to restore music files from Kindle Fire HD.

Part 1. What Causes Erased Music?

An erased or deleted music file from Kindle Fire HD is quite a common scenario and can occur anytime. For instance, you have deleted them, while doing some work or an unintentional deletion has caused the same. So is this a permanent loss?

No! If the deletion of the music folder has occurred on your Kindle Fire HD, it still exists on your device. The data storage blocks containing deleted files are marked as available space in the system and can be overwritten by the new file on the drive. This means that the erased music files are recoverable, as long as you don't upload new data in that location.

Moreover, if you have deleted the files straight from Kindle Fire HD, they are stored in your archives collection. To find the folder and recover the deleted music, press menu, select 'view archived' items, and you'll be able to see all your files purchased from Amazon.

Whether you have deleted the files by mistake, you can find the files and click to download. There is a chance that Kindle Fire HD will ask you to turn on wireless or flick right and add files to home.

But if you don't have a file backup in the archive section, there are music recovery apps that help you retrieve the files in no time.

Part 2. How to Restore Music Files from Kindle

It is quite stressful to lose important music files and folders such as personally recorded files or that were separated by genre or in an alphabetic manner. But you need not take stress as Recoverit Audio Recovery Software app lets you recover them.

Have you ever been upset due to the loss of your precious music files from Kindle Fire HD and looking for a tool to retrieve them? Recoverit music recovery app can help. It recovers permanently deleted files from your Kindle Fire HD and also keeps your data privacy without any loss.

Here is a step by step guide that you must follow in sequence to rescue accidentally deleted music files.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Launch the Recoverit music recovery software and select the location from where data loss has occurred. Click on the start button to locate the files.

select scan location

Step 2: Scan the Location

The Recoverit recovery app will start a quick scan of the selected drive for your music files.

scan location

Step 3: Preview and Recover Music

You can also preview the files before recovering them. Once you've selected all the files, just tap on the Recover button and the software will start recovering the files on your system.

preview and recover kindle files

If your pictures happen to the accidental deletion, you can also follow the steps to recover pictures on a laptop.
- 2 minutes to read it.

Part 3. How to Backup Music Files?

It is always important to back up your files; especially, when it comes to music. Some individuals can hardly work without their favorite tracks near them. Streaming on YouTube is an option, but it is not effective for everyday usage.

Moreover, backups are beneficial, when your device with music library gets stolen, or the vast collection of songs gets deleted.

Here are three ways to backup music files:

• Computer

The computer is one of the most accessible and popular options for backup music files. You can connect the Kindle Fire HD to your computer; select the files, and then make their backup on your computer. You can also install programs or use built-in programs like Backup and Restore or File History to perform a backup.

• USB Device

The USB device is not a proper music backup option due to its capacity. But if music files are important and you are afraid of losing them, copy them to the USB device. Moreover, they come in different sizes and can be easily carried anywhere, regardless of location.

• Cloud-Based Storage

The main advantage of using cloud-based storage for backup is that it is accessible from different devices. Some of them are free like Google Drive and are made to help you store your media files in the best quality. You can either choose what to backup or automate it so that all files are backed up.

However, for music, you can consider, Cloud Music Storage that allows you to store an unlimited number of songs. This cloud-based storage works offline and is usable from different devices.

Not only this, but it also lets you send fire-sharing links, frees up memory on the hard drive, offers multiple layers of security, and integrates automatically with anti-virus softwares. Further, this storage has archiving capabilities, blocks viruses, and prevents malicious programs from altering your security settings.

Tips to Backup Music Files

  • If you want to backup only some music files, copy them directly to the external hard drive.
  • While it is easy to copy the entire music library to an external drive, it is also easy to forget them. You never know, when you need access to your files, so back them up regularly for a copy of the most recent version.
  • Try creating multiple backups. More the backups, the better the access to your files.

Tips for Music Files Recovery

  • Writing new files reduces your chances of recovery. So, stop using your disk until all the files are in recovery mode.
  • After the music file recovery, do not save the files on the location from where they got lost in the first place.
  • Try running a raw file search as it detects the file type and folder structure on deleted or damaged drives. It also lets you scan for file signatures to find a specific type of file.
  • Use a music file recovery app like Recoverit that can perform a deep scan and help you recover the files.

Irrespective of how you lose your valuable Amazon music files from Kindle file HD, you can always restore them in no time. A music recovery app, Recoverit also helps in data loss or deletion situations, and beyond.

This software restores permanently deleted music files and even folders from deleted partitions or formatted drives and devices in just a few steps. With this tool, you can also preview the files before you restore them. It is also true of deleted video recovery.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a try to one of the best music file recovery app. At last, make sure that you follow the tips for music file recovery and backup.

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