How to Fix Runtime Error

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Every now and then, your computer suddenly stops responding and you get a runtime error warning message when running one of applications. You may confuse on the cause of the runtime errors, but what you really want to know at the time is how to fix runtime error easily?

Runtime error are the most commin Windows error that you will encounter. Runtime error on your computer can come in many different forms. Different types of runtime errors depend on different causes.

Common Cause of Runtime Errors

1. Corrupt registry or registry error which causes programs to malfunction
2. Incomplete installation
3. Certain files or folders required to run the program have gone missing or cannot be found in the directory.
4. Drivers are out of date
5. Virus attack

How to Fix Runtime Error

The first thing you must do is recognize the file which is causing a problem, which can be done by CTRL+ALT+DEL. Or other than that, if a program is causing an error then make sure you "End Task" and simply fix it.

Solution 1:

Scanning, cleaning and fixing can help which may be done by registry cleaner tool. CCleaner is software which can automatically scan and fix any runtime errors on your computer.

You can perform the task with a professional registry cleaner tool. CCleaner is this kind of software that can automatically scan, diagnose your registry, and clean up registry trash, remove registry redundancy and repair your registry problem or any other errors to speed up your computer in seconds. It will also help you to create a backup for all the changes that CCleaner made on your computer for any possible restoration. What you really need to do is just one click. Both novice uses and experienced users will feel ease to use it.


If the error is being caused due to incomplete installation, the error can remove by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it completely.

Tips: Remember to keep a back up copy of all the files or documents just in case something unexpected happens while reinstalling the program.

Solution 3:

Some programs which are free and are downloaded from the internet may contain certain files missing, hence to overcome this make sure you are always up to date with any new updates and keep installing them to avoid any runtime errors.

Solution 4:

To fix the runtime errors caused by any viruses, you must need to download recovery softwares.

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