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Boot Last Known Good Configuration on Windows 10

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

“Is the idea to boot last known good configuration on Windows 10 a good option?”

While multiple options are available to start your computer, there are surplus ways to boot it when your laptop possesses some bad sectors. Yes, one among the recovery or booting methods is the “last known good configuration” mode accessible in all Windows versions. Being the easy and straightforward method to ensure that your computer is in good condition, this boot helps troubleshoot future issues. So, if you don't know how to boot the last known good configuration on Windows 10, take a look at our today’s blog to find more about it.     

Part 1: Overview on Last Known Good Configuration boot on Windows 10

  1. What is the last known good configuration boot on Windows 10?

It is an emergency recovery option that boots the Windows correctly when it imposes a registry-based boot issue. Suppose the usual way of getting back to your system doesn’t work. In that case, you can trust the reliable method of “last known good configuration” mode to handle other scenarios like failed update, faulty drive installation, misconfigured system settings, and so on. Discoverable from the “Advanced Boot Options” menu, LKGC (Last Known Good Configuration) is an old backup part residing on the Windows Registry.

  1. What problems can you fix with the “last known good configuration” boot?

So, when is exactly the best time to run the last known good configuration boot on Windows 10? When you encounter the below issues, you are all set to execute the LKGC repair or boot.

  1. What problems can you not address by the “last known good configuration” boot?

Unfortunately, you cannot solve all your problems related to Windows with the “last known good configuration” boot. Yes, here are a few issues excluded by the LKGC boot.

Part 2: How to boot Last Known Good Configuration on Windows 10?

Without a doubt, to boot the last known good configuration on Windows 10 is better, and here is a manual to guide on how to boot the last known good configuration on Windows 10 correctly.

  1. Power off your computer and make sure it is entirely Off. Also, ensure to eject and remove the external drives like floppy disk, DVD, and CDs.
  2. Turn on your PC and wait till the manufacturer’s logo (Dell, Hp, and Lenovo) disappears.
  3. Now, tap the F8 key on the keyboard continuously until you receive the “Windows Recovery Window.” In some laptops, you need to hold down the “Fn” key on the keyboard simultaneously.
  4. On the available options, use the arrow keys to select the “Last Known Good Configuration” option. Whereas if you get the Windows loading screen, you need to again start from the first step until you get the advanced options window like the below one.

advanced boot options

  1. Tap the “Enter” key on your keyboard to begin the last known good configuration boot.

Note: If the Last Known Good Configuration option is disabled in Windows 10, you can choose the “Safe Mode” option to enter the boot.  

Bonus Tip – Recover deleted or corrupted data with Recoverit

Finally, got to know what the importance of the last known good configuration boot is and how to perform it successfully? As stated before, the “last known good configuration” booting can never bring back the deleted files nor repair the corrupted ones. Thus, for such functionalities, we have an all-in-one Recoverit from Wondershare.

From the countless introductions like Filmora, Filmii, Vidair, Repairit, and so on, Wondershare Recoverit is for dealing with data recovery purposes since 2003. Offering free file scan and preview before recovery, Recoverit is trusted by millions of happy users. With comprehensive file format support like videos, photos, emails, documents, and so on, Recoverit is compatible with Windows and Mac. The critical point that makes Recoverit unique among the crowd is its files pin-point, emptied recycle bin restoration, and repairing of corrupted files.

Way to recover lost data from unbootable Windows with Recoverit?

On the official Recoverit website, hit the “Try It Free” option to download and install the software on your Windows.

Step 1: Select the location

Launch, and open the Recoverit application, followed by selecting the location you wish to start the recovering process.


Step 2: Scan the location

Once the location is selected, tap the “Start” button. Wait a while until Recoverit scans the entire area and brings the files on the screen.


Step 3: Preview and recover the files

Once you have found the desired file, preview it, and hit the “Recover” option.


The Bottom Line

So, this was our entire discussion on how to boot the last known good configuration on Windows 10. If you face any issues related to registry or system errors, please boot the last known good configuration, put the above-discussed measures and fixes into practice. If you have tried all and nothing worked, without a second thought, take help from the Microsoft customer support team. Lastly, do try your hands on Recoverit, the data recovery tool put forward to recover and rescue your deleted data.     

People Also Ask

  1. Will performing the last known good configuration on Windows 10 delete my files?

No. The last known, good configuration can only store critical systems and registry each time you turn off and shut down the computer successfully. No alteration is made on personal data as only the system settings are affected. Alongside, you cannot recover any lost or deleted files too with this booting mode.

  1. What is the difference between a system restore and the last known good configuration?

LKGC (Last known good configuration): LKGC is an emergency boot option that allows Windows to boot registry-based issues correctly and once done, you cannot undo it again. This feature is disabled in Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1.

System restore: System restore is a technique that uses restore points to bring back the system files and settings to an earlier time without any change in the personal files.

  1. How can F8 revert to the advanced boot options?

To make F8 work on your Windows 10, you need to restart the PC, press the “F8” key repeatedly on the keyboard. You will now get the “Advanced Boot Options” menu from where you can enter the safe mode, safe mode with the command prompt, or safe mode with networking.       

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