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8 Methods to Fix Windows Error Code 0x0000017

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

fix windows error 0x0000017

The error code 0x0000017 on Windows 10 indicates that there is not enough space on your computer's hard drive. The issue becomes concerning when you get this error message but still have enough unused space on your RAM.

Follow the methods outlined in this article to fix the error code 0x0000017 in your Windows 10. To give you the full knowledge, this article will explain to you what causes this error code i.e. why you are receiving such an error message even with all the space on your hard drive.

What Causes Error Code 0x0000017?

Now, while trying to make a Windows 10 upgrade and you encounter this error, it could still be because of a lack of usable space on your drive. If some sections of your system memory have been marked by the Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) as bad, it could prevent Windows 10 installer from making use of your RAM as space to temporarily store data.

Other causes of this error may include a conflict of external devices, outdated motherboard drivers, and even hybrid graphics that are enabled.

How to Fix Error Code 0x0000017 Windows 10

This article is here to provide you with solutions and these solutions are enumerated below. Follow the steps involved in each method for it to work to your advantage:

Method 1: Clean the BCD Bad Memory Entries

The first method is obvious: remove the bad memory entries in the BCD store to eliminate the bad areas that are rendering your memory unusable.

clean bad memory bcd store 1

clean bad memory bcd store 2

clean bad memory bcd store 3

Method 2: Reset Windows Update Components

You can update important update components on Windows using the steps below, and this can fix the error code 0x0000017:

reset windows update components 1

Method 3: Make Sure the Windows Update Service is Running

To confirm that your computer's Windows Update Service is running smoothly, follow the steps below:

windows update service 1

windows update service 2

windows update service 3

Method 4: Execute DISM Tool Using the Command Prompt

On Command Prompt, you can execute the DISM tool. DISM is an acronym that stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. To do this, follow these steps:

execute dism tool 1

Method 5: Use Windows Installation Media

You must have a Windows installation media to be able to carry out this method. So, if you do not have one, ensure you create it, then follow the steps below:

use windows installation media 1

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

use windows installation media 2

DISM /Online/CleanupImage/RestoreHealth/source:WIM:X:SourcesInstall.wim:1 /LimitAccess
The "X" in the last command represents the drive letter carrying the Windows 10 installation.

Method 6: Check to be Sure BITS Service is Running

Windows updates can also be got through another part, which is the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). Check that BITS is properly running by doing the following:

confirm running bits service 1

confirm running bits service 2

confirm running bits service 3

Method 7: Change DNS Settings

Another method of fixing the error code 0x0000017 Windows 10 that can work for you is by changing the DNS settings of your system. Follow the steps below to do this:

change dns service 1

change dns service 2

change dns service 3

change dns service 4

Method 8: Perform a Clean Windows 10 Install

After trying the methods above, if you are still unable to make the system update because of this error code 0x0000017, you can try a manual clean installation of Windows 10. Do the following:

perform clean windows install 1

perform clean windows install 2

perform clean windows install 3

perform clean windows install 4

perform clean windows install 5

perform clean windows install 6

perform clean windows install 7

perform clean windows install 8

Your Windows 10 will now be installed afresh.

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How to Recover Unsaved Data Due to Error Code 0x0000017 on Windows 10

Do you have data that are unsaved on your system due to error code 0x0000017 on Windows 10? Or could it be that you forgot to back up your vital data before completely resetting your system? You can recover such data without stress. The Recoverit Data Recovery tool is an efficient app available online for recovering lost or missing data. These data could have been lost from system errors, SD card errors, formatted system drive, deleted files, crashed systems, damaged or corrupted drives, etc.

What is more interesting about this tool is that it works in different versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems

Follow these three steps below to make use of the tool in getting back your lost data:

Step 1: Select a Location

First, choose the location where your data was last opened or unsaved. After doing this, begin the scanning process by selecting "Start". The "Start" button is located at the bottom right of the interface.

recoverit interface

Step 2: Scan the Location

After tapping the blue "Start" button, Recoverit will scan the location you clicked to retrieve all the files that are found there.

operations during scanning

Step 3: Preview and Recover Data

The final step is to preview all the data that have been scanned and retrieved by Recoverit. This feature has been made available by the tool to help you see that all your data are intact. You have no reason to worry because Recoverit is a hundred percent secure tool.

preview recovered photos

The Bottom Line

No computer user likes errors, especially not when trying to update the system. Therefore, your frustration at the beginning of the article is understandable. But then, this shouldn't be the case anymore at the end of the article as solutions have been provided for you. If this error has made your unsaved data disappear, then use Recoverit Data Recovery to obtain them back.

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