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The Easy Way to Repair JPG Files on Mac

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Are you unable to open Jpg files on your Mac? If yes this piece will be of great help to you.

Jpg is interchangeably used with Jpeg to mean Joint Photographic Experts Group. Jpg is commonly referred to as the format of digital image files which comprises compressed bytes of data that are later decompressed into an image, besides, Jpg is an extensional file used in graphics. Jpg files are known to be very compact and contain important details of the file content e.g. images. Files with this format are said to be popular to share with friends with Mac and through the internet. Jpg files are said to be very small in size and they save your Mac storage space.

Nevertheless, Jpg files are extensively preferred for editing and printing purposes. Errors on the Jpg file are caused by the presence of incorrect or missing bits of data; eventually, this file will not open and in case it does it will appear distorted or blank. Repair jpg mac file should be done because is termed as a corrupted file. This text will give crucial exposure to the causes of errors on the Jpg file and how to repair these errors using the Wondershare Repairit photo repair tool.

Reasons for having errors on Mac jpg files

The Jpg files experience many problems related to errors, inaccessibility, and also corruption which at the end of the day will require you to repair jpg mac.

Part 2. How to repair jpg files on Mac with Wondershare Repairit Photo Repair

There are many ways to use to repair jpg mac files. At times data disaster may come along the way whether external or internal threat and unknowingly you find that you have lost all your photos in a jpg file. Wondershare Repairit photo repair is a smart, reliable, and efficient application to help you in this situation since it can repair jpg mac files that have been corrupted irrespective of their corruption cause. The Wondershare Repairit photo repair on Mac can extract jpg images thumbnails.

Step 1 Add damaged or corrupt photos

Simply launch Wondershare Repairit on your Windows PC and go to the “Photo Repair” feature from the sidebar.

Now, click on the "Add" button that would load a browser window. You can now go to the location where your corrupt photos are saved and load them on the application.

add corrupt photos

Step 2 Repair and preview your photos

Click on the “Repair” button and wait as the application would implement its unique algorithm to fix the loaded photos. When the repairing process would be completed, the application will let you know about the result.

repair corrupt photos

You can also just click on the thumbnail of the image to open its preview window. This will let you view the results, and you can check if the standard repairing process was successful or not.

preview repaired photos

Step 3 Save the repaired photos

Lastly, you can simply click on the “Save” button on the preview panel to export your photo. You can also go back, select multiple pictures, and click on the “Save All” button.

save repaired photos

Advanced Photo Repair

If the corrupt photos failed to be repaired, they must be severely damaged. In this case, you need to choose "Advanced Repair". Adding a photo template with the same data structure will help to repair severely damaged photos.

Read on and know solutions on Windows to repair corrupt photos.


Jpg file formats are very popular because of their functionality and their support by many devices e.g. Mac. There might be technical problems, hardware issues, and virus infections that affect your Jpg files but you need not worry because Wondershare Repairit photo repair is available to rescue you. This software will be of help in case your files have been corrupted, having shown prompt error notifications and the files become inaccessible.

We strongly advise that there is a need to protect our Mac devices by installing up-to-date software and having an antivirus on them; viruses may be transferred from other devices to your Mac when transferring jpg files, so we need to be very careful on the immunity of such devices. Nevertheless, we should have an original photo backup plan to rescue us in case we lose our files get lost or corrupted because we are sure these files hold special moments of our lives e.g. Birthday parties, anniversaries which should be preserved for a long time.

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