How to Recover Lost PNG Image File on a Mac

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The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file format has been created as a free, open source alternative to GIF format. The PNG image file format supports 8-bit palette images with optional transparency for the palette colors along with twenty-four-bit truecolor with as many as sixteen million colors. The PNG image file format also supports 48-bit truecolor which could be with or without the alpha channel.

In comparison to the PNG format, the GIF supports just 256 colors with a single transparent color. Similarly, in comparison to the JPEG image format, the PNG image file has larger and uniform color areas. The PNG file format is well-suited to store images even during the editing process as it has the feature of lossless compression which maintains the originality of the image. PNG is well-designed to provide dynamic images to the web browsers. These features make PNG as an ideal form of storing the image files on various systems, especially the Mac devices and Mac systems.

Troubles of Lost PNG Image File:

The image files are vital forms of data in any individual’s life. We store our valuable moments of certain occasions and events in images on our systems. Losing them can be disheartening to all of us. There could be several reasons for the PNG image files to get lost or damaged present on any Mac system. Some of these might be:

  • Formatting the device storage area including the hard drive, partitions, SD card, USB drive; by common mistake.
  • The PNG files might get corrupted on its own. (Fix corrupted photos)
  • The images which are of the format PNG are inaccessible from various devices including android phones or cameras.
  • Deletion of the images in the PNG form by accident from the external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, memory area, and much more.
  • The pen drives or the memory cards are removed from the computer system without ‘safe eject’ which makes the images inaccessible or not readable.
  • Loss of the images due to the intrusion by the virus in the Mac device.

If you have lost your images which were stored in the PNG format or if your images have been damaged due to any corruption, you need not worry as Recoverit offers the best and the most reliable file recovery services for the lost PNG images from the Mac devices.

Part 1: The Best Image File Recovery Software Mac Recoverit

Are you stressed out since you lost your PNG images from the Mac device? Do you wish to recover lost PNG image files that have been damaged or lost due to some mistake or corruption in the corresponding image files? Then, Recoverit Photo Recovery for Mac could be the best solutions to all your recovery problems. Recoverit for Mac offers the best and the most effective solutions to thelost image data stored in the PNG format which has been lost from the Mac devices.

Part 2: How to Recover Lost PNG Image File on Mac

With the use of the Recoverit Mac data recovery software, the users can easily recover lost PNG image files from the Mac devices, by following some simple steps to perform image file recovery.

Step 1 Select a drive. Recoverit Mac data recovery software will begin to scan your files once you select the location and click on "Start".

PGN image recovery on Mac

Step 2 Scan your drive. If the first scan cannot find your data, you can go to deep scan with "All-Around Recovery" mode. It will take more time to search more files.

deep scan PGN image files

Step 3 Recover your files. Once the scan is over, the software will display all the lost files on the screen. You can make a preview and choose the wanted ones to recover.

PGN image recovery on Mac


There are certain tips which must be considered while making the recovery of the lost or the damaged image file from the Mac device with the use of Recoverit data recovery software to enable Mac file recovery. These are:

Recoverit Data Recovery can be regarded as the most optimum solution to your recovery issues with PNG image file from the Mac device. The image recovery software can also be used for other formats of images and any other types of files, like videos, documents and audios. TIFF image recovery is included. Download it now to avail the best benefits.

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