How to Download, Install, and Run Safari on Windows Computer

Some Windows PC users may wish to run the Apple Safari web browser on a Windows PC. Apple stopped supporting Safari for Windows a long time back. However, you can download and use Safari on Windows PC.

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Safari is a high-performance web browser. Apple Inc. develops it. It is the default browser for MacOS, and its older versions are available for Windows users as well. It was first released for Macintosh computers in 2003. A version for Windows was available from 2007 to 2012; Apple has since discontinued the service.

It is not just a simple web browser; you can view Links and add articles to your Reading List. You can also access your saved passwords and credit cards through the iCloud Keychain. It also the user to pay for goods and services using Apple Pay, the company's secure contactless payment system.

Due to the ever-evolving tech industry and its advancements, the demand for easy-to-use web browsers has been on the rise. Safari browser for Windows OS has been adjusted for usability. It also offers unique functions and tools that give it a competitive edge over other browsers in the market.


Part 1. What are the Standout Features of Safari Browser?

Safari 12 is the latest version of the browser to be released. Building upon the company’s reputation, Safari has managed to impress its users with unique features and simple design. The browser is user-friendly and compatible with all devices from PCs to laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Here we will discuss some of its distinctive features.

1. Privacy and Security:

Safari is the only browser on the internet with the DuckDuckGo feature, a search engine with no built-in option to track you. The new update includes the following features:

Closing Words:

It would have been a lot easier if Apple had continued its support for Windows PC and offered newer versions of Safari, as it would have made been convenient for a lot of users. Especially for creators and app designers, who need to check their projects on different browsers. If you’re looking to download Safari for Windows, this article will be useful. Naturally, there are various alternatives. One suggestion is that you should avoid using it on a Windows PC at all cost. The safe bet is purchasing a browser testing application that will offer you a secure passage and allow you to run the latest version of Safari. And if in case, your web history gets deleted then you can always recover the lost data with the help of Recoverit Browser Recovery software.

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