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How to Fix FaceTime Camera When it is Not Working? 7 Best Solutions in 2024

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Solve Mac Problems • Proven solutions

The FaceTime name was bought by Apple from FaceTime Communications On June 7, 2010. It was introduced in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 4. FaceTime is a video-calling program designed by Apple for use on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. For Mac OS X the application was announced on October 20, 2010. It is available on Mac computers that run the Mac OS X 10.6.6(Snow Leopard) and the versions released after that. The software is compatible with any Mac computer that is equipped with a FaceTime Camera and the latest macOS. FaceTime has been vital in maintaining long-distance personal and business relationships.

FaceTime is only compatible with Apple devices. It offers High Definition on Mac OS. Initially, it only offered interaction between two people at a time but the limit increased with every new Mac update. In 2018 with the launch of macOS Mojave, Apple announced that the FaceTime application will allow group video and audio calls with up to 32 people.


Why Is FaceTime Camera Not Working?

Apple takes pride in the quality of their products. FaceTime is one of the most dependable software offered by Apple on Mac but problems might occur from time to time which results in the app not working. If the FaceTime app does not work no matter how many times you attempt to start it. Here are some possible symptoms that would cause such a problem.

• The Camera or microphone doesn't work:

Camera and the microphone are an essential part of the FaceTime app. There is a chance that Mac's hardware is not connected with the system which could result in the application to crash. There might be multiple reasons that would cause the camera and the mic to stop performing its function. It could be a hardware failure or a minor software glitch.


• The latest software updates are not installed:

If you have installed the latest version of FaceTime on an outdated version of the Mac operating system or vice versa then the app won't work. The latest updates offer bug fixes and new features that allow apps like FaceTime to run smoothly. Be sure to check the following things that would cause the app to crash.

  1. FaceTime App is Not Compatible with User's Device.
  2. Mac OS is Not Up to Date.
  3. FaceTime App is Not Up to Date.
  4. FaceTime app is disabled.


• The Wrong Apple ID information entered:

There is a slight chance that you have entered the wrong Apple ID on the app which could result in the failure to open. Make sure to check that you are signed in to the application with the same Apple ID used on your Mac. Following issue might be the cause of failure:

  1. User Signed In with Different Apple ID.
  2. User is Not Signed In with Apple ID.

• A slow or busy Internet network might cause the FaceTime to crash:

The most common factor which could lead to FaceTime being unavailable is the Internet connectivity issue. Without the internet, you cannot use the FaceTime application.

FaceTime may not work on Mac due to various reasons. Sometimes the App works but the voice or video feature fails to work properly. Before you apply any method, you should check where the problem is? It is best to check the computer for Hardware failure. Here are some simple methods to solve the FaceTime not working issue on your Mac.

Solution 1. Check the Internet Connection

Fast internet is essential for a quality FaceTime experience. There is no way around it. If the launch of the FaceTime app fails and it does not connect, the first thing that should be checked is the network connection. Check to see if the internet on your Mac is on. If the internet is not working, check the following solutions:

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Solution 2. Change Your DNS

The Domain Name System or DNS is a server that deciphers domain names like apple.com to IP addresses, which can locate servers on the internet. Every internet service provider has its own IP address but it can be shifted to a different protocol by altering the number system of the IP. Apple's DNS address can be used to solve the "cannot connect to App Store" error. Here the steps to set a global DNS address.

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. Go to the network.
  3. Click on the "Advanced" option on the bottom right corner.


  4. Click on the DNS tab in the dialogue box.


  5. Click on + at the bottom left corner of the DNS box and add the address "".
  6. Click on + again at the bottom left corner of the DNS box and add the address "" which is Apple's global DNS address.
  7. Click on the "OK" tab.
  8. Restart your Mac.
  9. Connect it with your Wi-Fi Network.
  10. Launch the FaceTime App. You will be able to use the app with ease.

Solution 3. Confirm the FaceTime Issues

Sometimes the issues are not within your threshold. What happens when Apple's FaceTime server is down, you will be notified of that. You can check whether FaceTime is having server issues or not. Tunes, Siri, and iCloud. Such issues often occur at the same time for all the applications.

Apple has its own System Status webpage. The Apple System Status site gives you the latest information about the status of all Apple services such as the App Store, iTunes, Siri, and iCloud. Such issues often occur at the same time for all the applications.

You can also go through the following things to confirm what is causing the FaceTime app to fail.

It can be either of the above-mentioned issues that would cause the app to crash again. By confirming the issue you can proceed further in solving the problem.

Solution 4. Force Quit FaceTime

You can start by simply closing the FaceTime application and restarting it again by clicking on the app's icon. If the normal procedure does not work then you can force quit all running apps including FaceTime by simply pressing "Option", "Command", and "Escape (Esc)" buttons simultaneously and then clicking on Force Quit option, after selecting the Facetime.



Solution 5. Restart Your Mac

One of the most obvious solutions to almost every software glitch is restarting the computer. 9 out of 10 times it works like a charm. You can just click on the Apple menu and then on the restart option.

Restart Mac

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Solution 6. Reset FaceTime Camera

You can use "Terminal" to reset the camera by entering certain commands. AppleCameraAssistant and VDCAssistant support the camera within MacOS for all the camera-related programs. If all the above-mentioned solution does not work then you would have to reset the camera and kill the VDCAssistant process. The VDCAssistant process only works when any other type of software like Skype attempts to use the FaceTime Camera. The camera issues are caused by a failure of the VDC assistant process when attempting to close an application. Follow the steps to reset and force quit the camera assistant:

Solution 7. Update Your Mac

You should regularly check your computer for system updates. Such updates bring the necessary bug fixes and added security features to enhance the quality of programs like FaceTime. Here are the steps to check for updates on Mojave.


Apps such as Facetime has been instrumental in bringing people together by enhancing their Personal and Business Relationships. The long-distance connection is not a problem anymore. FaceTime Camera has become a necessity. With the solution provided above the problems becomes easy to solve once the cause is known. Camera related problems rarely occur on the Mac unless the system is very old or the software is outdated. However, if you've tried the provided solutions and still can't use your camera then there might be a hardware related issue that is preventing you to work. It is better to seek professional help.

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