Quick Guide on How To Install Emby on Synology NAS

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Have you ever wanted to view your media files but couldn’t access them from the device you were using? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore – Emby on Synology NAS is here to solve your problems.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to install Emby on Synology NAS quickly and easily. You’ll know all about what Emby is, its advantages and disadvantages, and methods of installing it on Synology NAS. Most importantly, you’ll have a detailed step-by-step guide on installing Emby with or without Docker.

What Is Emby, and What Does It Do?

emby for synology nas

Defined as a media server software, Emby helps users manage and stream their media files across various devices and platforms. You can install it on several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and NAS devices like Synology, QNAP, and more.

Emby supports various media formats, including music, videos, photos, and even live TV and DVR. Users can easily organize their media libraries and customize their server settings to suit their preferences. Emby also provides advanced features like parental controls, mobile sync, cloud sync, and more.

emby interface for synology nas

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Emby on Synology NAS

One of the most significant advantages of Emby is its robust streaming capabilities. It supports streaming to a wide range of devices, including web browsers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

Moreover, Emby provides transcoding support, allowing users to stream their media files in various formats and resolutions based on their device’s specifications and internet connection.

In addition to its core features, Emby also provides several plugins and integrations that allow users to extend the application’s functionality. These include plugins for subtitle downloads, backup and restoring parental controls, and more.

However, one of its main disadvantages is the lack of data recovery capabilities. Therefore, it’s essential to back up your data regularly to prevent any data loss.

Methods of Installing Emby on Synology NAS

There are two primary methods for installing Emby on Synology NAS, with Docker and without it. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s up to users to choose the installation method that suits their needs and technical expertise.

With Docker

docker for synology nas

The primary advantage of installing Emby on Synology NAS with Docker is that it provides a lightweight and efficient way to run Emby and makes it easy to manage and update the application. However, setting up and configuring Docker can be complicated for novice users, as it requires some technical knowledge.

Without Docker

On the other hand, installing Emby without Docker is more straightforward and requires less technical knowledge. However, you may experience performance issues and instability, and it may be more challenging to manage and update the application.

Install and Set Up Your Synology NAS Before Starting

Before installing Emby on your Synology NAS, it’s essential to ensure that your NAS is set up correctly and meets the requirements. Then, install any necessary packages that are required to support Emby. For security reasons, it’s recommended to create a dedicated user for Emby. This user should have limited access to the NAS and the shared folders that Emby needs to access.

Once your Synology NAS is set up and ready to go, you can begin installing Emby using one of the methods outlined earlier. By properly setting up your NAS, you’ll ensure that Emby runs smoothly and efficiently and that your media files are secure and easily accessible.

How To Install Emby on Synology NAS With Docker?

First of all, Docker is a platform that developers and sysadmins use to build, ship, and run distributed applications. It offers a simple yet effective way for users to install and run Emby on Synology NAS.

Now, let’s get to the steps for installing Emby using Docker.

Step 1Install Docker on Synology

Before you can install Emby, you need to install Docker on your Synology NAS. You can install Docker by going to the Package Center, searching for "Docker," and clicking Install.

install docker on synology nas
Step 2Search for Emby in Docker

Once Docker is installed, open it from the Synology web interface or the app menu on your NAS. In Docker, click on the Registry tab, and search for "Emby" in the search bar. You should see a list of Emby images in the results.

search for emby in registry section
Step 3Download the Emby image

Select the Emby image that you want to use and click Download, or you can double-click the image to start the download process. It’s recommended to use the latest stable version of Emby.

download the emby image
Step 4Launch Emby

After downloading the image, go to the Image tab, select the Emby image, and click Launch to open the container creation wizard.

Step 5Configure the Emby container

Follow the prompts in the container creation wizard to configure the Emby container. You can choose the name of the container, the network settings, and other options  – and you’re ready to go.

configure emby on docker

How To Install Emby on Synology NAS Without Docker

Installing Emby without Docker is more straightforward and requires less technical knowledge. On the other hand, you may experience performance issues and instability, making it more challenging to manage and update the application.

If this option is better for you, let’s see how you can install Emby for Synology NAS without Docker.

Step 1Download the Emby Package

Go to the Emby website and download the package for Synology NAS. You should download the package that matches your Synology NAS model.

download emby for synology nas
Step 2Install the Emby Package

Open the Synology Package Center and click on the Manual Install button. Browse for the Emby package that you downloaded in the previous step and click Next to start the installation process.

manually install emby for synology nas
Step 3Set Up the Emby Package

Follow the prompts to set up the Emby package. You will need to accept the terms of service, choose a location for the Emby server data, and create an admin account for Emby.

set up emby for synology nas
Step 4Add Media Files to Emby

Once the installation process is complete, you can add your media files to Emby by clicking on the Emby icon in the Synology web interface. You should see a prompt to Add Media Library.

add media to emby without docker
Step 5Configure Emby’s Settings

You can configure Emby’s settings by going to the Emby dashboard in the Synology web interface. Here, you can change the server name, set up users, and change other settings.

configure metadata language for emby
configure remote access for emby

That’s it! You have now successfully installed Emby on your Synology NAS without using Docker. From here, you can start using Emby to stream your media files to other devices in your home network. In case you lose some important media files due to accidental deletion, disk corruption, power outage, or virus attack, there are several ways to recover deleted files from Synology NAS.


Emby is a versatile and powerful media server that you can install on Synology NAS using Docker or without Docker. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose whichever suits your needs best. Remember to back up your data regularly to prevent any data loss. Enjoy using Emby for Synology!

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