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Full Guide to Disk Video Recovery on Android and PC

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

In this digital era, every profession has to use digital devices like computers to perform their work. But the sad part is with various good parts it has also got an unpleasant section like data loss, which no doubt affects the computer users. Although it is easy to delete files intentionally or accidentally but to recover them is not. Fortunately, data recovery applications and software's are always there to assist you.

Hence, we've come up with a full-fledged piece covering your all queries and solutions.

Here we go,

Snapshot & Steps on Disk Video Recovery APK

The disk video recovery app is an Android video recovery app and mobile-based application introduced by Android tools, a developer team.

How to recover deleted videos using this app

The following are the steps to use Disk video recovery scanner:

Step-1: Download the app and launch it on your android phone to begin the scanning process.

Step-2: The disk video Interface will ask you to choose the scanning plan as shown in the image.

scanning using disk video recovery

Step-3: Before starting the process, Disk video recovery will ask you the area to be discovered for the files as shown in the picture.

Video Scan using recoverable tool

Step-4: Let the app take its time to scan the recoverable files. The duration of scanning depends upon the file that is to be recovered.

Full Scanning using disk video recovery

Step-5: Select files that you want to recover and press okay. Your files will get automatically saved on your chosen destination.

Press ok to Scan videos

Limitation of Disk video recovery app

More Computer Disk Video Recovery Solutions

We store plenty of data in our systems, which is always at risk to be lost. Hence our first list includes Top-3 solutions of recovering your lost files on your computer.

Here you go,

Disk Drill

Being a reliable and user-friendly data recovery tool Disk drill helps you to get your lost data back in a few clicks. And most importantly it gives you 500 MB free data recovery option even in its trial version

Here you go with the step-guide to use Disk drill,

Step-1: Download the software: First of all, you have to download Disk Drill data recovery software and launch it on your PC to begin the recovering process.

Step-2: Restore deleted files: The second step is to locate the drive where your lost data was available before and proceed for the process by using the "Recover" button. It depends upon the size of the file that you want to recover.

Computer Disk Video Recovery

Step-3: Data scan completed: After the scanning process sort, filter, and preview the recovered files once the scanning is complete, filter, sort, preview the recoverable files.

Deep scan using Disk Video Recovery

Step-4: Restore deleted pictures and files: Once you are done with your previewing, you've to click on the recover button again to recover the selected file. Your file will be stored in the specified destination folder.

Note: Don't ever to choose the same destination or path to save your recovered file

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

Our second data recovery software is one of the powerful software for data editing, searching, and recovery on disks. It is capable of recovering directory structure and files even in some complicated cases by using special algorithms.

Here you go with the step-guide regarding how to use it,

Step 1 – Download DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery software: As usual to use the powerful DMDE Disk Editor you've to download and launch it into your PC.

Note: Congratulations, DMDE works on Windows *and* Linux.

DM Disk Editor recovery software

Step- 2 – Recover deleted files: Like other software DMDE also provides you a user-friendly interface where you can select the drive/partition and allow the DMDE to scan it. When you allow your permission, the software starts recovering files that are even crashed and cannot read by windows.

Drive > Select Drive and Press the "Full Scan" button

Full scan to recover deleted videos

Step-3: In this step, DMDE will ask you to specify the partition type e.g. Raw, NTFS, and FAT for Windows recovery, and Raw, FAT, and Ext2/3/4 for Linux.

selecting partition for windows

Step-4: Here, DMDE will report on the partitions found.

Open to scan using disk video recovery

Step-5: Now all you've to do is leave the DMDE to scan, it will take some time depending upon the size of files that are set to be recovered. Once the scan gets completed – Select the FAT option (or the drive you want) and "LOAD".

DMDE to scan

Step-6: Right after pressing the Load button you'll see your lost data appearing on your screen.

press load button

Step-7: Tick the file/ folder that you want to recover as shown in the picture

Select the folder to recover

Choose, Tools > Recover to recover as shown in the picture.

Choose Tools to Recover

Step-8: Now change the drop-down menu list to include the deleted files option. Then click on the ok button. Your files will automatically get saved on your chosen path.

select from the drop-down menu list

Recoverit Data Recovery

Now we're moving toward our easiest and the most powerful data recovery tool for your PC. Nothing works Recoverit data recovery software starts working. It recovers your data in 3 easy steps and a few seconds.

It helps you recover more than 1000+ types and formats of data in different storage devices which includes desktop, recycle bin, hard drive, external devices, and even a crashed computer.

Moreover, it provides you advanced features to recover you're not possible to recover files and disk video recovery, no matter how bad your file is corrupted under the worst scenarios.

Here you go with the Recoverit How to use guide down below,

Step-1: Launch Recoverit on Windows: To begin the recovering process first you've to launch the Recoverit Software on your computer. To recover files, it is necessary to launch Recoverit on your computer.

To do it search the Recoverit software from the search box as given below.

Launch Recoverit on Windows

Step-2: Select a location: Select the drive where you've lost your data and click on the start button to begin the scanning process.

start button to begin the scanning

Step-3: Scan the location: In this step, Recoverit will start the all-around scan. Usually, it takes a while to complete the process. And depends upon the size of the file to be recovered. If you're recovering a large file then it may take a couple of hours too.

Scan the location to recover deleted files

Step-4: Choose your destination to save your file and click on the recover button. Your file will automatically get saved on your chosen destination.

Choose destination to save file

More Android Deleted Video Recovery Methods

After taking a deep check for the PC methods. We've come up with android deleted video recovery methods. It is because around 75% of the world's cell-phones in population use Android Smartphones. Hence, providing a solution to this huge user base is also necessary.

Here you go with some easy methods to recover your files if deleted from your Android device.

Method 1: Check your recycle bin

Most of the time we get very panic easily if some important data gets deleted or lost from your device. Hold on, let's check your luck. Just like our computer systems have recycling bins, many Android devices apps have a recycle bin.

How to recover files from the Android app recycle bin?

Go to the pictures or Albums app on your phone and tap the menu in the top right. It includes a recycle bin option, click on it. Your phone will take you to a folder that will be carrying the videos and photos deleted earlier.

Disk video recovery solutions

Method 2: Check cloud backup

Do you know? Google Photos also incorporates a recycle bin that stores your deleted data for at least 60 days. But to restore data from this method works a little bit differently. You need to backup your deleted data from Google Drive by backing up your photos to Google Drive.

Check cloud backup for video recovery

Moreover, if your videos even get deleted from Google drive's bin. There are still chances for you to have that data reflected in Google Drive.

How to backup your cloud data on your Android device?

You just have to head into Settings of your phone, and then select "Back up device folders." And you're all set to backup your data from the GDrive.

Lost your Android phone photos? Read on to learn to recover deleted Android phone photos on Mac.

Method 3: Retrieving WhatsApp photos

Our third method includes the world's most downloaded Social media app, which is strung with our lives so strong that we share various important data files through it. And since the advent of Whatsapp business apps. The importance of data shared through Whatsapp has become more precious.

How to get WhatsApp lost data back?

The simplest method is to check the chat backup from Whatsapp itself

Head to the Settings> Chats> Chat Backup

Whatsapp chat backup

If you're still unable to get you all old data then you must uninstall your Whatsapp, because again installing an app provides you the facility to back up your all old data shared and sent too.

Thereafter logging in to your account you will see files named msgstore-2020-01-05.crypt12. Find the most recent one of these and rename it to msgstore-1997.crypt12 or whatever you like. This way you tell WhatsApp to defer the second most recent backup file when retrieving your photos.

Helpful Tips When Deleting & Recovering Videos

After exploring all methods for recovering your lost files. In this section, we're going to tell you some tips for preventing losing any of your data in the future. Because you'll better know that "Prevention is better than cure".

Before deleting any of your files ask yourself the following questions

When is deleting a file okay?

Before deleting any of your files, you should feel confident. if they do not contain sensitive or personal information and won't be carrying any values to anyone else in the future.

Always ask yourself these questions before deleting any data:

If your answer is no for all the above questions then you can proceed to delete your files.

Closing Words

Video files are the true infotainment source. Losing them can be scary, but we hope that our piece has helped you to explore the various methods and preventions to solve and avoid the problems in the future respectively. If you want us to rate one of the best, we'll rate Recoverit as a one window solution to your all type of file recovery. Because you don't need to go anywhere else for recovering any other type of file.

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