MDT files are one of the least popular file types in the world. Thus, when you lose them, you may start panicking and thinking all is lost. All of the solutions you find don't offer MDT file recovery as an option, which further contributes to your panic-inducing situation.

Today, we will present the best methods to recover MDT files, but you should first understand the basics of Panasonic MDT files and learn whether data recovery is possible with this file type.

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    1. How MDT Files Can Get Lost or Corrupted
    2. Tips to Avoid MDT File Loss

What Is a Panasonic MDT File?

MDT files are temporary files created when you record videos with your Panasonic digital cameras, such as GH4, GH5, or GH7. Once you finish recording your video, the camera automatically adds a header to this file and saves it on the memory card alongside your video file.

Panasonic mdt files

Since this file won't contain any significant pieces of information, your computer and other devices won't recognize it, thus making it unreadable. In most cases, these files will be temporarily stored on your device. However, if the camera experiences a power interruption or if you remove the media card while recording or saving the video, the file will be written onto the memory card.

Is MDT File Recovery Possible?

In short, MDT file recovery is possible with the help of the right tools and methods. As mentioned above, this file format isn't popular, which is why most of the recovery solutions won't include it in their programs.

You may have tried using recovery tools, but none cover this file type. You should learn more about the most reliable and secure data recovery methods.

How To Recover MDT Files

To ensure the best possible data recovery experience, you will need a reliable, universal, and safe recovery tool. However, due to the rare use of MDT files, finding the best inclusive tool may take time and effort. We have done the job for you and discovered a successful option to return your files.

Recoverit is, as the name suggests, a recovery tool with more than 20 years of experience in the field. During this time, the tool has improved significantly, offering more and more features that make the recovery experience a piece of cake.

Wondershare Recoverit
  • Recovers documents, photos, videos, music, emails, and other 1000+ file types effectively and safely.
  • Restores data from 2000+ storage media like SD cards, USB drives, HDDs, SSDs, etc.
  • Enables recovery of data lost due to formatting, disk corruption, virus attack, and more.
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Since the MDT file usually appears when your camera loses power or when you pull out the memory card while the indicator is on, you will probably be left with corrupted video pieces that need to be recovered. In such cases, you can follow the guide below for the best recovery experience:

  1. Connect the memory card of your Panasonic camera to the computer.
  2. Download, install, and open Recoverit on your computer. Head to Hard Drives and Locations.
  3. Choose the memory card with the MDT files you want to recover.
    choose the panasonic sd card
  4. After selecting the location, the program will instantly start scanning. You can pause this process if needed.
    scan the sd card for lost mdt files
  5. Once Recoverit finishes scanning, you can find and select the MDT files you need. Click the Recover button.
    recover mdt file
  6. Choose where to save the files.
    confirm mdt file recovery

As you can see, using Recoverit is very simple, and it will only take you a few moments to retrieve your valuable MDT files.

Free Download
Free Download

How To Avoid MDT Data Loss or Corruption in the Future

After successfully recovering your MDT files, you should protect them and avoid the same scenarios in the future. We will teach you how MDT files can get lost or corrupted and what you should do to prevent file loss.

Option 1: How MDT Files Can Get Lost or Corrupted

Numerous factors may lead to MDT file loss and corruption, such as:

  • Memory card damage - if your storage device has been exposed to humidity, water, drops, extreme heat, or dust, it may become damaged and corrupted, leading to data loss.
  • Camera damage - not taking care of your camera or exposing it to the abovementioned factors can lead to malfunction and data corruption.
  • Transfer issues - incomplete transfers or unreliable sources can cause your MDT file to become corrupted and unreadable.

These are some of the most common data loss and corruption reasons. When you notice something's wrong, you should react and back up your data. You should also apply the tips below for the best data-handling experience.

corrupted mdt file

Option 2: Tips to Avoid MDT File Loss

After this stressful data loss scenario, you may wonder how to preserve your recovered MDT files and keep them away from the evil eye. Below are some tips to help you on this journey and protect your valuables.

  • Take care of your camera - if you want your Panasonic camera to have a long and healthy life, you should handle it with care. Store it in a safe, dry space as soon as you finish your session to ensure the best possible results.
  • Always have a backup plan - as soon as the MDT files arrive at the destination, you should create a copy and store it in another location to have a backup in case things go sideways. You should also consider making multiple backup options for the best experience.
  • Have a data recovery plan - risk management may be one of the most productive things you can do for your valuable data. In case things go downhill, you can always rely on your recovery plan and retrieve your data quickly.
  • Change your memory card - memory cards aren't made to last forever. Thus, as soon as you notice something may go wrong, head to your shop of choice and grab another unit. Your camera and your data will be thankful you made that decision.

If you follow these tips, your MDT files should be protected from all evil.

FAQs About MDT File Recovery

  • How can I keep my MDT files safe?
    Once you recover your MDT files, you may wonder how to protect them and avoid future data loss and corruption. One of the best things you can do is have a backup plan if the problem resurfaces. For instance, you can copy your file and save it in multiple physical and cloud locations. This way, you will always have another file to rely on if the original gets deleted.
  • How do I open an MDT video file?
    If you have been trying to find your way around opening a Panasonic MDT file but have had no luck, it is because you cannot open an MDT video file. These files are so minuscule and carry no significant details that they cannot be viewed or recognized by your computer or other devices. This being said, opening and viewing MDT files is impossible.
  • Can MDT files be copied?
    Copying MDT files may seem impossible since you won't be able to do it with the traditional Copy/Paste path. Instead, you must create a script to copy the content and paste it to another location. Head to Task Sequence and type in the following command to copy the MDT files: cscript.exe CopyFiles.vbs c:\TEST. This method will copy all of your MDT files so you can paste them to a desired location.
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David Darlington May 14, 24
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