The Best Way to Recover Deleted or Lost MOV Videos

How to Recover Lost or Deleted MOV Video Files

Get the best video recovery software to recover deleted or lost MOV video files easily and effectively.

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How to recover deleted or lost MOV video files?
"I may have inadvertently removed all videos from my storage device digital card, and can't find them back anyway. Is there a video recovery program that will help? I'd GREATLY appreciate it as this file is invaluable to me... Thanks in advance."

Accidently deleted MOV video files digital card, the first important thing is you would not save any new data files on that card. Or all lost video files will get overwritten and cannot be retrieved. In the following guide, we will introduce the best and powerful MOV video recovery software to help you recover the deleted MOV video file easily and effectively.

MOV File Format: MOV is a MPEG 4 video file format used in the Apple Quicktime program, it can also be open on the Windows system with Quicktime Player, Roxio Creator, Cyberlink PowerDirector, and PowerDVD, and Adobe Flash.

Part 1. The Best MOV Video Recovery Software - Recoverit Data Recovery

No matter how you got the MOV video files lost, or get lost MOV videos from SD memory card, Mac trash, or other storage media. Recoverit Video Recovery software can easily help you retrieve all deleted or lost video files on Mac and Windows computers.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted or Lost MOV Video on Mac

Free download and install Recoverit Video Recovery software on your Mac, connect your SD card device to the computer. Follow the next simple steps to perform MOV video files recovery on Mac. If you are working on a Windows computer, you should download Recoverit Video Recovery for Windows and go on.

Windows users can get the exact steps on recovering videos on Windows.
- 2 minutes to read it.

Step 1. Select the location/device

Launch Recoverit Video Recovery program on your Mac, select the target location where you lost your MOV video files, and next.

recover lost video files

Step 2. Scan the drive or external device

This MOV video recovery software will start to scan the device to search your lost MOV video files.

deep scan lost video files

Step 3. Preview recovered files and retrieve back

At last, you can check all recovered video files and photos. You can preview some recovered photos, select your MOV files, and click the "Recover" button to get them back. (Get a safe storage media to save all recovered files in case data lost again.)

quicktime WMA recovery software

Advance Video Recovery for fragmented video recovery (recommended)

As for most of the lost videos, you can recover them just through the above steps. But you might find the video corruption or incomplete video after the preview using the software. Don't worry from now on. If so, Recoverit reminds and works for you. Recoverit Data Recovery Advanced supports the Advance Video Recovery feature. It scans, gathers, and matches the fragments of your corrupt videos, and thus ensures most of your videos are recovered from DSLR, Digital cameras, Drones, Action Cameras, Dashcams, camcorders, SD card, PC, HDD, etc

Just click the Advanced Video Recovery option to recover the fragmented video files easily.

preview recovered photos

The best Recoverit Video Recovery Software can easily get your lost MOV video files in 3-step. Download as below and try it for now.

Q: I find my MOV video corrupts after transferring it to my computer. How can I repair the corrupt video?
A: Here is the complete solution to repair corrupt MOV videos.
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