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Tips to Recover Deleted/Lost Vimeo Videos

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Recoverit Topic • Proven solutions

With new technology paving their way into the human world, the different problems related to them continue to progress at a faster speed. But with the problems comes several solutions to combat them. Without these problems and troubles, we would never be improving the world around us, don't you agree?

If you are in the middle of uploading an important video on Vimeo and it chooses to disappear or gets deleted, it can easily get on your nerves, right? For the same reason, we are here at your service. If you want to recover deleted Vimeo videos, just follow our lead. In the latter part of this article, we will be revolving around Vimeo video problems and its solutions.

Part 1: Why Vimeo Deleted my Videos?

The disappearance and deletion of important data are horrible. You do not want to lose your videos in any case. However, Vimeo comes up with this video deletion problem that needs your immediate attention. Fortunately, we understand this inconvenience and have come up with several life-saving remedies.

Before moving towards different cases and their solutions, it is mandatory to understand the causes behind the issue. So, how Vimeo works? It offers different plans for storage, including basic, premium, and advanced, etc. If, for some reason, you switch to Basic Plan from advanced membership, the storage space reduces.

This reduction results in Vimeo sending the exceeded videos to the archive, making them un-viewable. Therefore, before losing your mind, you have to know about your membership plan. The next section makes sure that you recover deleted Vimeo videos.

Part 2: How can I Recover Deleted/Lost Vimeo Videos

If you have lost your important and memorable videos on Vimeo, you might be a little aggressive right now. But you aren't there to blame. It's a logical problem in Vimeo, and those videos can be recovered by following one software Wondershare Recoverit, as we know it.

Wondershare Recoverit software has taken it upon itself to help you with your deleted videos and photos. You just need to follow the steps provided below and recover your lost Vimeo videos. Excited, aren't you?

Step 1: Finding the Location

The first and foremost consideration should be given to the location where you lost the video. For this, launch and open the software. Choose the location and click on the "Start" option located at the bottom corner of the page.

choose the disk that storage deleted vimeo video

Step 2: Scanning the Location

The second step is performed by the software itself, where it scans the location. The scanning will be continued, and several file folders will appear for you. You can speed up the process by selecting specific boxes that tell the software of the format of the video that you lost or got deleted.

After you have selected the files to be previewed, click on the "Preview" option located below the selected video.

scan process to find lost vimeo video

Step 3: Recovering Lost Videos

After you have ordered the software to preview the video, it will take a couple of minutes and then preview your desired recovered video. Save it and get on with your lives!

recover deleted vimeo videos

Part 3: Troubleshooting for Vimeo Videos

This section where your prayers will work, and you will recover deleted Vimeo videos. For the convenience of the users, we have sketched out different cases of Vimeo video deleting problem. Moreover, the cases will bring several solutions to make your life bearable.

Let's embark on a journey where Vimeo problems will be gone in thin air, and solutions will be welcomed!

Case 1: Vimeo Videos not playing on Chrome

Google Chrome is considered one of the top browsers in the world. It is responsible for hosting different videos when we use Vimeo on it. However, worst comes to worst, Vimeo videos decides to stop working on Google chrome and creating trouble for the users.

It becomes distasteful when a video is not working. But consider us at your beck and call 24/7. We are here to solve this problem for you. Henceforth, hop onto the solutions designed for this specific trouble.

Solution 1: Clearing the Cache and Browsing History

Clearing the cache and cookies is considered a workable solution whenever Vimeo videos are unable to play on Chrome. How does this work? As you clear, the cache, the working of the browser enhances effectively, which in turn, refreshes the Vimeo videos.

To clear the cache, you just have to:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. After that, click on the "Settings."
  3. After that, a panel opens. You have to click on "More Tools."
  4. There you will find "Clear Browsing Data."

Solution 2: Turning Hardware Acceleration off

Another workable solution at your disposal. If you want to solve the problem of Vimeo videos not playing on Chrome, you have to turn the hardware acceleration to off position. How can one do this?

Just follow the guidelines below and find yourself out of this mess once and for all.

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Go the "Settings," which are located on the right side in the form of "three dots."
  3. Next, you have to click on the "Advanced Settings" of the browser.
  4. As you click on the advanced settings, you will see a panel with more menu. Select the "System" option.
  5. "Use hardware acceleration when available" to the position "off."

Solution 3: Checking Internet Connection and Restarting the Browser

If the above-mentioned solutions couldn't help in playing the videos on Chrome, you have to make sure that your internet connection is stable and in working condition. Moreover, your focus should be on restarting the browser and system as well for fruitful results.

Case 2: No sound on Vimeo

Let's have a look at another case. In some situations, Vimeo fails to produce sounds of video hosting, making it very uncomfortable for the users. One cause of the occurrence of this problem is the source file, as it could be out of sync. The other reason is the decoding of the video player. The audio can vary from one player to another.

We have created several solutions to help you fight this problem. Hence, fasten your seat belts, and let's start!

Solution 1: Updating the web page and browser

If you are facing an audio problem, you should update the browser to the latest version. If the browser is outdated, it may cause an audio or syncing issue in the videos.

Solution 2: Using a different browser

Sometimes, there can be an issue with the browser in use. The audio works in one browser but fails to play in another. In this case, you have to switch to a different browser as it will be workable and quite efficient in providing audio for the video.

Hence, before you lose your calm, try to change the browser, and then check if the audio problem is resolved. There are several good browsers, just got to pick!

Case 3: Vimeo Streaming Issue

Presenting you with another problem that is faced by Vimeo Users. This issue is considered to have affected a wide range of people. For video hosting or uploading, streaming is one thing that needs to be effective and productive.

There are problems with the device and the web browser in use that slow the streaming process and leaves a bad impact on the users. However, fortunately, we have come up with several solutions to help you combat it.

Let's do this!

Solution 1: Disabling the Browser Extensions

The first fix is to disable the browser extensions or add-ons by going into the browser's settings. This will ensure that the video is playing at normal speed, and there are no playback issues.

Solution 2: Switching to "Auto" in the menu panel

Most of the time, the streaming issue occurs because the user has turned the video quality to high. This results in a buffering problem and creates a bad aura in the room. Relax and trust us. You just have to click on the video quality and make it "Auto." This will resolve the Vimeo Streaming issue.

Solution 3: Clearing the cache and browsing history

If you are inclined to let go of the Vimeo Streaming issue once and for all, this is your chance. You have to clear the cache and browsing history of the browser.

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Go to the "Settings."
  3. Next, click on "More Tools."
  4. And then the last step. Clear the browsing history and cache.

Case 4: Vimeo Playback issue

In case 4, we will be taking the Vimeo playback issue under consideration. Mostly, the reasons behind the playback or streaming issue involve the device or the browser in use. Another point to be noted is the absence of a stable internet connection.

The buffering issue is closely related to the quality of the video too. Therefore, if you have a Vimeo Playback issue, you just have to focus on the quality of the video, the internet connection, and the extensions of the browser in use.

Solution 1: Disabling Browser's Extensions

The playback issue can also be encountered by third-party programs that slow down the video in the process. What to do then?

You just have to disable the browser's extensions or any add-ons. This will ensure that the buffering and the playback issue is back to normal. If this fix still doesn't solve the problem, you can hop on to the next solution outlined for you.

Solution 2: Checking the internet connection

Checking the stability and workability of internet connection is the primary part of the solution when you are facing the Vimeo Playback issue. One fix is to limit the number of users and reset the modem. After that, you can restart and hope that the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Updating the Browser

Most of the time, the playback issue originates when the browser in use is outdated. You have first to be certain that the browser is not outdated and updated to the latest version possible.

This will make sure that Vimeo does not slow down the video in progress. For the last case of this article, check the next heading set for you.

Case 5: Vimeo Video blurry issue

Allow me to introduce you to the last case of this article to recover deleted Vimeo videos. In this scenario, we will be talking about the blurry videos on Vimeo. The blur and un-clear videos result in creating an uncomfortable vibe and destroys the whole vibe.

The video gets blurred due to several reasons. The main reason behind this is the internet connection. If your network is shared with multiple accounts, it may slow down the speed and make the video blur. Moreover, the time of the day and the strength of the signal are also one of the causes of this error.

For our users, we have carved out some special instructions and methods to help you get out of it. Just relax and check all of them accurately.

Solution 1: Checking the Internet Connection

Before you get all mad and aggressive, try to take deep breaths and switch your focus to the internet connection in use. The stability of the network in use is important to avoid the Vimeo blurry issue. You may want to reset the modem and then restart it. Check if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 2: Switching to "Auto" Quality

It is possible that the video quality of the Vimeo video is high. The maximum quality of the video is 8K, starting from 360p. The high quality of the video makes the video blurred and spoils the whole mood. But do not worry. Just go to the video quality and switch it to "Auto." This solution has guaranteed to work in most cases.

Solution 3: Switching off other applications

Another cause of video getting blurred in Vimeo has dropped frames when the video is being played. Most of the time, when a high-quality video is in process, the different frames in the video feels burdened due to a number of other applications running in the background. This results in the video getting blurred and audio being out of sync.

How to get rid of this problem? You can close all the background applications and un-used software and then restart the video. Hopefully, this will help you in the long run.


The article made sure that Vimeo users never have to deal with the deleted or lost video issue. It clearly discussed the different cases of troubleshooting Vimeo videos and the solutions to get rid of them.

You can always check the stability of your internet connection, disable the browser's extensions, toggle off the hardware acceleration, or reset the modem for favorable results. We hope that the article covered each and everything of your need and proved workable for you!

Happy video hosting!

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