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How to fix amazon prime video problems

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

The world has become a global village. The interconnection between different parts of the world by a mere touch of a finger has revolutionized everything. However, with the advancement of technology comes problems that require our attention.

Keeping in view entertainment, the most common trouble faced by people is Amazon prime video problems. Therefore, in the section below, we will be walking you through the issues and solutions related to the videos in Amazon Prime.

5 Common Amazon Prime Video Not Working Properly Problems

As we are hooked to technology and living without them seems impossible now. Amazon Prime has played its part in providing us entertainment and distraction from the daily grind of life. However, technology comes hand in hand with some problems attached to it.

In the section below, we will be taking some problems regarding amazon prime videos in the account. Let's start!

There are a number of reasons attached to why Amazon Prime videos cease to work. The videos tend to stop playing because there might be some problem with the server error in Amazon Prime or domain server issue. Furthermore, there can be a compatibility problem with the browser.

While watching movies on Amazon Prime, there might be some troubles that are related to the streaming and buffering of amazon prime videos. The videos would be seen lagging or stuttering, causing discomfort to the users.
There are several causes attached to this problem. Poor network connection, expired Amazon Prime application, corrupted caches or cookies, and a firewall problem is the reasons why you have to face streaming problems in between your on-going episode.

During the relaxed hour, when the users are playing their favorite seasons, they face a significant hitch. As the video progresses, a certain error code pops up and stops the video, like Video Error Code 5004, 9345, 5266, 107, 7135, 9066, 4860, 5266, 1071, 5229, 5701, 7017.

Blowing off some steam and watching favorite TV shows turn out to be real fun until and unless. Amazon Prime chooses to turn itself black. The screen suddenly goes black.

The main causes of the Amazon Prime screen going black are hardware collection problems, a device breakdown, or an outdated system. This problem can occur no matter what device is in use.

Sometimes out of the blue, Amazon Prime video fails to connect and does not respond. There are multiple causes attached to it. There might be an internet collapse, or your device can be running low on battery. Moreover, sometimes if a number of devices are using the same network tool like VPN, it can easily cause a problem in the standard connection of the video.

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Solutions for Amazon Prime Videos Not Showing on Windows

The initiation of a problem calls for a workable solution at hand. Without the problems, the human race would not even question things or be inquisitive about its surroundings. The problems regarding Amazon Prime video have a solution as well carved up for you so that you can have a comfortable entertainment experience.
In the section below, find the solutions to the problems given below:

Solution 1: How to fix Amazon Prime video that cannot work consistently?

The first-ever trouble from Amazon Prime Video is a source of the biggest discomfort for its regular users is the inability to work consistently. The videos in Amazon Prime tend to lose their regularity and stop working out of nowhere suddenly. There are four solutions to this problem. Therefore, sit back and relax as we are here at your disposal.

Step 1: It is advised that you go to YOUR ACCOUNT page and then go to the Prime Video Settings to make sure if the account is active.

check your amazon prime account settings

Step 2: You should restart the application and refresh the browser window. Most devices show efficiency as soon as they are restarted or reset.

Step 3: The Amazon Prime Video shows reluctance in the consistent working of the video mostly because it has compatibility issues with the browser. Shift on the Google Chrome browser and then check if the video has started working.
If using the Google Chrome browser still doesn't solve the problem, you can always move on to Firefox and ensure that it is downloaded in the latest version.

Step 4: There is another solution to combat the Amazon Prime video not playing problem. There is an option in the action button of Google Chrome. In the left bar, you can see the "Privacy and Security" section.
In the "More" options, switch off the toggle that says "Send a DO NOT TRACK request with your Browsing Traffic." Refresh the Amazon Prime page and check if the video can be streamed.

Solution 2: How to fix Amazon Prime video streaming issues?

During your leisure time, when you have to watch your favorite seasons, any minor inconvenience can ruin your mood. The Amazon Prime streaming issues can often cause queries with the normal functioning of the video. Sometimes the video starts stuttering or lagging and kills the whole vibe. At an instant, the video also starts skipping and Amazon Prime video buffering.

Anyhow, there is no need to panic as we are at your service. You can quickly solve this problem by following a set of steps given under:

Step 1: The main role of the user of Amazon Prime is to make sure that the system follows minimum requirements:

Besides this, your internet connection should be 900 Kbits/sec for SD videos and 3.5 Mbits/sec in case of HD videos as so to avoid the streaming problem.

Step 2: The Amazon Prime streaming issues can also be avoided by using a specific web browser that supports HTML5 web player. Using a browser that can allow normal functioning of the videos is not a hard task, is it?
The supported browsers include:

The threshold version for Google Chrome is 59, version 53 for Firefox, version 11 for Internet Explorer, version 10 for Safari and version 37 for Opera.

The buffering and streaming problem of Amazon Prime can also be solved by resetting one 's device, ensuring a stable internet connection, and clearing the caches or cookies.

Solution 3: How to fix Amazon Prime video pop-up errors?

The pop up of an error code whilst you are dying with curiosity on what will happen next in your favorite TV show has the ability to enhance your blood pressure in nano-seconds. However, there is no need to be worried as you can solve this problem in a number of small steps.

Step 1: The first and foremost step to solve this problem or to avoid this issue is to ensure that your system runs on a stable internet connection. In most cases, the internet speeds lessen if it's being used by several devices.
Therefore, the internet connection has to be working efficiently.

Step 2: Another possibility is that your Amazon Prime app may or may not be active. The second step before jumping to any conclusions is to take a glance at your account.

Log in to your Amazon Prime account and ensure that it is activated so that you can steer clear of any inconvenience.

login into your amazon prime video account

Step 3: Another important step that can also minimize the chances of occurring "Error 500" is to delete the Amazon Prime app and reinstall it. You can then check if the problem is solved.

Step 4: Another workable solution to avoid Amazon Prime video issues is to clear out cookies and caches. This can be done by going into the history of your device (Ctrl+H) and clear all browsing data.

clear your chrome browsing data

Solution 4: How to fix Amazon Prime video black screen?

If your Amazon Prime video blacks out during an action scene, you may feel patience leaving your system, but it's alright we got this. There can be a number of causes of a video screen turning black and stopping the video. However, following a simple set of instructions can solve this problem.

Step 1:The software update of your system can play an important role in avoiding the Amazon prime video black screen.

Step 2: The clearing of Amazon Prime browsing history works like a charm in the cases where the screen turns black out of nowhere. To clear the browsing history, go to the account of Amazon Prime and clear history in the settings menu.

Step 3: The resetting and restarting of Amazon Prime can also aid in minimizing the black screen problem. To do this, you have to delete the app and reinstall it. In most cases, the restarting of the device reduces the problem.

Step 4: Another workable solution that is said to have solved the problem is relaunching the browser after closing it. If you disable the add-ons and clear the cookies and caches, the problem can go out in thin hair.

Step 5: Using a different HDMI port or cable has also proved to be a quite workable solution for the screen suddenly turning black. You can even reverse the ends of the port or cable if the problem continues to exist.

Solution 5: How to fix Amazon Prime video connectivity issue?

Sometimes, Amazon Prime won't play, and the video ceases to connect or respond. A number of causes are connected to the problem. But a simple solution can easily help in getting rid of the connectivity problem. Keep sane and follow the simple instructions given below:

Step 1: If Amazon Prime video fails to connect or respond, the major problem is associated with the stability of the internet connection.
Henceforth, before you get all crazy and mad, perform a background check on the server of your internet device and reset it.

Step 2: Another simple solution to this problem is reinstalling the Amazon Prime app. This allows the app to catch a break and has a chance to work better.

Step 3: If you are planning on clearing out the browsing data with cookies and caches, now is the time. The browsing data can be deleted by going into the account and then Ctrl+H to delete the data.

Step 4: The HDMI cable port can be a reason you are facing the connectivity problem. Therefore, if you are fond of HD content, the right HDMI cable and port are necessary. It is quite possible that if Amazon Prime Video is not responding, the HDMI cable may be old or compliant.


This article covered up the major problems faced by the Amazon Prime video users and the causes that led to them. Moreover, we made sure that a comprehensive solution was provided as well. The screen turns black, error pop-up, streaming problems, and connectivity issues can all be solved easily without losing our calm, right?

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