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How to solve youtube videos freezing problems

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Inquiring about the world and solving different problems that come with them is basically what human nature is about. Several hurdles in our way must be solved so that we can continue moving on to the next levels of life.

YouTube is an amazing source of entertainment, has revolutionized our world of imagination and creativity, but it comes up with a problem. YouTube keeps freezing issue causes inconvenience to many audiences.

In the section below, we will be walking you through the YouTube freezing problems on Chrome and Firefox. Hang tight, here we go!

Part 1: Why YouTube videos keep freezing?

It is hard to get a second of your life from the daily grind of routine. The productivity of our work is greatly affected when our mind is spinning with stress and anxiety, and therefore, it is important to get yourself a nice show and watch it on YouTube. But here comes the YouTube video freezing problem. The video stops playing and ruins the whole mood.

There are several causes for these videos not working properly. Some of them are given below:

Browser Related Causes

It is a common probability that the YouTube video freezes because the web browser is temporarily going wrong. It is not because of YouTube, but the browser causes the lagging of the video. In this scenario, try to update the browser and check for any improvements.

Video Driver Related Causes

Another ruling cause of the videos stopping and spoiling your mood for the weekend is the video driver issues. Most of the time, the drivers are outdated that causes the videos to stop anywhere and anytime. The easy solution to get rid of this problem is to update the drivers and keep on binging your favorite shows.

Video Player Related Causes

While using YouTube, another prevailing problem that occurs is that the video player stops supporting the show on YouTube that leads to freezing or lagging of the video. If you are in a fix like this, always ensure that the video player is updated all caches and cookies are cleared.

Part 2: How to deal with the YouTube videos freezing issue?

When a problem occurs, a typical human mind gets restless until it works out ways to reach a specific solution. Therefore, when you are having the best time of the day YouTubing, and suddenly the video freezes, do not lose your calm.

Allow us to be at your service as in the section below; you will be finding several solutions to the YouTube freezing problem that will change your life for good.

Fasten your seatbelts! Here we go.

1 Methods to fix YouTube keeps freezing on Chrome

Solution 1: Clearing Chrome's data

If you are using YouTube on Google Chrome and YouTube freezes Chrome, then you can always follow a simple set of instructions to get out of the problem. The primary cause of the video freezing problem on Chrome is that the data on the browser can clog up the output of the YouTube video.

But there is no need to worry. You must clear Chrome's data.

clear your chrome browsing data

This will provide you the option of clearing all your instant troubles, and you can continue enjoying the shows.

Solution 2: Update Google Chrome

After a bad day at work, you are really looking for something to watch that reduces your frustration. However, the YouTube videos keep freezing problem literally enhances your blood pressure level and disrupts the whole spirit of Sunday.

But because we are here to make your life better, relax and take a breath! The best idea is to update your Google Chrome. The outdated web browsers have the capacity to slow down or freeze the videos. Therefore, it is very important that before you start watching your shows ensure that that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome.

This will highly reduce YouTube freezing.

update your google chrome

The browser automatically starts updating the browser. However, another option is to reinstall Google Chrome to avoid any freezing situations.

Solution 3: Disable Chrome's extensions

If you are using YouTube on Google Chrome, you would know that it has extensions that personalize the browsing experience. However, these extensions might slow you down, and they can also be the reason for YouTube videos freezing.

But as we are here at your rescue, you do not have to panic. The idea is that by disabling Chrome's extensions, the video freezing problem can be solved.

It can be done in several short steps.

reset your chrome settings

off your google chrome extension

Check if the problem is resolved and carry on with your scrolling.

2 Tips to solve the YouTube videos freezing problem on Firefox

Solution 1: Clearing cookies and history

The most common solution to any problem that is thrown our way is just to reset it and boom! Shockingly, this tactic works in most situations, and you will agree with me.

Moving towards the Firefox solution, you can get rid of YouTube freezing Firefox with an easy set of instructions. Clearing the cookies and history of the browser freshens up the feed and clears out all freezing problems.

open your browser history

clean your firefox browsing history

Also, before again using YouTube, it is suggested that you relaunch your Firefox for even better results.

Solution 2: Disable Firefox add-ons

Most of the time, several add-ons are installed on our browser, and we do not have a clue that they can create some kind of conflict and disrupt the normal functioning of the browser. The slightest of disturbance can cause YouTube to freeze the videos.

Therefore, it is suggested that if you have too many add-ons installed, try to switch them off and then observe the YouTube videos working capacity.

Allow us to walk you through the steps involved in disabling the Firefox add-ons.

open firefox add-ons

disable firefox extensions

Plus, if the problem continues, ensure that plugins are also disabled. You will find the plugins in the same dialogue box as "Extensions" and click on the "Never Activate" option.

change the settings of plugins to never activate

Solution 3: Disable hardware acceleration

Some of the users of the Firefox browser may not be familiar with the phenomena of hardware acceleration. The enabled hardware acceleration allows different applications to use components and improve the efficiency of several tasks.

However, the efficiency bites us in the head when it becomes a cause of freezing videos on YouTube. But there is no need to be concerned. You can always mutilate the hardware acceleration option and get rid of the problem.

open general settings of firefox to fix youtube problem firefox

disable hardware acceleration

After that, make sure that you relaunch the browser and check if the problem has been resolved.

Other guides to deal with the YouTube videos freezing problem

Solution 1: Update Adobe Flash Player

Some problems that cause the freezing of videos are not related to the browser but with the video player. For a refreshing YouTube experience, it is always advised to keep all the constraints under check. Therefore, another workable solution that is expected to work is updating the Adobe Flash Player.

Most of the video stream portals use Adobe Flash Player to stream the videos. If Adobe gets old or corrupted, it may cause YouTube videos freezing; therefore, you can always update Adobe Flash Player and solve the problem.

Moreover, after you update your flash player, relaunch it and then test if the problem is resolved.

Solution 2: Use a different browser

Sometimes we try all the solutions, but the video freezing problem remains intact. When you are in a fix like this, try and use a different browser all together. It is possible that the web browser in use is incompatible with the YouTube web player.

Moreover, each browser has different configurations, extensions, and plugins that can be the number one cause of incompatibility of the browser with YouTube video player. Hence, try and download a different browser like Opera from its official website and check if the video freezing problem is solved.


When you are in hot waters, the main concern should be given to resolving the issue instead of being upset about it. Therefore, as you spent your time to refresh yourself, and the freezing of the video spoils your mood, take a second to relax. There are always ways to get rid of the problem, and we tried our best to ensure that you explore a number of solutions.

Clear the browsing data, updating or changing the web browser, relaunching the video player, and disabling the add-ons are some of the magical issues for smooth video playing.

If your YouTube videos happen to be corrupted in your storage devices, like hard drives, USB, memory card, etc, you can have a look at Wondershare Repairit, which is free software that repairs videos that leaves its magic in every problem.

Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Upload the corrupted YouTube Videos

Get a hold of the video that you cannot play and download it on your computer. Then drag the video and drop it in the "add" option of Wondershare Repairit.

add corrupted youtube freezing video

Step 2: Repairing the Videos

As you have dropped the video on the site, the application provides you with a "Repair" option. Click on it and start the process.

start repairing the youtube video

Step 3: Advanced Video Repair

If due to some reasons, the last step could not repair the video, the software allows you to have an "Advanced Video Repair" option as well. For this to work, you will be asked to load a sample reference video in the same format and shot the same device in which the corrupt file was.

add sample video for advanced repair

Step 4: Saving Repaired Videos

As the repairing process is completed, you can save your video in the format you like and preview it on the interface as well.

export your corrupted youtube video

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