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Resolving the "Computer Is Running Slow" Issue

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Users definitely don’t like to work or run a slow PC. One has to understand that if a computer running slow issue is being faced, then there is no complete process that is to be followed. On the other hand, if a computer is running slow, then it gets the user frustrated. To overcome the issue of "computer is running slow", the users can apply a range of tips and techniques. And this tutorial is the one that would guide the user to resolve the problem of a slow computer. It will show users the process as well as the tips that can be applied. Once the steps and tips below are followed, the computer slow issue is not a match at all.

Causes and fixes of slow PC

Below are the top 10 tips that can be applied to get the issue resolved. These can also be regarded as causes. This section has been written in such a way that the causes, as well as the solutions, are explained at the same time. It will also allow the users to overcome the issues almost 90% of the time. The most common scenarios have been mentioned herein:

1. Resource related programs

At times the users experience the slow PC suddenly. It is all due to the fact that the app that is opened is experiencing a memory leak. Another possible cause is too much CPU consumption that leads to the problem. The task menu is to be accessed to get all these programs noticed. The key combination of CTRL+ALT+Esc is to be pressed to access the Task Manager. Under the CPU line, the user needs to find the program as per the data usage percentage. The screenshot below explains the scenario in full:

computer is running slow

2. Close the tray programs

The system tray programs are the ones that are hindering the system performance. There are certain applications that prefer to run in the tray even when they are closed. It is therefore advised to look for the tray and all such programs. The up arrow beside the system clock is the one that is to be pressed. The application that is to be closed is right-clicked and exited. It would not only make the performance better but will also allow the users to get the issue resolved if there is a next time.

computer is running slow

3. Take a look at the startup programs

It is one of the most neglected ways to speed up the system. The user can access the start-up menu program within the taskbar. Starting from Windows Vista, all the OS has embedded this feature. It also ensures that the user gets real-time monitoring of the program. The users should, therefore, look for all such programs that have a high or medium impact. These programs are to be disabled if not needed. Windows Vista is an efficient tool and will tell all about such application clearly. Even a novice user can understand the utility easily.

computer is running slow

4. Disable animations

Animations put too much burden on the system. They are therefore to be disabled to free the virtual disk memory that is occupied. The way to access the menu is by pressing Windows + X key or right-clicking the start menu and then choosing the system. Once the menu has been accessed, the user needs to click the advanced option and then select the option "Adjust for best performance". Once it has been done, the user can then click "apply" to finish the process. The screenshot below is related to this tip:

computer is running slow

5. Look for the web browser issues

At times there are extensions in the browsers that make the system slow. For instance, in Chrome, the user needs to browse the address chrome://extensions. From the browser manager, the user can disable or uninstall the program to get the issues resolved. The add-ons that are not needed can be removed completely. For this tip, it is also advised to every user to periodically check the browser manager for such programs. It will make the browser light and will also get the issue resolved in full. The unimportant flash items can also be uninstalled. These items take up too much CPU space and make the systems slow:

computer is running slow

6. The malware and adware

They can be rightly called as crapware. These are the programs that make a total waste of system resources. It is therefore an advent fact that the user needs to delete malware to get the issue resolved. These programs are sometimes installed when the downloads are made from unreliable sources. It is therefore one of the most faced issues by the users. The user should, therefore, install a top-notch antivirus program to get the problem resolved completely.

computer is running slow

7. Disk cleanup

The disk cleanup utility should be used to ensure that the problem is never faced or minimized. The disk clean utility is the program that has been embedded within. The user can apply the techniques of this program to get the issue resolved in full:

computer is running slow

8. Defragmentation

The disk defragmentation is a process that is to be applied only on the old mechanical drives. It is therefore one of the issues that modern versions of HD do not face. The latest operating systems that have been developed by Microsoft are the ones that defragment the disk on their own. This process is therefore for all those using mechanical old drives but still applicable.

computer is running slow

9. Uninstall the useless programs

Within the control panel > program and features > uninstall a program the user can get the list of installed programs. The same interface can be used to uninstall the programs that are not required at all. Uninstalling the useless programs will allow the users to ease the system to its full capacity.

computer is running slow

10. Reinstall the Windows/Reset

The user can reset or reinstall Windows if none of the above-mentioned tips works. The purpose of mentioning this tip last is that it is the last resort. It is therefore advised to get a fresh copy of Windows to resolve the slow PC issue.

computer is running slow

Whatever the issue is, the fixes that are mentioned in the tutorial are the ones that resolve 99% of the total issues. The ways mentioned here are effective and reliable to overcome the issues that are related to the slow PC.

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