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Tested Reviews on DiskDigger Pro Photo, Video, and File Recovery

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

In the 90s and early 2000s, if you accidentally deleted or lost your files on the digital platform, it meant that those files were gone forever. Individuals who possess high technical skills could only recover data until tech companies started developing user-friendly File Recovery tools. Data recovery software is becoming popular in modern times. While it does not necessarily mean that people are losing their data very often, it just means that there now viable options to recover lost files with ease. In a life that is getting hectic by the day, it is hard to keep track of the data, and everything related to it if they get erased from existence.

disk digger review

Part 1. What Does DiskDigger Pro Do?

Data recovery software retrieves data by accessing the central architecture of any storage device. It extracts data from distorted disk drives or deleted files inside the folders of the device by locating the file structure. It then un-formats and repairs the hard drive partitions and hence recovering the erased data for the user to pick and use.

The tool is used to restore all kinds of files, and folders whether it be user-stored or system files. Many recovery tools are being manufactured nowadays, but the user should carefully choose the app by learning its features and efficiency rate. In this section, we will discuss the DiskDigger Pro data recovery program, along with its features and compatibility with different gadgets.

DiskDigger is a file recovery app that allows you the opportunity to recover your deleted files on your hard drive or any external storage devices. It, however, does not retrieve data directly from a mobile device(Android) plugged into a USB port on the computer. You are required to unmount the storage card from the cellphone/tab and then plug it in separately into the PC to allow the tool to scan for erased files. In this article, we will talk about the different versions of the DiskDigger app for all kinds of operating systems(Android, Windows, and macOS).

DiskDigger is designed for almost every kind of operating system available in the free-market. The tool offers its services on Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows-XP,7,8,8.1,10. We will discuss all the frameworks one by one.

1. DiskDigger for MacOS:

According to the official site of the DiskDigger tool, the support for the Mac operating system is still in its experimental phase, and they have yet not perfected the functions of the program on the macOS. But they believe that the recovery tool runs well if the user has Mono installed on their Mac computers.

2. DiskDigger for Android:

DiskDigger is compatible with all the new and outdated versions of Android starting from Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 9.0(Pie). It offers high efficiency to the mobile devices that are rooted, but it works well with the unrooted versions as well. You can also purchase DiskDiggerPro for your android phones, which offers the following features:

operation about diskdrigger for android

3. DiskDigger for Windows PC:

DiskDigger tool is available on all the versions of the Windows operating system. It offers its services on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The user would require to install the Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 on their systems to enjoy the full features of the program.

operation on diskdrigger for windows

Part 2. How Does DiskDigger Undelete Work?

In the previous section, we talked about the different versions of the DiskDigger data recovery tool; in this section, we will first look into the method to recover data on an Android device, and then we will show you the step by step guide to retrieve lost files on the Windows PC.

DiskDigger is free to download and install from the Google play store on any Android device. You can also purchase the pro version of the data recovery tool for Android. We will discuss the steps to scan and recover data from an Android phone in steps below:

press diskdiggerpro on android phone

recover the selected files

DiskDigger offers its best version for desktop on the Windows operating system, before taking going forward with the recovery process, we will talk about the types of recovery mode that DiskDigger offers on the Windows PC: The two modes available on the app are Dig Deep and Dig Deeper, we will discuss some of their functions and their shortcomings.

DiskDigger offers two modes inside its app for windows and allows the user to select one of those modes before initiating the scanning process.

Dig Deep:

Dig Deeper:

Now, we will show you the method to use the DiskDigger data recovery program on Windows 10.

scan the lost files

click ok button

recover selected files

save recover files

After using the Disk Digger on my PC and android phone, I felt that it is similar to other tools that are available on the free market, but it lacked a certain appeal that one person should feel while using any software on their gadgets. Here is my list of Pros and Cons:

1. Pros:

2. Cons:

Not everyone carries a rooted device, and it is an absurd requirement to ask the user to root their phones even though they have purchased the app to use it at its full capacity. The Android version is suitable to recover photos, but if you want to retrieve video files and data of different formats, then you are out of luck as the app requires your Android device to be rooted.

In conclusion, if you want to retrieve deleted photos from your phone and nothing else, then DiskDigger is the app for you. But I found the desktop version a little bland as it only offers to scan the whole disk rather than a specific volume or a folder. I would recommend that you choose a different program to recover your deleted files. It took me almost 5 hours to scan my 1TB internal Hard drive, which is a lot of time in this day and age. I would give 3 out of 5 stars, as there are much better options available on the internet, which offer far better speed and accuracy.

Part 3. FAQs About DiskDigger Photo, Video, and File Recovery:

In this portion of the review, we will answer some of the most common questions regarding DiskDigger and its functions.

Q1. Is DiskDigger safe?

Ans. DiskDigger is safe to use, like most other recovery apps. The program does not request personal information from the user to ensure safety.

Q2. How much does DiskDigger cost?

Ans. DiskDigger is free to use to scan and preview the deleted files. However, to fully retrieve the file, the user is required to purchase the license for $14.99. A refund option is not available for the user to utilize.

Q3. Can DiskDigger Pro be used on multiple desktops?

Ans. No, the licensed version can only be used on a single PC by an individual user.

Q4. Does DiskDigger work after a factory reset?

Ans. Yes, the app works fine on the Android gadget after a factory reset. It doesn't endanger the deleted files, and the user can completely recover the data.

Q5. Does the software need a program to be pre-installed on the computer to work?

Ans. DiskDigger requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed on your Windows PC, which the user can install by visiting the official site of Microsoft.

Part 4. Another Option for Photo, Video, and File Recovery:

If you're having trouble using the DiskDigger Pro on your computer or mobile phone, then you must opt for different recovery software. Fortunately, there is one efficient Data Recovery tool available, which allows the user to recover and use the deleted data with ease. The name of the data recovery program is Recoverit, and it is developed by Wondershare, which is a reliable name in the tech world. Recoverit offers to retrieve data in over 1000 different formats and with a 96% efficiency. Here we will discuss the way to recovered lost files with the help of Recoverit Mac Data Recovery Tool for Windows along with its features and comparison with the DiskDigger tool.

The following are the advanced features of the Recoverit Data Recovery tool by Wondershare.

Please follow our three-step guide to recover deleted files using Recoverit

Step 1: Select the Location

select the location

Step 2: Data Scanning

scan the location to find lost files

Step 3: Recover Lost Data

Once the scan is complete, you will find a pop-up that will notify you of the end of the scanning process. Follow the steps below to finish the method to recover data.

recover and save the files

DiskDigger vs. Recoverit:

In this section of the review, we will compare disk digger and Recoverit and see which one of them is the better recovery tool.

Cost Comparison:

The Verdict:

In my opinion, the Recoverit data recovery performs with better speed and accuracy than DiskDigger pro. The free to download version offers more details and a clear preview of your deleted data, which DiskDigger does not provide, Recoverit also offers you to scan a specific folder or a disk volume of the HDD. Recoverit can retrieve many more file types and formats as compared to the DiskDigger app. According to a tech website, CNET, Disk Digger does not provide a repair utility and does not provide data recovery from a crashed HDD, unlike Recoverit.

If your computer has crashed and you want to recover precious files from the Hard drive in their original form, then I strongly recommend that you use the Recoverit Data recovery program by Wondershare, which is available on macOS, Windows PC, and Linux.

Closing Words:

In this complete review of DiskDigger pro, we have found that that app is promising, but it is still way behind the other Data Recovery software like Recoverit, which is highly efficient in its performance and cost-effective as well. DisDigger's full features are also not available on Mac computers, which makes it unlikely for small/big businesses to purchase such types of programs as corporations carry multiple systems with them. Wondershare offers them the package to install Recoverit on more than 100 computer systems at a time through a single purchase. We recommend that you should purchase Recoverit in place of any other data recovery tool to ensure safety and reliability.

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