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How to Fix Corrupted Images

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Often images get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons. For instance, images may at times appear blurry, distorted, pixelated, or split and there is a need to rectify such issue. When it comes down to repairing the image, there are a few photo repair tools for Windows PC or Mac that can accomplish this. The choice of repair software selected may also limit the ability to repair damaged jpg. When such instances are reached, there is thus, a need to repair corrupted jpeg photos software. Before getting to such a scenario, here are some of the best picture repair tools that are easy to use and will perform superbly.

Tool 1. Wondershare Repairit

One of the best and most recommended software to repair damaged jpg files is the Wondershare Repairit. It has amazing features and has also an option to free download. It's a DIY tool that will repair damaged jpg files and even recover images lost from damaged storage media such as computer hard disks, flash memory cards, and memory sticks. The software also works by extracting the thumbnail of a corrupted image file which is then used to repair the photo. That is not all, the software also has a feature that lets one even repair severely damaged photos through the "Advanced Repair" option.

1. Key Features of the Repairit

  • Interface: The software has a user-friendly interface that is also very intuitive. The layout makes the software easy to use. It has other fascinating elements such as a notification function, which is used to show the progress bar of any action being performed or completed.
  • Extracting Thumbnails: The software helps extract the thumbnail and repair the photo without losing visual quality.
  • Repair and Recovery: The software can retrieve corrupted data from computer hard disks, memory sticks, and other storage media. It also repairs a JPG file that has invalid file structures or missing SOS markers.
  • Preview and Flexible Saving Options: When operations are over, the software has the function that lets you preview the repaired images and also select or create folders to save the files.
  • Scanning Engine: The software scanning engine is very robust. It is effective and can perform simultaneous repair operations at a go. All this drastically minimizes the operation time taken.

2. Pros & Cons


  • The software is very easy to use and the interface is very elaborate
  • It is free to download and does not occupy a lot of space
  • It comes with an elaborate installation guide and a user manual. It is also a cross-platform software


  • On the free version, some functions may be limited such as the creating folders and saving options
  • It does not support the repair of compressed image files.

3. How to Use Wondershare Repairit to Repair Damaged JPG

Repairing corrupted jpeg photos can be done in two different ways. Ordinary/Standard repair mode that will repair any damaged image file. Advanced Repair mode can be used on severely damaged image files wherein it makes use of a sample file. Also note that before using the software, the first step is usually to download and install the photo repair software.

1) Standard Repair Mode

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Repairit Software
Start by first downloading the software. It is free to download. Install it and then open the Wondershare Repairit to continue with the photo repair process.

Step 2 Insert Files
Use the "Add Files" option to insert any damaged files. If there are many image files to be added, a list will be created.

photo repair

Step 3 Select Files to be Repaired
In this step, with the list of image files to be repaired, you can select or deselect/unselect images files by checking the checkbox or leaving it blank.

Step 4 The Repair Process
Once ready, you may hit "Repair" to start the repair process on the selected files. This will perform a repair on the files selected, as shown above.

upload corrupt photos

Step 5 Process Completion
Finally, when the process is complete, an alert such as the one below is displayed. Simply click "Ok" to finalize the operation.

repair corrupt photos

2) Advanced Repair Mode

In this repair mode, we shall make use of a Sample file. So, first, let us understand what is a Sample File? A sample file is created, similar in format to the damaged file. It can even be the one that is taken using the same device and should have similar layout details such as those of the aspect ratio. The details collected from the Sample File are then used to repair and recover the corrupted JPG File.

Step 1 Perform an Advanced Repair
First of all, under the element "Type" on the inserted image file, click on "Advanced Repair". This will pop-up a dialogue box and to continue, proceed to the next step.

fail to repair photos

Step 2 Find a Sample File
Now, with the pop-up dialogue box, click "Next" then click on "Browse" to find and choose a Sample File from its saved location.

add a sample photo

Step 3 Select and Advanced Repair Option
Here, select the "Apply to all jpeg of the same format" option to make use of the Sample File to repair the damaged JPG Files.

advanced photo repair

Step 4 Start the Repair Process
Next, click "Repair" to start the repairing process. The Advanced Repair on the damaged jpg file will be performed using the details from the Sample File. This will produce a new and repaired image from the corrupted one, using the Sample File image details.

Step 5 Finish the Advanced Repair Process
Once the process is over, a dialogue box with the notification "Repair Complete" will pop-up. Just click "Ok" to finish it.

advanced repair success

Tool 2. OneSafe JPEG Repair

OneSafe JPEG Repair is a cross-platform utility software. While you might find it easy to repair corrupted jpeg photos online, this is a download software that is easy to use and also comes with a free trial version. The software will also repair even severely damaged jpg files and can even recover corrupted JPEG files from Computer Hard Disks and any other storage media. It is also very effective and meticulously scans storage media to get back corrupted images without altering the original state of the image. The system requirements to use the software are very friendly. These are that one must have a Processor that is of at least a Pentium Class. 1 GB RAM and at least 50 MB free space on the Hard Disk.

1. Key Features

Robust Scanning Engine: The software has an advanced scanning engine that is very powerful. Its performance is also exemplary and will perform operations very fast.

2. Pros and Cons


  • Can also be used to repair videos
  • Fast processing power
  • Comes with a free trial version


  • One may need to purchase the tool to enjoy all functionalities
  • Some processes may require more know-how to operate the tool

Tool 3. File Repair

The File Photo Repair tool is a bit different as this one is mostly a Windows tool. Also, the tool comes with several capabilities that make it suitable as a Photo Repair Tool. It has an easy-to-use interface and will even offer capabilities to undo an action on the trial version. It is easy to get the software as it comes with a free trial version. Since you will have registered to get the software, you will only need to upgrade to enjoy more of its benefits.

1. Key Features

Comprehensive Photo Repair and Recovery Tool: The software is powerful enough to perform thorough scanning to repair and recover damaged image files.

2. Pros and Cons


  • A free trial version is available
  • Functionalities are not limited to the trial version
  • Easy to use


  • On the official website, there are many Photo Repair Tools it may thus be confusing and tiring finding one that suits one's needs
  • One has to register to even download a trial version.

Comparison of Table

Wondershare Repairit OneSafe JPEG Repair Tool File Repair Tool
1 Offers Advanced Repair No Advanced Repair Options No Advanced Repair Options
2 Free download Offers only a trial version after which one has to purchase the tool. Offers only a trial version after which one has to purchase the tool.
3 Platform-independent software Also, a platform-independent software Only available on Windows
4 Comes with installation guides and user manuals One must source such data elsewhere Similarly, one must source such data elsewhere


Files with the extension (.JPG) or (.JPEG) are the image files. If such files get corrupted, the above are some of the best solutions to repair damaged jpg. You, therefore, need not worry about any corrupted image file as getting them back is as easy as the process described above. On the whole, we recommend Wondershare Repairit, as it is an effective, reliable, and trusted software.

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