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How to Recover Data after Using Disk Doctor

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Q: How to recover data after using a disk doctor?

"I am an apple user for quite some time now, I've been using Mac book and other apple products quite frequently. Sadly, this month I'm stuck in a devastating situation where my data is accidentally deleted after using disk doctor. The data on the disk is really important to me when it comes to my academic and professional life. Losing that data will result in a great decline in my work graph. I desperately need to know the quickest solutions to recover data from my Mac. I also want to know the details about the disk doctor, this will help me in tackling this situation in the future"

Yes, no doubt losing such important data can make you go crazy. People using Apple computers everywhere in the world face this problem at least once in their life. Losing your data on Mac hard disk is completely recoverable. People with Mac book pro or any other apple product can recover their lost data after using disk doctor. The data may be lost due to several reasons, this is why we will have a short note about disk doctor in the guide. However, you will have the finest and quickest methods to get your data recovered in no time. Just stick to the guide and follow the steps properly.

Part 1: Overview of Disk Doctor

The people who clean their data on Mac are well aware of disk doctor. This is a software in Mac Operating System which helps you to clean your Mac and free up some space. It primarily removes the cache and unnecessary files from your hard drive to give you relief. The interface of the disk doctor is very simple and clear, everyone can certainly use it for their purposes. All the Mac users usually suggest using a disk doctor when it comes to cleaning the Mac hard disk. It can empty a vast amount of data like browser data and developer files, application cache, and logs. It can also delete data larger than 100 Mb, which can include downloads folders like partial downloads and mail downloads. The distinctive features of the disk doctor can also remove trash files and old software updates. It also gives you the utility of scanning, you can use it to scan your Mac hard disk to see if there is an issue. This allows you to see the performance of your Mac. However, you cannot scan any external hard disk with disk doctor, it is only applicable to Mac's boot volume.

Part 2: How to recover data after using disk doctor

Thousands of disk doctor users have reported that they have lost their valuable data accidentally after using the disk doctor. The good news is that all that data is recoverable. All you need to do is choose the right method and software for the job. In this guide, there are two methods in which you can recover data lost after using disk doctor on the Mac operating system or Windows operating system. Follow the methods with great focus;

1. Recover data from Mac after using disk doctor

If you are an Apple user, you need to follow the method given below. Don't forget to use the astonishing software mentioned in the method;


Recoverit data recovery is remarkable enough to recover more than 1000+ types and formats of data. Recoverit can recover data from almost any of the storage devices used in the 21st century. Recoverit for Mac is a widely known software all around the world. There are very few steps to be followed. Use these steps to restore your data lost after using a disk doctor on mac.

Step 1: Launch recoverit on Mac

First and foremost, the task is to download and install the recoverit software on your Mac. Once it is installed, you can just double click the icon to run the application.


Step 2: Select the device

Once you've opened the application, the steps are comparatively the same for other computers and macOS. You need to select the drive under the "Devices" option in front of you or if you know the exact path of your lost data location, you can either select that. Click on the "start" tab to move forward.


Step 3: Scan the location

Recoverit is famous for its deep scanning process. Once you have pressed the tab of "start" the software will start the deep scan. You can even either pause or resume the scanning process.


Step 4: Preview and recover files

The scanning process might take some time. After the process has been completed, you will be able to preview all the data you had lost after using the disk doctor and found after the deep scanning process. You can preview multiple types of data, may it be videos, pictures, or audio. Before thinking twice, you need to select the button of "recover" to enable the final and the most important recovering process. The recovery time of the data will depend upon the size of the data. Lastly, save your recovered data at the desired location.


2. Recover data from windows after using disk doctor

If you are using windows and have lost your data after using disk doctor. Don't stress out. Recoverit can also help you in this situation;

Recoverit data recovery

Recoverit is an astonishing data recovery software for windows. It is more reliable than any other software. It is a free software to rescue the data from your windows compute if it is lost after using disk doctor. It helps you get back all your valuable documents, emails, photos, videos, and audio files, quickly and easily from a laptop, recycle bin/trash, internal hard drive, external storage media, and even a crashed computer. Recoverit Ultimate even helps you recover fragmented video and repair corrupt/broken/damaged video. Recoverit data recovery software is the best source to get you out of this dilemma.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download the recoverit data recovery software on your windows operating system to cherish its uses. Once you are done with that follow the given steps below:

Step 2: Launch the software to recover your data.


Step 3: secondly, you have to select the hard disk of your computer to recover and press "start" to move forward.

Step 4: After you have selected the location, now press the "recover" button to scan.


Step 5: wait for the scan to be completed.


Step 6: after your data is deeply scanned, it is time for you to preview your rescued data, preview some recoverable videos or photos.


Step 7: Once you have seen your recovered data, you can save all the data on your desired location.

Part 3: More information about hard disk failure

There are multiple situations where you encounter the dilemma of hardware failure. Well, you need to have more information about it. Hardware failure mostly occurs due to physical or logical failures. However, the loss of the user is immense in both situations. These are some of the indications of hardware failure; the Computer failed to reboot, blue screen when powers on, the system keeps rebooting, again and again, error messages like "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" may occur. Another message like "Drive not formatted" may occur. In some cases, the hard drive makes weird noises. These indications are caused by two types of failures listed below;

1. Physical hard disk failure

Physical hardware failures can occur like heads sticking to disk platters, head crashes, spindle motor system failure, PCB failure any many more. There are few culprits behind these physical hardware failures like water damage, dust, humidity, temperature. If you have a physical hardware failure, rush to the repairer before applying any of the methods.

2. Logical hard disk failure

If your disk is physically perfect than it may have encountered logical troubles. It is usually caused by human operation error, virus attacks, software malfunction, and many other reasons. If your hard drive is logically troubled than there is nothing to worry about, you can recover your data using multiple methods which are mentioned above in the guide.


When talking about hard disks, there is one thing that should be kept in mind that they store very valuable data. If you ever face logical hard disk failure or you have used disk doctor, you can easily recover your data. You just have to keep in mind that only the right software and the right method can get you out of any devastating situation.

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