How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

The various factors required to be considered to evaluate the cost of recovering a hard drive are stated here comprehensively.

hard drive recovery cost

You might have noticed that Data recovery service providers often don't offer a flat data recovery cost, and this thing triggers a confusing state while choosing the best service. Therefore, to proceed with a fair price, it's necessary to consider the factors impacting the storage media or hard drive recovery cost.

Part 1. What Are the Main Elements That Affect Data Recovery Costs?

The Data recovery service providers consider multiple factors that hold great significance in defining the required cost, as given below.

Primary Factors
Replacement parts In severe damage, the engineers might need to replace certain parts of the drive; given this, the recovery price will also increase.
Research and development The engineers of potent data recovery labs carry out various research & development-oriented processes to introduce innovative recovery solutions & technology using available resources.
Replacement device If your device hardware is totally damaged, then it'd definitely affect the recovery cost, given the need for a replacement device.
Quality guarantee Quality assurance is the key element to be ensured, and recovery companies with the guaranteed quality might cost you more.
Facilities and infrastructure The data recovery cost is directly linked with the cost of the location of the Data Recovery service, required equipment, and facilities given at recovery labs.
Data protection The level of data security a data recovery company offers impacts its cost also because of the cost incurred by staff for security & protection-related tasks.
Customer service All the reliable data recovery service providers also incur the cost of customer services to ensure excellent customer dealings to facilitate the clients.

Part 2. How To Estimate the Cost of Data Recovery?

The data recovery cost may vary with the specific data recovery service you choose, and a prior estimation of the cost of data recovery doesn't seem feasible at all since it isn't merely about the time invested in data recovery, rather various elements contribute to the exact data recovery cost such as given below:

  • Cause of data loss
  • The intensity of hard drive damage
  • Labor Cost
  • Data recovery service location
  • Data Recovery lab infrastructure & equipment cost
  • Recovery turnaround time

Therefore, it is suggested to approach a data recovery service to get an exact cost figure from experts, given the hard drive damage level.

Part 3. Data Recovery Fee Range Corresponding to Common Data Loss Scenarios

Data loss Scenario is considered the significant aspect that can help determine the data recovery cost. In this connection, here we have covered a few most common data loss scenarios with estimated cost to recover a hard drive, given each scenario.

Accidental deletion

Estimated cost: $0-$300

Accidental deletion of data is quite common as many times you may confront this situation unintentionally, and such a loss might seem devastating. However, in terms of complexity, this isn't a critical loss situation unless & until you overwrite the deleted files with new data. Accidentally deleted data can quickly be recovered, as it doesn't require any complex operation or replacement. So, we can conclude that it might cost you around $0-$300 to recover such data.

Logical failure

Estimated cost: $300-$1000

If you've lost your data due to a logical failure, then such a data loss scenario falls in the moderate price range. Basically, logical failure occurs mostly due to malware attacks or drive formatting, and you might encounter issues in data accessibility; therefore, the lost or corrupted data can only be recovered by relying on complex data recovery operations.

Mechanical failure

Estimated cost: $500-$3000

Mechanical failure is the most critical scenario that can even result in permanent data deletion, and its recovery cost is relatively much higher. Because mechanical failure refers to dead hard drive, therefore, recovering the erased data from a dead hard drive involves expensive recovery approaches as lab engineers often repair such hard drives in cleanrooms, and the hard drive might require to be replaced with a new one.

Part 4. The Best Alternative to Professional Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Service is so far the most optimum way to access important data, but of course, you'd have to incur a high price figure in such a case. Therefore, to circumvent such charges, you can also go for a reliable & free data recovery tool like Recoverit. Recoverit is an excellent recovery software developed by Wondershare with exclusive features.

Key Features
File Recovery The Recoverit file recovery rate is relatively high, as it allows you to recover lost or erased files, given various causes.
Recovery Preview To ensure an efficient recovery process, Recoverit offers the Preview feature to preview the recoverable files prior to actual recovery.
Deep Scan Deep Scan is an advanced scanning algorithm that Recoverit uses to dig out lost heavy files.
Crashed Computer Rescue In addition to data recovery, Recoverit also assists in fixing the crashed computer and bringing it back to a normal working state.
Technical Support Recoverit facilitates the users through its efficient technical support that helps users to connect with Recoverit experts via live chats.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10/8/7 Easily?

Free Download

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 - macOS 13

Operational steps:

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Recoverit application on your respective device.

wondershare recoverit application

Step 2: Select the particular volume or drive to initiate recovery.

select a location to start recovery

Step 3: The Recoverit will Scan your selected volume or drive to find out the lost or deleted data.

scanning of hard drive

Step 4: Upon successful scanning process, you can Preview the recoverable files, i.e., documents, images, videos, excel sheets, etc.

preview file in recoverit

Step 5: Now, select the files you intend to recover & click on the Recover button.


Easy to use

Support various file formats

Effective file scanning

High recovery rate

Compatible with Windows & macOS


Incompatible with Linux OS

Data limitations in the free version


If you have opted for a professional data recovery Service to recover the hard drive data, then you can figure out the estimated cost of the entire recovery process by considering many related factors. In this article, we've covered all such elements to roughly estimate how much hard drive data recovery costs.

Free Download

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 - macOS 13


Generally, hard drives last for almost three to five years, but this lifespan may vary with specific situations; for instance, a hard drive can last longer than a defined period with proper maintenance, and contrarily it may also fail even in the initial period.

To recover the data from a dead hard drive, follow the below-stated steps:

  • Connect the dead hard drive to your computer.
  • Install & launch the Wondershare Recoverit application
  • Select your hard drive and start the scanning process.
  • Preview the recoverable file.
  • Recover the required data.

Yes! However, you can't totally rely on third-party recovery applications to recover data from a failed hard drive, but you need to get help from an expert data recovery service for guaranteed results.

Because the cost isn't merely dependent on the recovery process, but various other factors are impactful in this regard, such as facilities & infrastructure of the recovery lab, replacement parts, trained staff, quality assurance, etc.

The cost for a new hard drive can be up to $200, but it may vary with the storage capacity of the hard drive you choose. Because a hard drive with less storage capacity might cost you relatively less.

You can easily recover files from your hard drive free of cost, either using a Windows recovery tool or any third-party data recovery software, such as Wondershare Recoverit.

Wondershare offers three paid versions of Recoverit software. Such as:

It can't be determined readily. Since, some files get erased permanently in the initial period; contrarily, other files might be recoverable even after years of deletion unless and until you don't overwrite the hard drive.

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