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Android Phone Recovery: How to Recover Files from Mobile Phones

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

Can you recover permanently deleted photos from Android?

Case: Hello, I was transferring data from my mobile phone to other storage media, but I accidentally deleted some of the files from the MicroSD card. My music, photos, videos, and all documents were gone. How can I recover permanently deleted files from Android phone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

This case might be familiar to some of us. But luckily, you can recover deleted files from a mobile phone with data intact.

The first thing in your head: Stop transferring immediately and do not put any new data into the card. Every time you deleted a file stored on the mobile phone SD card, it is still left invisible on the card. However, if you keep using the memory card, the deleted data might be easily overwritten by the new files. That's why you stand a good chance of restoring data from an Android phone.

Read on and get the best solutions for Android phone recovery on a computer.

Solution 1: Mobile Data Recovery Using Backup

Is there a recycle bin on Android?

If you deleted a file on a computer, oftentimes you can retear it from the computer recycle bin. However, due to the limitation in mobile phone memory size, there is no recycle bin on an Android phone. So it becomes impossible for users to find an Android recycle bin, and even recover files from it.

How can I recover deleted files from my Android phone for free?

It does bring some troubles for mobile phone users, so now another feature comes, that's backup. Now, more and more mobile phone providers offer a limited Cloud-based backup service for their users. For example, Samsung and its Samsung Cloud. Moreover, some Cloud backup servers offer data backup services, like DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

All of them can help you recover deleted files from your Android phone for free and without a computer. Usually, most of the Android data can be backed up, such as files, photos, videos, audios, music, contacts, text messages, settings, apps, etc.

How to Recover Mobile Data from Google Drive

Now, let's show you how to restore deleted files from Android phone memory. Here takes Google Drive. To restore files from the Google backup, you need to make data backups on Google Drive.

Backup Android data

  1. Open the Google Drive application on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap "Add" > "Upload" > the files to be uploaded.
  3. Finally, you can view the uploaded files in "My Drive".

After that, you can easily restore files for free and without a computer. The following mobile data recovery process can be done on your phone directly.

Restore Android phone data

  1. Enter Google Drive with the same Google account.
  2. Choose a device to view the backed-up data from the mobile device.
  3. Finally, tap "Restore" to retrieve them.

If you have mobile data backups on any Cloud storage end, you're able to take some simple steps and get all of them. But if not, how can you recover files from a mobile phone? In the following guide, we will show you how to recover deleted files from memory cards in mobile phones.

Solution 2: Android SD Card Recovery Using Recoverit

Another simple way of Android file recovery without root is using third-party software. Which is the best Android data recovery software? Recoverit is recognized as one of the best data recovery software the world over.

Free Download Mobile Android Data Recovery Software Full Version

Recoverit Data Recovery Software is the most powerful mobile phone data recovery program. It can easily get your deleted or lost data back from the phone SD card. It supports to retrieve deleted photos, videos, music and other files from a mobile phone memory card. Recoverit makes mobile phone data recovery available on a variety of storage media, no matter how you lost or deleted data.

Besides, you can scan, pinpoint, and preview your lost Android phone data before the recovery. Before we move on, please allow me to leave a question: "Can you pre-watch a deleted video before restoring it"? We will get the answer later.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Data from Mobile Phone


3 Steps to Restore Deleted Files from Android SD Card

Recoverit is a mobile data recovery tool for PC. To recover files from a mobile device, take off your MicroSD card from the Android mobile phone and connect it to the computer. And then, follow the next steps to perform mobile phone recovery in Windows computer.

If you are working on Mac, you can download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac and check out the page: Guide to Android File Recovery on Mac.

    1. Select the MicroSD Card

Make sure the card is connected to the computer. To recover deleted files from memory cards in mobile phones, select the MicroSD card and click the "Start" button to process.

select the microsd card for Android file recovery

    1. Scanning the Phone SD Card

Recoverit Data Recovery will start scanning the phone SD card immediately and thoroughly. You can pause and stop the scanning process at any point in time.

scanning the phone SD card

    1. Preview and Recover Deleted Videos

Still remember the question: "Can you pre-watch a deleted video before restoring it?" And the answer is sure. Double click the video file or click the "preview" button, and you can watch it before recovering it.

After the scanning completed, you can check all recoverable files. Before recovering Android data, you can preview some of them, like photos, videos, documents, audios, and many more. Select one or more files and click "Recover" to get and save them.

phone data recovery

The MicroSD card is the most popular used in Android phone as an external storage media. Once your data files get lost, you should keep the device alone, and get Recoverit Data Recovery downloaded to help you retrieve data back from the SD card. Download and try it for free now.

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