How to Recover Deleted Android Files on Mac

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Android phones are easily among the most popular and used phones worldwide. With the host of features that you get with an Android device, having an Android phone is like a fully functional PC in your pocket. You can use them to not just text and call, but also capture photos, videos, listen to music and a lot more. We have all become quite dependent on our Android devices, and the worst thing that any Android user could go through is losing or accidentally deleting the data on the device.

Recover Deleted Android Files Troubles:

  • Accidental deletion of files from the Android phone;
  • Factory resetting your Android phone or formating SD card;
  • Corrupt memory card or malware causing the same;
  • A failed or interrupted software process that deleted or lost the data stored on the phone;
  • Deletion of all data on the phone due to incorrect password being entered for certain number of times (if you have enabled this feature);
  • Removing the memory card without ejecting it properly;

What makes this situation even harder to come back from for most users is that Android devices do not really come with a Recycle Bin or Trash. Which means that once you delete something from your device, it is gone forever- or is it?

Is it possible Recover Android Files on Mac?

A common misconception people have is that they cannot recover their lost or deleted files from an Android phones using a Mac. However- nothing can be farther from the truth. You can recover deleted Android files on Mac, provided you know the right Mac data recovery software that can help you. Read on to know how you can accomplish that with ease using the best tool for Android Data Recovery Mac in the market.

Recoverit - The Best Mac Deleted File Recovery Software

If you are looking to recover Android files on Mac, then a simple Google search will reveal hundreds of software that claim to be experts of the same. However, you probably have just one chance to recover deleted files from Android on Mac, for using the wrong software can actually cause you to lose these files permanently. Thus, you must be clear by now that in any such scenario, you must go with a trusted tool to recover deleted Android files. Recoverit Data Recovery is reliable file recovery software can easily help you retrieve data back.

How to Recover Deleted Android Files on Mac

Download and install Recoverit file recovery on your computer, follow the next steps to perform Android file recovery with Recoverit Mac version. Please connect your Android device to the computer and detected.

Step 1 Select the appropriate drive/storage media

To recover deleted Android files on Mac, you need to connect the phone device or memory card. Launch Recoverit, select the connected device and click "Start".

android file recovery

Step 2 Scan Android device to search files

Reciverit will start scanning deleted files. All kinds of data stored on the device can become visible gradually.

all-around recovery

Step 3 Preview and recover Android deleted files

In the final step of the recover deleted android files on mac procedure, you will be shown a list of all those files that it can recover. From these, select those files that you want to recover. You can search for specific files from the search option.

deleted files recovery

Tips for Recover Android Data on Mac

That is all you need to do to recover deleted files from Android on Mac using Recoverit Data Recovery! For best results to recover deleted Android files on Mac, keeping a few tips in mind like those listed ahead is important:

Your Android phone contains a lot of important data, and it is but obvious that you do not want to lose any of it. With Recoverit Data Recovery, you can recover Android files on Mac in just a few steps and without any hassle!

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