MP4 File Recovery: How to Recover Lost MP4 Videos

This article we'll introduce the best video recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost MP4 video files from any storage media easily.

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MP4 video files are supported by various different devices like cameras, PSP, iPod, mobile phones etc. When people use those devices as storage media to save MP4 files, they might suffer from accidental data loss just like the data stored on the hard drive. When the MP4 files are not in the place where they should be, don't think that your MP4 files have been erased permanently. In fact, you are able to recover the lost MP4 files with the right ways.

If your lost MP4 files were originally stored on your computer, the first thing you should do is to check your Recycle Bin. If you just deleted them and didn't empty recycle bin, you can easily find your lost MP4 files by clicking "Restore these files" and recover MP4 files to their original location. If you saved the lost MP4 files on other devices, you still have the chance to do MP4 file recovery easily and efficiently once you have the powerful MP4 Recovery software.

  • Accidentally formatting the storage media;
  • Empty recycle bin, or press the "command + delete" to delete MP4 permanently;
  • Virus infection of MP4 videos;
  • Sudden power interruption on your computer;
  • Corruption of storage mediums;
  • Other reasons.

Part 1. The Best MP4 Video Recovery - Recoverit Data Recovery Software

Recoverit Data Recovery software is such an easy and reliable tool, which can help you get back the deleted, formatted, damaged and lost MP4 files from hard drive or partition. Download the software and follow the guide to recover MP4 files with only 3 steps on Win. If you run the program in Mac system, choose to download the Mac version to recover MP4 files with the similar steps.

Video Tutorial on MP4 Video Recovery

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Part 2. How to Recover Deleted or Lost MP4 Video Files

Download and install Recoverit Video Recovery software on your computer. Follow the next simple tutorial of Recoverit Windows version to perform MP4 video recovery. If your MP4 video files stored in an external device, please connect it to the computer. For Mac user, please download Recoverit Video Recovery and go on.

  1. Please select a hard disk drive where you lost MP4 files, or the storage device and click "Start" button to scanning.
  2. select a hard disk drive

  3. Recoverit video recovery program will start to scanning the lost MP4 video files for a while.
  4. scan lost mp4 file

  5. After the scan, you can check all recoverable files on the results. You can preview some recovered data like image files, select your MP4 files and click "Recover" button to retrieve your data back.
  6. mp4 recovery software

  7. If you are not satisfied with the recovered video, you can choose Advanced Video Recovery.
  8. advanced video recovery

  9. Advanced Video Recovery can merge the video fragments and sequence them. Just click the "Start" button.
  10. advanced video recovery start

  11. Advanced Video Recovery takes smart scan of all videos on the disk. It will take more time for deep scan.
  12. advanced video recovery scan

  13. After the scan, somple practical prompts appear to guide the users proper operation.

advanced video recovery scan complete

NOTE: Please do not save your recovered MP4 files on the drive where your data lost before. Get a safe storage device to avoid data lost again or overwriting.


  1. Type the file name or filter the search results to precisely find your lost files in a short time.
  2. In the scanning process, you can click "pause" or "stop" when you manage to find the lost files and plan to recover it as soon as possible. Then you can continue to preview the other files if it is needed.
  3. Click "Save" button to save the scanning result so that you are able to continue the video recovery at any time as you like.
  4. If your original MP4 video file was corrupted before the loss, there are some solutions helping you fix them. Fix broken MP4 video files.

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