How to Solve Error Code 224002?

5 Fixes to Solve Error Code 224002

Read the article below to learn every possible thing about this error code.

Watching videos is always the fun and chill part. Not just videos but most of the time, the media files we have are fun to watch. Whether we are using Android, iPhone, or even a PC, we always find ways to entertain ourselves.

The most annoying thing that could happen to someone is when some kind of error occurs. Mostly, error code 224002 is associated with media files not loading or videos not playing. In any case, the error is frustrating. The article understudy will share more about error code 224002. Also, stay with us to learn about its fixes.

Part 1: Under What Scenarios Will This Error Occur?

The error code 224002 is a common error that jumps between your entertainment. Whenever you try to load any media file on your PC, Android, or iPhone, an error occurs. The error code 224002 restricts and blocks the media file from loading. The issue is commonly faced when you try to load and play a web-embedded video on a self-hosted website.

Avoiding something is far better than getting in trouble and then treating it. This also fits in the error code 224002 scenarios. It is highly suggested to avoid the error by taking care of its causing agents. The following section of this article will walk you through the various factors that cause this error.

1. Corrupt Video File

The number 1 reason that causes the error code 224002 that we generally pass over is the video file. The media files, the video file that you're trying to load and play, might be corrupted, which leads to the error.

2. Outdated Browser-Software Version

The most ignored factor is the browser version. We usually don't bother to look at the browser version until we face some trouble. If your media files are not loading and videos are not getting played, then you must check the browser software version because it might need an update.

3. Cache Issue on Browser

Another reason that causes the error code 224002 that we don’t know is Cache. If the cache is problematic on the browser, then you must face some problems because of that.

4. Third Party Extensions

We all must have some kind of third-party extension for various things. What we don’t know is that those third-party extensions are causing some trouble. Error code 224002 is also caused because of third-party extensions.

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Part 2: Troubleshooting the Error 224002

Facing errors when you are up to something is the most annoying thing. As we mentioned earlier that avoiding problems by keeping a close eye on their causes is always a smart move, but in case the damage is done, what could be done now?

For anyone who is struggling with the error code 224002 out there, it’s time to resolve the problem. In this section, we will be sharing ways to fix the problem of error code 224002.

Fix 1: Clear the Browsers Cache and Cookies

Among the different trouble-causing factors, one factor that we discussed was Browser Cache. Sometimes cache issue results in error code 224002. Let us share the steps with you to fix this problem:

Step 1: First of all, run Chrome on your system. Then move to the top right corner and click on the three dots. A menu will show up and from that menu, go for the option of 'More Tools.' Now a sub-menu will appear on the screen; select the 'Clear Browsing Data' option from that sub-menu.

tap on clear browsing data option

Step 2: A 'Clear Browsing Data' window will show up. In the ‘Basic’ tab, click on the dropdown box available next to Time Range and select 'All-Time.'

Step 3: Next, move to the 'Cookies and other site data' option and select it. You may also check other options before clicking on the 'Clear Data' button to proceed. Once finished, your problem will be resolved.

initiate clear data process

Fix 2: Update Browser to Latest Version

Outdated browser version also leads to error code 224002. For this reason, you all should always timely update the browser to the latest available version. Given below are the steps that could be followed to update the browser:

Step 1: For updating the browser, firstly open Chrome and head over to the action menu. Click on the three dots present in the top right corner. You will see ‘Update Google Chrome’ in case you have an older version. You simply have to click on it.

click on update option

Step 2: After Chrome has updated successfully, you now have to click on the ‘Relaunch’ button. This will restart Chrome with its updated version.

relaunch the browser

Fix 3: Fix with Recoverit Video Repair

You can also fix the error code 224002 by using a stunning tool that is Wondershare Recoverit Video Repair. With this tool, you can repair corrupted videos. Also, with its recovery tool, lost and deleted files can be retrieved. Recoverit is famous and known for its features and quality. The video repair tool also supports data recovery of over 1000 different file formats. It has two different types of video repair options.

One is the Quick Video Repair, whereas the other is the Advanced Video Repair. With Quick Video Repair, you just have to import the video file, and the tool instantly repairs it. On the other hand, it’s the Advanced Video Repair, where you can import a sample video as well, and it will repair the corrupted video according to the sample video. If Wondershare Recoverit is new to you, then let us share its step-by-step guideline with you.

Step 1: Import Corrupted Videos

From the home screen of Wondershare Recoverit, select the option of 'Add Video.' With this, you can then browse the corrupted video and then load them to the video repair tool.

import the corrupted videos

Step 2: Repair the Corrupted Video

After loading all the corrupted video files to Wondershare Recoverit, hit the blue button saying 'Repair.' This will start repairing all the videos, and you can see the progress on the screen. Wait until everything is done and the process is completed.

tap on repair button

Step 3: Preview and Save Repaired Video

Once the Repair Video tool has completed its job, and all the videos are repaired, you can now preview the final results. After all your satisfaction, simply save them to your desired PC location by clicking on 'Save' button.

click on save button

Fix 4: Disable Chrome Extensions

As we mentioned earlier that Chrome extensions also cause the error code 224002. This could be fixed by disabling the chrome extensions. So now, here, we are going to discuss the steps that will help you in fixing the problem.

Step 1: To disable Chrome extensions, firstly open Chrome and instantly move to the top right corner. There, click on the ‘Three Dots’ to enter the action menu.

Step 2: A menu will open, from which you have to select the ‘More Tools’ option. At this point, a sub-menu will show up; go for the option of 'Extensions' from that menu.

select the option of extension

Step 3: Now, all the available extensions will appear on the screen. You have to disable them one by one. Once done, try to play your video again.

disable chrome extension

Fix 5: Change to Default Settings in Chrome

The last fix that could save your life is changing Chrome to default settings. If error code 224002 is irritating, you then try and change to default settings in Chrome, which might help you resolve the problem. The steps for this are shared below:

Step 1: the very first step for this fix asks you to open Chrome and directly head to the top right corner and click on the three dots. Click on the 'Settings' option from the menu that appears. From there, locate 'Advanced' and select it. A drop-down menu will show up.

access chrome settings

Step 2: Now, scroll down the drop-down menu until you see the option of 'Reset.' Click on it and confirm the reset processing by selecting the option of 'Restore settings to their original defaults.' Your Chrome will change to default settings.

tap reset option

Part 3: Know More Video Error Codes

There are many more different errors other than the error code 224002. While watching videos or working with other media files, we mostly encounter some kind of error. In this section, we are going to talk about more video error codes.

1. Video Error Code 224003

The very first error to be discussed is error code 224003. The error occurs when you try to play a video on any popular web browser. Various reasons could cause the error 224003; a few of the causing factors are shared below:

  • Safari Plugins, different extensions, and also Add-ons can cause the error 224003.
  • Another reason that can result in error 224003 is Cache and Browsing Data.
  • If your Hard Acceleration is turned on, then this might also cause trouble.

If Hard Acceleration is turned on, then you should turn it off. If you don't know how that could be done, then simply follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, launch Chrome. Then click on ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome,’ the three dots present in the top right corner.

Step 2: Then select the ‘Settings’ option from the menu. A new ‘Settings’ window will appear on the screen. Here, scroll down and tap on 'Advanced.'

open chrome settings

Step 3: Scroll a little to navigate ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ under the ’Systems’ section and turn it off.

disable chrome hardware acceleration

2. Error 232404 – Loading Media Files

Another error code seen a lot of the time is error 232404. This error is also very common. Whenever someone tries to load any media files, they encounter error 232404. A few of its causing factors are:

  • Using the old version of the browser can cause the error code 232404.
  • Sometimes browser settings are also causing the problem.
  • Another factor that causes the error could be using corrupted media files.

Using incognito mode can resolve the problem. It disables all the extensions automatically. Let us share the steps with you through which you can get rid of the error 232404.

Step 1: Start by opening Google Chrome and by clicking on the three dots from the top right corner.

Step 2: From the menu that will appear, select the option of ‘New Incognito Window.’ A new Incognito Window will open in front of you.

open incognito window in chrome

3. Error 232011- Cannot Play Video Files

The last error to be discussed is Error 232011. The error is similar to all the discussed errors. With this kind of error, you cannot play video files. To avoid the error, you should know its causes. Let us shed some light on the causes of Error 232011.

  • Enabled hardware acceleration on your browser might result in causing Error 232011.
  • Your browser should always be up to date, or else you might face the problem of Error 232011.
  • Error 232011 can also be caused by cache and browsing data. If your cache and browsing data are corrupted, then get ready to face Error 232011.

Switching browsers and even networks can be very helpful. Let us talk more about this problem.

Step 1: If you are facing the Error 232011 problem, then to resolve it, firstly try by switching to another browser. This will most likely work, but if the browser switch does not work, then move to step 2.

Step 2: The next suggested solution is to switch to another network. Sometimes there is a lot of traffic on one network; that is why error codes 232011 occur. Switching to another network with generally lesser traffic will surely resolve the issue.

Final Words

Error code 224002 is a very commonly observed video error code. The error causes problems like playing the video or loading any media file. It is better to avoid that error, and we have also discussed the causes of error code 224002. Not just this, but we also shared various easy solutions that would help you get rid of this annoying error.