How to Fix Video Playback Error?

High-quality videos playing on screens give a great and real experience to the viewer. To run a video smoothly without any interruption, our computers and mobiles need video playback for this purpose. Sometimes due to corrupted files or outdated display drivers, we face video playback error that completely ruin a user experience.

To make your user experience while playing video trouble-free, this piece of writing can solve all your worries. In this article, we will comprehensively describe the causes of video playback error and different easy methods to fix video playback error.

Part 1: What Causes Video Playback Error?

In this part, we will discuss the major reasons that cause a video playback error. By knowing the actual reasons, you can prevent any sort of video playback error in the future. Following are the most common causes:

  • Incompatible Media Player: One of the major reasons that can cause a video playback error is that your media player is not compatible with the file type you are running. As every file format requires minimum requirements to run smoothly on your screen.
  • Outdated Device Drivers: When you don’t update device drivers on your PC, it can cause several hurdles in regular functionality and cause various interruptions while playing a video.
  • Distorted File: The other major cause of video playback error is that there can be high chances that your running file or video is corrupted which can harm the stability of your PC.
  • Inadequate Requirements in PC: When we want to play the video with high quality, such as 4K, our PC is unable to process it as it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. That's why the media player won't function, and our video can crash during processing.

Part 2: How to Fix Video Playback Error?

Every user prefers easy and simple methods to solve their problems without complications. This part will provide you with different ways to fix video playback error, which does not require special skills and techniques. Following are the best and undemanding ways to fix video playback error:

Method 1: Upgrade your Display Drivers

Most of the time, errors and disruption occurs, such as video playback error due to obsolete version of display drivers. You can conveniently fix video playback error by following the instructions to update display drivers on your PC, such as:

Step 1: Search for Device Manager

To start up the process, write “Device Manager” in the start menu to initiate the search. Click on the “Device Manager” which will appear in the search result.

tap on device manager

Step 2: Tap on Display Adapters

The device manager will bring your various options into it. Simply go to "Display Adapters" by clicking on it. Afterward, to select "Update Driver," right-click on the driver below Display Adapter and select it to proceed.

select update driver option

Step 3: Search for Drivers

The Update Driver option will lead you to a new window from where you can select the way of searching for drivers. You can either search it automatically or can browse it from your computer. After choosing the method, your display driver will be updated, and you can check that whether your video playback error is fixed or not.

initiate display driver update

Method 2: Improve Processor Rate

By using this method, you can increase the processor rate, which can improve the performance of your CPU. Also, you can easily fix video playback error by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Start Menu

Firstly, navigate for “Control Panel” through the start menu. Once the control panel is opened up, write “Power” in a search bar displayed on the top right corner of your screen.

amr audio format

Step 2: Explore Power Options

Explore through the power options and select “Edit Power Plan" by clicking on it. This will lead you to another window from where you will tap on "Change Advanced Power Settings."

click on change advanced power settings

Step 3: Increase Percentage

To change the settings, you have to double click on "Processor Power Management" to increase the percentage. Once you are done selecting it, expand "Maximum Processor State" option by clicking on it. Your screen will display two options of "On Battery" and Plugged In." Increase the percentage to 100 in both of these options. Tap on "OK" to save and apply the modifications. After restarting your computer, your video playback error will be fixed.

increase maximum processor state

Method 3: Change Video Format

If your PC does not support the video format you are playing, then try to change the video format. By doing so, there are high chances that your video playback error is fixed. To change one video format to another, we recommend you to use Wondershare UniConvertor that can effectively ease your task.

change format using uniconverter

Method 4: Playback using Other Media Player

VLC is the most trustworthy media player as it supports many video formats with proper functioning. To fix video playback error and to play your video smoothly, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Install VLC

Go to the official website of the VLC media player and install it. Afterward, you have to click on the “Media” tab from the toolbar of the VLC to open its dropdown menu.

click on media option

Step 2: Open your File

From the dropdown menu, click "Open File" to play your video. After choosing the video, simply click on "Open," and your video will run smoothly.

open your video file

Method 5: Repair Corrupted Video Using Wondershare Recoverit

Are you still worried about fixing the video playback error, and nothing is working out? Then try Wondershare Recoverit, as it's an amazing tool to recover all sorts of your lost data, damaged videos, images, and audio. It has a special feature of advanced video recovery through which you can repair your video files without damaging their quality.

They also offer a quick and advanced restoration option that can retrieve your corrupted files. This tool is commonly used because it makes scanning and gathering data a lot easier. The most noteworthy feature of Wondershare Recoverit is that you can restore more than 100 MB of data without spending a single penny.

However, the Advanced Repair feature best serves when the user needs to cast out the desired results outside a complete scan. Usually, videos that are severely damaged are not discovered by the quick scanning system. This is where the Advanced Repair comes extremely handy. Corrupted video files can be repaired with the help of a sample video which has a similar format.

Over uploading a sample video that has been shot from the similar device, the Advanced Repair feature repairs the corrupted video file completely for you.

Its compatibility with both Windows and Mac is also worth mentioning. To repair corrupted video by using this tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload your Video

To start, simply add the video from the PC you want to repair by clicking on “Add Video” button of Wondershare Recoverit.

add your corrupted video

Step 2: Select Repair Option

To proceed, click on the "Repair" option displayed on your screen, and your corrupted video will be restored.

tap on repair button

Step 3: Preview your File

Once you are done repairing it, preview your video that whether your lost data is recovered or not. Then download your video by clicking on "Save" button.

click on save button

The Bottom Line

To fix video playback error and repair lost data becomes hectic for many of us. This article has given you all the possible options that do not require any professional skills. We have given a detailed analysis of the most common causes of these errors with reliable solutions. So, you can easily fix your problems regarding playback error at home by following the guidelines mentioned above.