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3 Methods to Recover Deleted Music Files from Computer

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

The music file just disappeared from your computer, and you have no means of downloading it back from the net. You haven't backed it up yet. Maybe you mistakenly deleted it, or you intentionally deleted it, but now want it back. You may be wondering how you can recover the lost music file.

In this article, you will learn just how you can recover deleted music files from the computer. When you follow the three methods we will describe in this article, you will recover any lost music files on your computer.

Method 1: Recover Music Files from Recycle Bin

For Windows users, the recycle bin is a temporary storage space for deleted files before they are removed from your computer either manually or automatically. That means when you delete your files, you can still recover them from the recycle bin if they haven't been automatically deleted.

To do this, take the following steps.

Step 1. Open Recycle bin

Open the "Recycle Bin" app by clicking on the app icon on the computer desktop.

Step 2. Select and restore the file.

Once in the recycle bin, select the music files you want to recover and click on the "Restore" button to recover the file back to its original location on your computer.

Recycle bin

It is also possible to recover deleted music files from an emptied recycle bin. However, this is only possible if you have activated File History on your system before deleting the file. File History is a new file backup feature on recent Windows versions. You can recover it using the following steps.

  1. Click on your system's "Start menu" and type "file history" in the search bar.
  2. Next, select the "Restore your files with File History" option. After this, click on the "History" button to see your recently deleted files.
  3. Click on the "Restore" button after selecting the files you want to restore. The files will then be restored.

Method 2: Using Professional Data Recovery Software Recoverit

You can also recover your deleted music files using professional data recovery software. Just like the name implies, the software will help you recover files you don't even imagine you can get back.

There are numerous professional data recovery software out there that you can use to recover your lost music files. We recommend using Wondershare Recoverit to recover all your lost music files, whether from your local computer hard disk or an external drive.

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Wondershare Recoverit is available for both Windows and Mac computers. You can check the website to see more Recoverit features and to download the software.

Whether you use a Mac or Windows, the steps for data recovery using Recoverit are the same. See the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Recoverit and Select a device

First, launch Recoverit on your computer, then select drive on the Hard Drives and Locations window.

Recoverit tool 1

It is also possible that you know the exact file path of your lost music. In this case, you can choose the "Select Folder" option under the "Quick Access" tab.

After the selection, click on OK to proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Scan selected location

When you click on the start button, Recoverit will carry out a general scan of the selected location to catch your deleted files. If your music file is not seen through the general scan, you can wait for Recoverit to conduct an in-depth search of the selected location, which will bring out all your deleted files.

Recoverit tool 3

It is also possible that you filter the search results using the panel on the screen's right. Here, you can spell out the specific file type, size, date modified, etc. It helps narrow the search to what you are looking for.

If you see your lost music files before the search is completed, you can stop the search using the "Stop" button on the screen and restore your lost music files.

Step 3. Preview and Recover

In this last step, you can preview the music file you wish to recover from to be sure it is the one you are looking for. Or you may recover the file straightaway.

To preview the file, just double-click on it.

Recoverit tool 5

To recover and save the file, click on the "Recover" button, then choose a different location to save the file. Do not save it in the former location where it was lost.

Recoverit tool 6

Method 3. Try Free Data Recovery Software TestDisk

Another alternative way to recover your lost music file is to use free data recovery software. You will find a number of this software on the net that is good and easy to use.

Here in this article, we want to introduce to you TestDisk.

The major problem with TestDisk, however, is the user interface. It is not so easy to use as it uses only a command-line. It is, therefore, only suited for users with in-depth computer knowledge and skill.

If you are comfortable using the command-line on the computer, you can try this free data recovery tool to recover your lost music files.

Bonus Tip: How to Prevent Accidental Deletion of Audio Files

Now that we have shown you how to recover deleted music files from your computer, we want to give you a quick tip on how you can prevent accidental deletion of your audio files.

To keep your audio files from being accidentally deleted, do the following.


As we have shown you in this article, it is possible to recover your lost music files using the three methods we have discussed earlier. The best solution for recovering your lost files is Wondershare Recoverit. You can use Recoverit to recover any lost file, be it video, audio, image, or word documents.

Check out the software on the website and download it for your Windows or Mac system.

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