How to Download, Install, and Use iCloud on Windows Computer

If you use both Apple and Windows-based devices, then your life can become a lot easier if you use Apple iCloud. You can sync your photos and manage your storage from your PC and your mobile device on the go.

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iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service for backing up relevant data and syncing it between devices. While it is provided as a built-in app on all the Apple-based devices.

You can also use Apple-designed apps like the iWork suite(Apple pages, keynote, and numbers) with the help of iCloud. You’ll need an iCloud account for this to work. You do not have to own a Mac or any Apple device to use iCloud and Pages as it is also accessible on Windows PCs. If you are using a separate windows PC or using Windows OS on a Macintosh with the help of Bootcamp, iCloud will work in all these scenarios.

Part 1. Where to Download iCloud for Windows?

Closing Words:

If you own an iPhone and a Windows PC, you should emphasize on using Apple’s iCloud storage to sync the data. Some Mac-based apps won’t work or perform on a Windows PC. You can use apps like Apple Pages on the PC with the help of iCloud; using this app is a good and secure option. You can also sync, download, and upload your relevant data from your computer to iCloud and create a back-up too. If you lose valuable data in the process, you can quickly recover those files by using the Recoverit recovery software, which guarantees instant data recovery.

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