3 Ways to Secure Delete Files on Mac

The simplest way to delete files from your Mac is to empty your Trash, but that doesn’t truly delete the files. They’re still in your Mac. Securely deleting them is the only way to get rid of them for good.

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By now, you probably know of the many ways to delete files on your Mac, but do you know how to securely delete those files? Probably not. Do you even know what it is meant by “secure deletion of files?” Probably not.

Securely deleting files means you delete them and make sure they have been completely removed from your system with no traces or residual files left behind.

You might not be aware of this little but necessary piece of info, but emptying Trash doesn’t mean your files are gone. Your Mac just makes them invisible, so to speak.

The one way you can be sure they’re not in your Mac is when you securely delete them. You will be instructed on the top 3 ways to do that in this post.

Part 1: Why to Securely Delete Files on Mac

There is often an advantage and disadvantage to everything and securely deleting files is certainly no exception. It might seem counterintuitive to permanently delete files because there is a chance you might want them back, but look at this simple example: What if you are in dire need of space in your drive but you don’t know what’s taking it up? Secure deletion comes into play here. Below are more reasons why you should employ this feature.

Closing Words

Security is never a topic which should be taken lightly. In the wrong hands, the information you possess could prove disastrous, and that’s no exaggeration.

Many businesses rely on sensitive information to stay afloat, so anything that jeopardizes this information is a great risk.

Stolen systems and malware attacks are potent avenues for unauthorized access to your Mac and sensitive information. Securely delete your files to make sure no one can ever gain access to them.

However, as long as your Mac remains with you, you’ll need a way to recover deleted files because accidents are inevitable. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery rectifies the errors you made and gets your files back, so it should be a necessary component of your Mac.

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