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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Google Pixel? Google Pixel Recovery Guide

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Mar 26, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

I have a Google Pixel device and have accidentally deleted all the photos from my phone's gallery. Can you tell me how to recover deleted photos on Google Pixel?

Well, it's sad that you lost all of your photos from your Google Pixel. But there's nothing to worry about. There are multiple ways through which you can recover deleted photos from Google Pixel. What you need to do is to simply go through the methods mentioned in this article and carefully follow them for a successful Google Pixel data recovery.


Part 1. Recover Google Pixel Deleted Data from Google Backup

The first thing you can try is to recover deleted photos on Google Pixel from Google backup. This method simply allows you to restore your deleted data without the need for performing Google Pixel data recovery. But to recover your data with this method, you must have taken a backup before you lost the data.

Step 1. Backup Your Data

Simply navigate to the "Settings" on your Pixel, and then go to "Google Backup". Inside "Google Backup" you will see a "Backup Now" option, click on the option and configure the backup process. This will back up all of your data on the linked Google account.


Step 2. Restore Your Data

On your Google Pixel, go to the Google Drive linked to the Google account you used to back up the data. Now, you'll see all the synced data being displayed. You will be required to choose a device to restore the data, choose your Google Pixel phone, and click on restore. This will restore all of your deleted data.


Part 2. Recover Deleted Photos on Google Pixel With the Help of dr.fone on Android

In case, if you didn't take a backup of the data on your device before it got deleted, then you'll not be able to recover it through your backup. Now, the only option left with you is to use a Google Pixel data recovery tool. Right now dr.fone is the best recovery tool for all the Android phones out there. It supports almost all the Android devices out there, and other then recovery you can use it for tasks like backup, transfer, repair, unlock, etc. It's an extremely powerful and reliable tool that you can use to recover deleted photos from Pixel.

Best Features of dr.fone Android Recovery Tool:

  • It is compatible with more than 6,000 Android devices from companies like Samsung, OnePlus, MI, OPPO, Vivo, Nokia, Moto, Google, etc.
  • It can help you in recovering all types of data like video files, audio files, documents, zip files, contacts, messages, call logs, etc.
  • It allows you to recover data from a damaged phone as well.
  • It provides you features to perform selected recovery for the type of data.
  • You can recover data deleted from your phone due to any reason. Also, it can recover data from unrooted devices.
  • It allows you to recover data from the internal storage of your Android devices. You can also recover data deleted from the SD card of your phone.

User Guide to Recover Deleted Photos on Google Pixel:


To recover deleted photos from Google Pixel, you will be first required to connect your Pixel phone to your computer. You can use a compatible USB cable to do so, make sure the connection is stable and remains uninterrupted. Once connected, access the USB connection options on your phone through the notification panel and choose the " Transfer files" option. This will allow your computer to access the data on your Pixel phone.


Download For Win Download For Mac
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Step 1. Now, to recover deleted photos or any other kinds of data on Google Pixel, you will be required to install dr.fone on your system. Simply browse to the dr.fone website and click on the "Free Download" button that you'll see. Download the Mac or Windows version as per your need and install it on your system.

Step 2. Launch the dr.fone tool on your system and head to Toolbox. This window will have various options listed like Data Recovery, Phone Transfer, System Repair, Erase, etc. Choose the "Data Recovery" option among them to proceed.

data recovery

Step 3. Dr.Fone will connect to your connected Pixel phone and will show you all the types of data it can recover on the next window. You will see all the data types listed there like contacts, messages, documents, galleries, etc. Select all those types that you want to recover from your Pixel phone and then click on "Next".

recover data from android

Step 4. On the next window, the program will give you two choices, "Scan for Deleted Files," "Scan for All Files". The second option will scan for all the files on your Pixel phone and will take longer than the first option which will scan for only deleted files. Select the option as per your need and click on "Start Scan".

scan the android device

Step 5. Once the scanning is finished, you will see all the deleted files of your Pixel listed on the new window. You can preview all the deleted photos to recover on your Google Pixel. Now, you need to select all the files that you want to recover and click on "Recover". This will restore deleted photos from Google Pixel on your Computer.

recover the file

Part 3. Recover Photos on Google Pixel from SD Card by Using Recoverit Data Recovery Tool

Another tool you can use as an alternative to Dr.fone is Recoverit data recovery tool. Recoverit can also recover all of your deleted data from the SD card of your Google Pixel. However, unlike dr.fone it can't recover data from the internal storage of a phone. Recoverit is compatible with Windows and Mac as well. You can recover deleted photos from google pixel and all the other kinds of data using Recoverit tool.


Recoverit - The Best Recovery Software

Best Features of Recoverit Data Recovery Tool:

  • It allows you to recover deleted data from your phone via Windows PC or Mac.
  • By using Recoverit, you can recover deleted photos on Google Pixel from any scenario.
  • Recoverit gives you the power to recover deleted files from all kinds of devices such as PC, Mac, Phones, Hard Drives, SD card, USB drives, Camera, etc.
  • Recoverit allows you to perform selective recovery by letting you choose the specific file type or file path during scanning. You can also preview all the scanned files before recovery.
  • Recoverit comes with a powerful Bootable Recovery feature, by using the feature you can recover your data from a crashed computer.

We hope that one of these multiple methods can help you in recovering deleted photos from Google Pixel. Both of the above-mentioned Google Pixel data recovery tools come with a lot of configurations and features. So, in case if you are not satisfied with the recovery, you can simply configure the scanning process a little further for better results.

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