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How to Fix USB Mouse and Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

In this modern generation where almost everything is controlled or related to computers and other electronic devices, it is not a surprise that all our lives are dependent on these versatile machines. This means that without computers, all our lives would become even more difficult and time-consuming. When it comes to the careers of people, the role of computers is indispensable. This is because no matter what job you do, computers would be the perfect personal assistant. And this is the reason why most people have their personal computers like a mobile phone.

So it is quite safe to say that a person must be familiar with the basics of operating a computer. And if an issue arises then the user must be able to rectify the issue without any trouble. At least, the person should be able to complete the solution process is provided with the steps. In this article, the problems related to mouse and keyboard would be discussed. The solutions would help to solve the problem of mouse and keyboard not working with windows 10.


this problem would cause the keyboard or mouse to stop working. In some cases, you would be able to see the keyboard lights for some time and then they would go out. As a first step try out the keyboard and mouse with any other computer. Also, try other keyboards and mouse with this computer. This test would enable us to understand whether the problem is with the mouse and keyboard or with the computer. Make sure that you follow the solutions given below step by step without fail. This failure to connect is common with Windows 10. Also, USB devices show more such issues. Connect a wireless mouse or a ps2 mouse and also use the virtual keyboard on the computer to complete the solutions.


1. Try out ps2 connectors

Ps2 connectors are comparatively old technology when compared to USB. So try out inserting a keyboard or a mouse with ps2 ports. Mostly the computer would identify the device quickly. Now replace this with a USB mouse, if the computer doesn't detect the device, try restarting the computer with the USB mouse plugged in. Also, make sure that you test the USB slots with some other USB devices. This is to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the USB ports.

Another method is to load the Operating system without connecting any peripheral devices. Once the OS is booted, insert the devices and check whether they are working or not.

2. Turn of the fast startup

This feature makes the windows to boot quickly. This might cause the problem of not detecting the peripheral devices because the required drivers might not be loaded properly. So it is necessary to switch off the fast startup.

a. Press the Windows key and the letter R together. Type control panel in the Run dialog box and press enter.

b. Click on the power options.


C. click on "choose what the power buttons do"


d. Click on "change settings that are currently unavailable"


e. Now untick the box next to the fast startup


f. Restart the computer and try the mouse and keyboard.

3. Uninstall the drivers

a. Click on the search bar and type device manager


b. Expand the Mice and other point devices/keyboards. Use right-click on the device and click uninstall.


C. Confirm the actions and click uninstall


d. Restart the computer and try out your device with the computer.

e. If it still isn't working look for an exclamation mark in front of it.

f. So right-click on the device and click update drivers. Choose "search for drivers automatically". You should have an internet connection.


g. If the problem persists, go to the website of your computer manufacturer and then download the specific driver.

4. Change the power management settings

a. Click on the search bar and type device manager

b. Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click on device and click properties

c. Untick "allow this device to wake the computer"


d. Scroll down and expand "universal serial bus controllers". Right-click "USB root hub" and click properties


e. Untick "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and apply the settings


f. Restart the computer and try the devices

5. Change ease of access settings

a. Click on the search bar and type "ease of access"

b. Select the category "make the mouse easier to use"


c. Untick "turn on mouse keys" and apply the settings


If you are facing a problem with Mouse, restart the computer new but if the problem is in your keyboard, changing ease of access settings can be a solution.

A. from the ease of access settings, choose "make the keyboard easier to use" and uncheck the following

"Turn on Mouse keys" "Turn on Sticky Keys" "Turn on Toggle Keys" "Turn on Filter Keys"


b. Apply the changes. Disabling the filter keys can be done by pressing the right shift for 10 seconds.


Restart the computer and try the devices

6. Run the chkdsk

a. Type command prompt in the search bar. And select run as administrator

b. In the command prompt enter "CHKDSK E:/f"


c. Once the scan is complete execute this command

Sfc/ scannow


d. If there are discrepancies, it will notify. Then execute

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

5. Now restart the computer and try the devices

7. Change the BIOS settings

Open your BIOS and disable the USB2 legacy support. Each manufacturer's computer would require a different procedure. If this doesn't work, reset the BIOS to default

8. Restore the windows.

a. Type restore in the search bar.


b. Press the system restore at the beginning of the window.


c. Now a wizard would open. Press next and proceed


d. Select the restore point


e. Confirm your actions and the process would take some time.


By the way, you can learn more methods to fix the keyboard not working.


When it comes to computers' issues numerous sites would be able to help you out. But make sure that you only visit the reputed sites alone.

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